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War(游侠yóuxiá)is an American action thriller film(惊悚片jīngsǒng piàn)in 2007, directed by Phillip G. Atwell who makes his film debut, with fight choreography by Corey Yuen. The film was released in North America on August 24, 2007 and stars action film actors Jet Li(李连杰 Li Liánjié)and Jason Statham, making their second collaboration after the 2001 film The One. Statham plays an FBI agent determined to take down a mysterious assassin known as Rogue (who is played by Li), after his partner is murdered.

War’s working title was Rogue; it was changed to avoid conflict with another film with the same name. It was re-titled as Rogue Assassin(玩命对战wán mìng duìzhàn)in New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, the Philippines, and several European countries.

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