Wang Wei: Autumn Evening Song


Autumn Evening Song (Osmanthus Energy Begins to Emerge)



秋 夜 曲 (桂 魄 初 生)
归 魄 初 生 秋 露 微
轻 罗 已 薄 未 更 衣。
银 筝 夜 久 殷 勤 弄
心 怯 空 房 不 忍 归。
Qiu Ye Qu (Gui Po Chu Sheng)

Gui po chu sheng qiu lu wei
Qing luo yi bo wei geng yi.
Yin zheng ye jiu yin qin nong
Xin qie kong fang bu ren gui.


Autumn Evening Song (Osmanthus Energy Begins to Emerge)

Osmanthus energy begins to emerge with a light autumn dew
Light silk gauze clothes, not yet approaching the time for changing them.
For a long time playing a guzheng in the silvery evening light, eager to please
With a nervous heart-mind, cannot bear to return to an empty house.



Osmanthus: A tree native to China.

Guzheng: An ancient Chinese multi-stringed musical instrument.

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