Li Bai Poem: To Wang Changling Banished to the West – 李白《闻王昌龄左迁龙标遥有此寄》









[1] 闻:听说。

[2] 王昌龄:唐代著名诗人。

[3] 左迁:古人习惯上称降职为“左迁”。

[4] 龙标:今湖南黔阳,唐朝时是很偏僻的地方。

[5] 子规:杜鹃鸟,又称布谷鸟。

[6] 五溪:今湖南西部与江西接壤地区的辰溪、酉溪、巫溪、武溪、沅溪五条溪流的总称。

[7] 夜郎:今湖南沅陵。

To Wang Changling Banished to the West

Li Bai

All willow-down has fallen and sad cuckoos cry

To hear you banished southwestward beyond Five Streams.

I would confide no sorrow to the moon on high

For it will follow you west of the Land of Dreams.

The only thing that could join the poet and his banished friend together is the moon.


This is a poem written by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem was written by Li Bai for his friend Wang Changling’s deportation, to express his feelings of anger and solace, and to express his regret and sympathy for Wang Changling’s lack of talent. The first line describes the depressing situation when the spring light fades away, rendering the environment bleak and miserable; the second line depicts Wang Changling’s perilous journey to his post, showing Li Bai’s concern and sympathy for his poet friend’s relegation; the third and fourth lines put emotion into the scene, offering heartfelt advice and relief to his poet friend. The third and fourth stanzas are devoted to the scenery, exhorting and consoling his poet friend. The poem chooses the imagery of poplar flowers, zigzag, bright moon and wind, and weaves a hazy dream world with a strange imagination.

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