Wang Wei: Send Off Yin the Fourth


Send Off Yin the Fourth for Burial

送 殷 四 葬
送 君 返 葬 十 楼 山
送 柏 苍 苍 宾 驭 还。
埋 骨 白 云 长 已 矣
空 馀 流 水 向 人 间。
Song Yin Si Zang

Song jun fan zang shi lou shan
Song bai cang cang bin yu huan.
Mai gu bai yun chang yi yi
Kong you liu shui xiang ren jian !


Send Off Yin the Fourth for Burial

To send farewells, return to Shilou Mountain for your burial
Pines and cypresses very green, the guests have gone home.
Finished covering your bones, white clouds to remain here a long time
Beyond emptiness, flowing water towards the human world!



Shilou Mountain: Located in southeast Shaanxi Province.


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