Wang Wei: Mountain Dwelling Improvisation


Mountain Dwelling Improvisation

山 居 即 事
寂 寞 掩 柴 扉
苍 茫 对 落 晖。
鹤 巢 松 树 遍
人 访 荜 门 稀。
嫩 竹 含 新 粉
红 莲 落 故 衣。
渡 头 灯 火 起
处 处 采 菱 归。
Shan Ju Ji Shi

Ji mo yan chai fei
Cang mang dui luo hui.
He chao song shu bian
Ren fang bi men xi.

Nen zhu han xin fen
Hong lian luo gu yi.
Du tou deng huo qi
Chu chu cai ling gui.


Mountain Dwelling Improvisation

All alone with closed interior shutters
Facing the vast and boundless sunset sky.
Everywhere cranes nest in the pine trees
Very few people pay a visit to my bamboo fence gate.

Tender bamboo newly white
Pink lotus fallen down like old worn clothes.
Ferry crossing lanterns appear
From all over, the water caltrop gatherers return.

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