Wang Wei: Send Off Yuan the Second, Going As an Envoy to An Xi


Send Off Yuan the Second, Going As an Envoy to An Xi

送 元 二 使 安 西
渭 城 朝 雨 裏 轻 尘
客 舍 青 青 柳 色 新。
劝 君 更 尽 一 杯 酒
西 出 阳 关 无 故 人。
Song Yuan Er Shi An Xi

Wei cheng zhao yu li qing chen
Ke she qing qing liu se xin.
Quan jun geng jin yi bei jiu
Xi chu yang guan wu gu ren.


Send Off Yuan the Second, Going as an Envoy to An Xi

Wei city, early morning rain lightly moistens the dust
Travelers’ inn on the outskirts, willow trees very green, colors fresh and new.
Try to persuade you to have another cup of wine
For once outside the west frontier gate, you will be without friends and their support.



An Xi: An army garrison on the northwestern (Mongolian) frontier.

Wei city: Located in northern Shaanxi province.

Moistens the dust: Can also mean to make light of worldly affairs.

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