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The Pilgrimage to the West 西游记


The Pilgrimage to the West is avery lively and famous mythical novel of China. Also known as Journey to the West, it is based on the true deed that a Buddhist of the Tang Dynasty went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures to India, s the popular legend and mythical legend. Journey to the West has described Tang Monk and him 3 apprentices went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures to India. The 3 apprentices of Tang Monk are Sun Wukong,PiggieSha Monk. They have many magical and dangerous experiences on the way. They have suffered a lot of tribulation. They have defeated varied demon and monster, have obtained real Buddhist scriptures finally. All of four people become Buddha. Journey to the West is a romantic masterpiece in China ancient times.

Tang Monk

Tang Monk(唐僧Táng Sēng) was the first eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty, so named Tang Monk by people. Tang Monk was converted to Buddhism at 18 years old, researched sutras diligently and his comprehension is extremely strong. He was chosen by the emperor of the Tang Dynasty and went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures to India. Tathagata Buddha gave him three treasured object: Kasaya, Nine Ring Buddhist Monk’s Staff, Gold Hoop Incantations. Tang Monk is very handsome, the disposition is gentle, Sutras attainments are extremely high. He went through the innumerable tribulations and fetched 35 sutras from the western Lei Yin Temple. It is said the person who eat Tang Monk flesh can live for ever, so the monsters all want to taste Tang Monk flesh, in order to achieve the goal living for ever.

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong(孙悟空Sūn Wùkōng)is the most powerful apprentice of three, and he is the first apprentice of Tang Monk. He is a monkey who has supernatural theurgy. He can change body into 72 kinds of things, can fly in the sky; He has a pair of fiery eyes with golden pupils, can see through all sorts of demon and monster’ mask; He can fly over 54,000 kilometers in a somersault. Sun Wukong’ weapon is a golden cudgel. This golden cudgel can change the size at will, can as small as the embroidery needle or stretch and reach the sky. He once was the king of the Hua Guo Mountain, messed up the Peach Banquet of Queen Mother of Heaven, defeated 100,000 troops of Heaven. He was pressed under the Wu Xing Mountain for more than 500 years by Tathagata Buddha finally. He protected Tang Monk and went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures to west. He defeated a lot demon and monster on the way. Fetched real Sutras finally.


Piggie(猪八戒Zhū Bājiè) is the second apprentice of Tang Monk. He originally is a marshal in Heaven and is in charge of the Milky Way. Because philandered with the goddess of the moon after drunk and is evicted from the Heaven by Emperor of Heaven. He went to human world to reincarnate, but reincarnate pig by mistake, so the look was similar to pig. He can change body into 36 kinds of things, can fly in the sky and his weapon is spike-tooth rake. Tang Monk passed by Gao Lao Village on the way, Piggie was defeated by Sun Wukong, Piggie became the helper of Sun Wukong from then on, protected Tang Monk to go to west together. Piggie personality is good-natured, the strength is very big. But he is gluttonous and lazy, lust for women, is often allured by the beautiful monster.

Sha Monk

Sha Monk(沙僧Shā Sēng)is the third apprentice of Tang Monk. He was originally a general in Heavenly Palace. Because has broken the colored glaze cup at the Peach Banquet, enraged the Queen Mother of Heaven, was demoted into human world. He was as the monster in Quicksand River, was defeated by Sun Wukong later, became the third apprentice of Tang Monk. His weapon is Crescent Shovel. Sha Monk is honest, loyal and unselfish, willing to bear the burden of work, observe the religious discipline of Buddhism sincerely. He followed Tang Monk wholeheartedly since he gave up the identity of monster.They consequently took him in, as part of the pilgrimage to the West.

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