Yang Wanli: After a Drought, the Chen Rebels Arise Again


After a Drought, the Chen Rebels Arise Again

旱 后 郴 寇 又 作
自 怜 秋 蝶 生 不 早
只 与 夜 蛩 声 共 悲。
眼 边 未 觉 天 地 宽
身 后 更 用 文 章 为?
去 秋 今 夏 旱 相 继
淮 江 未 净 郴 江 沸。
饿 夫 相 语 “死 不 愁
今 年 官 免 和 籴 不?“
Han Hou Chen Kou You Zuo

Zi lian qiu die sheng bu zao
Zhi yu ye qiong sheng gong bei.
Yan bian wei jue tian di kuan
Shen hou geng yong wen zhang wei?

Qu qiu jin xia han xiang ji
Huai jiang wei jing chen jiang fei.
E fu xiang yu “Si Bu Chou”
Jin Nian Guan Mian He Di Bu?”


After a Drought, the Chen Rebels Arise Again

Naturally sympathize with the late emerging autumn butterflies
Alone with the sounds of evening crickets expressing their melancholy.
Within the limits of my sight, not yet sense heaven and earth’s generosity
After our country’s death, what will be the implied meanings of their verse?

Summer followed by autumn still dry and a compelling drought
Huai River not yet clean of rebels, rivers still bubbling.
People starving of hunger say “Do not be sad, we may die no matter what
Why don’t the government officials let us forego our taxes so we can feed ourselves?



Huai River:  Major Chinese river flowing from west to east and located between the larger Yellow River and the Changjiang.

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