The Site of the capital of early Shang Dynasty (17th century-11th century BC)

Geographical Location: In Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Period: About 1,500 BC

Excavated from 1950 to the present

Significance: It is of great significance to the understanding of the history of the early Shang Dynasty, as well as that of the early Bronze civilization in China.


The Capital City of Shang in Zhengzhou(郑州Zhèngzhōu) belongs to the Shang Dynasty cultures in Erligang Times of China. It begins from Fenghuangtai in the east, ends west Shakou in the west and Huayuan road in the north and Erligang in the south. It occupies an area of 25 square kilometers and is in the shape of a near-perfect rectangle. The city wall is about 7 kilometers in perimeter.

Inside the city, palace was discovered as well as living areas for the common. Outside the city workshops and tombs were found with thousands of relics, such as production tools and daily life facilities of pottery, stoneware, jade and especially bronze vessels for the imperial family. Besides, large quantities of bronze ritual vessels were discovered in two pits. Zhengzhou Shang City Ruins is now a key national relic protection site in China.

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