Wei Yingwu: Ninth Day of the Ninth Lunar Month


Ninth Day Ninth Lunar Month

九 日
一 为 吴 郡 守
不 觉 菊 花 开。
始 有 故 园 思
且 喜 众 宾 来。
Jiu Ri

Yi wei wu jun shou
Bu jue ju hua kai.
Shi you gu yuan si
Qie xi zhong bin lai.


Ninth Day Ninth Lunar Month

Since I arrived as a government official in this Wu prefecture
Not aware that the chrysanthemum buds have opened.
Only then begin to think of my hometown
For a while happy because many guests have arrived.



Ninth day ninth lunar month:  Also known as the Mid-Autumn and the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Wu state and region:  Founded during the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was located at the mouth of the Changjiang (Yangzi River) inside Zhejiang Province.


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