Tianjin — one of the five national central cities


天津 — Tiānjīn 

Tianjin (Chinese: 天津; pinyin: Tiānjīn) is a metropolis in northern China and one of the five national central cities of the People’s Republic of China. It is governed as a direct-controlled municipality, one of four such designations, and is, thus, under direct administration of the central government. Tianjin borders Hebei Province and Beijing city, north of China.


As a dual-core city, Tianjin is divided into the old city and the Binhai New Area. Binhai New Area is a new growth pole in China, and it maintains an annual growth rate of nearly 30% of the GDP. As of the end of 2010, 285 Fortune Global 500 companies have established branch offices in Binhai. It is a base of China’s advanced industry, financial reform, and innovation.


Binhai New Area 

In terms of urban population, it is the sixth-largest city of the People’s Republic of China, and its urban land area (Binhai New Area is not included) ranks fifth in the nation after Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou. Tianjin’s urban area is located along the Hai River, which connects to the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers via the Grand Canal in Tianjin. Tianjin was once home to foreign concessions in the late Qing Dynasty.


Tianjin features a four season climate, typical of East Asia, with cold, windy, very dry winters and hot, humid summers. Spring in the city is dry and windy, occasionally seeing sandstorms blowing in from the Gobi Desert, capable of lasting for several days. Monthly mean temperatures range from −3.5 to 26.6 °C (25.7 to 79.9 °F) from January to July, with an annual average of 12.7 °C (54.9 °F). Extreme temperatures have ranged from −22.9 to 40.5 °C (-9 to 105 °F).

Goubuli buns


Tianjin also has several famous snack items. Goubuli (狗不理包子) is the most famous and traditional brand of baozi (steamed buns with filling) that is famous throughout China.



Tianjin Binhai International Airport is located in the east of the urban area, in Dongli District. It has 59 flight routes, connecting 48 cities, including 30 domestic cities and 17 foreign cities. Airline companies like Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo and Martinair Holland all have flights to Tianjin Binhai International Airport.



Dabei Monastery(大悲禅院)


Ancient culture street(古文化街, Gǔ wénhuà jiē)


Tianjin Wen Miao — An important Temple of Confucius


Italian Town

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