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The Time to Live and the Time to Die童年往事


Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called The Time to Live and the Time to Die (童年往事tóng nián wǎng shì). So let us have a brief introduction.

The Time to Live and the Time to Die is a 1985 film directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien (侯孝贤Hóu Xiàoxián). This film is inspired by screenwriter-turned-director Hou’s own coming-of-age story.

This film is the second part of Hou’s coming-of-age trilogy, preceded by A Summer at Grandpa’s (1984) and followed by Dust in the Wind (1986).


Spanning the years 1947-1960, the film follows the maturation of Ah-ha as he and his family cope with the shock of leaving their homeland. Having been only a child during the move, Ah-ha quickly acclimates himself to the new country, often putting him at odds with his more traditional family.

This is a very fabulous film

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