Wei Yingwu: Travel to Heng Tang


Travel to Heng Tang

横 塘 行
妾 家 住 横 塘
夫 婿 郄 家 郎。
玉 盘 的 历 午 白 鱼
湘 簟 玲 珑 透 象 床。
象 床 可 寝 鱼 可 食
不 知 郎 意 何 南 北。
岸 上 种 莲 岂 得 生
池 中 种 槿 岂 得 成。
丈 夫 一 去 花 落 树
妾 独 夜 长 心 未 平。
Heng Tang Xing

Qie jia zhu heng tang
Fu xu xi jia lang.
Yu pan de li wu bai yu
Xiang dian ling long tou xiang chuang.

Xiang chuang ke qin yu de shi
Bu zhi lang yi he nan bei.
An shang zhong lian qi dei sheng
Chi zhong zhong jin qi dei cheng.
Zhang fu yi qu hua luo shu
Qie du ye chang xin wei ping.


Travel to Heng Tang

From east to west concubines live in houses by the embankments
Her man is a rich official.
At noon, jade plates with fresh white fish
Xiang River bamboo mats on an exquisite, elephant tusked bed.

Able to eat this fresh fish, and sleep in this fancy house
Do not know why this man wants to travel away from north to south.
Planted lotus seeds upon riverbanks guaranteed not to sprout
Planted hibiscus seeds in the middle of a pond guarantees no productions.
When this man goes out, the blossoms fall from the trees
This lady alone during long evenings, heart-mind not yet calm and tranquil.



Heng Tang: Ancient name for the modern city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Xiang River:  Second largest tributary to the Changjiang (Yangzi River) and major component of the Lake Dongting drainage area.

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