Zhang Zhao – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

张昭 - 《三国演义》


“Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is a historical novel written by Luo Guanzhong that tells the story of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. One of the characters in the novel is Zhang Zhao, a political advisor and strategist who served under the warlord Sun Quan during the late Eastern Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms period.

Zhang Zhao was a highly educated and knowledgeable man who was well-versed in the arts of diplomacy and politics. He was widely regarded as one of the most brilliant political minds of his time, and was often sought out by Sun Quan for his advice and counsel on a variety of issues.

Despite his reputation as a wise and cunning strategist, Zhang Zhao was not without his flaws. He was known to be a bit of a opportunist, and was often more concerned with his own interests and advancement than with the well-being of his country or his lord.

Despite these shortcomings, Zhang Zhao was an instrumental figure in the political landscape of the Three Kingdoms period. He played a critical role in negotiating peace treaties and alliances between the different warlords and kingdoms, and was widely credited with helping to maintain stability and order during a time of great turmoil and uncertainty.

In the novel, Zhang Zhao is depicted as a complex and multi-faceted character who is both admired and feared by those around him. He is a symbol of the cunning and ambition that was often required to succeed in the treacherous world of politics and war during the Three Kingdoms period.

In conclusion, Zhang Zhao is a significant figure in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and serves as a reminder of the complexities of political life in ancient China. Through his actions and decisions, he reflects both the best and worst aspects of human nature, and remains a fascinating and enduring character in the annals of Chinese literature and history.

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