Li Bai Poem: To Wang Lun – 李白《赠汪伦》









[1] 汪伦:李白在桃花潭结识的朋友,性格豪爽。

[2] 踏歌:一边唱歌,一边用脚踏地打着拍子。

[3] 桃花潭:水潭名,在今安徽泾县西南。

To Wang Lun

Li Bai

I, Li Bai, sit in a boat about to go,

When suddenly on shore your farewell songs overflow.

However deep the Lake of Peach Blossoms may be,

It’s not so deep, O Wang Lun, as your love for me.

This is the poet’s most popular farewell song.


The poem “To Wang Lun” is a farewell poem written by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, to his friend Wang Lun during his trip to Peach Blossom Lake in Jing County (present-day southern Anhui Province). The first two lines of this poem depict the scene when Li Bai was about to leave by boat and Wang Lun rushed to see him off, expressing Wang Lun’s simple and sincere feelings for Li Bai in a simple and natural way; the second two lines first praise the depth of the peach blossom pond with the words “a thousand feet deep”, followed by the words “not as deep as”. In the second two lines, the first two lines use “a thousand feet deep” to praise the deepness of the peach blossom pond, and the next two lines use the word “not as deep as” to express Wang Lun’s sincere and deep friendship with Li Bai in a vivid way. The language of the poem is fresh and natural, and the imagery is rich and peculiar. Although it is only four lines and twenty-eight words, it is one of the most widely circulated masterpieces of Li’s poetry.

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