Wei Yingwu: New Years Day Send This to the Capital


New Years Day, Send This to the Capital For My Cousins Duan and Wu

岁 日 寄 京 师 诸 季 端 武 等
献 岁 抱 深 恻
侨 居 念 归 缘。
常 患 亲 爱 离
始 觉 世 务 牵。
少 事 河 阳 府
晚 守 淮 南 壖。
平 生 几 会 散
已 及 蹉 跎 年。
昨 日 罢 符 竹
家 贫 遂 留 连。
部 曲 多 已 去
车 马 不 复 全。
闲 将 酒 为 偶
默 以 道 自 诠。
听 松 南 岩 寺
见 月 西 涧 泉。
为 政 无 异 术
当 责 岂 望 迁。
终 理 来 时 装
归 凿 杜 陵 田。


Sui Ri Ji Jing Shi Zhu Ji Duan Wu Deng

Xian sui bao shen ce
Qiao ju nian gui yuan.
Chang huan qin ai li
Shi jue shi wu qian.

Shao shi he yang fu
Wan shou huai nan ruan.
Ping sheng ji hui san
Yi ji cuo tuo nian.

Zuo ri ba fu zhu
Jia pin sui liu lian.
Bu qu duo yi qu
Che ma bu fu quan.

Xian jiang jiu wei ou
Mo yi dao zi quan.
Ting song nan yan si
Jian yue xi jian quan.

Wei zheng wu yi shu
Dang ze qi wang qian.
Zhong li lai shi zhuang
Gui zao du ling tian.


New Years Day, Send This to the Capital For My Cousins Duan and Wu

Deep sorrows at the New Year celebrations
Living far away, I wish that I could return home.
Often upset being away from my loving relatives
Beginning to feel the entanglements of society’s affairs.

When younger, I worked in Fuyang, Henan province
Those evenings passing time along the waters of southern Huai River.
All my life, many times our scheduled meetings were cancelled
Already the years wasted away through idleness.

Recently, imperial decrees and directives stopped
Too poor to visit family, I am stuck here.
Most of the government employees have already left
Carriages and horses have disappeared.

Unoccupied, I can only pair up with wine
Because of this I make excuses to myself.
Listen to the pine trees from a southern cliff side temple
See the moon on the spring waters of western canyons.

Without special political skills
Cannot avoid those criticizing me.
Arriving here, not the time for my clothes to catch with me
With your help I can return to sow our hills and fields.



Huai River:  Major west to east river that runs parallel in between the Changjiang (Yangzi River) and the Yellow River.

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