Chapter 106~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 106

The forever high and mighty Floral Princesses, finally became as common as others. Only now did Xiao Yu’er feel that they are humans, and have the various needs of a human, and the various feelings of a human, and even tears. Would they reveal the secret now?

Su Ying rubbed her eyes and said quietly, “Do we really not even have one shred of hope now?”

Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and also lowered his voice, “If we can hold our temper and quietly wait for death, there may still be hope.”

Su Ying asked, “Since we’re quietly waiting for death, what hope would there be?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “Wei Wu Ya wants us to die slowly, because he wants us to be in pain, to go mad, or even kill one another, because only then will he gain satisfaction. But now we’re all very calm, if we were to just die quietly, he will certainly be unable to tolerate it, he will certainly make other moves, then that will be our chance.”

Su Ying blinked, and said, “So we must now think of a plan to force him.”

The Floral Princesses could not hear what they were saying, but after a while, Xiao Yu’er suddenly stood up and respectfully bowed to the two sisters, and said with a long sigh, “That I, Jiang Xiao Yu, is able to die and be buried together with the Floral Princesses, it’s considered fate as well. Now that we’re all about to die anyway, any enmity in the past shall be erased from now on. Why do you insist that Hua Wu Que kill me, what secret could there be, I do not wish to ask further.” The Floral Princesses had no idea why he would suddenly say such words, and can only stare at him with wide eyes, waiting for him to continue talking.

Xiao Yu’er said, “Since Hua Wu Que is not here now, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of us escaping this place, I only beg that you let me have a quick death. I am not afraid to die, but I really cannot withstand the wait for death.” The expression on the Floral Princesses’ face became more somber suddenly.

As he spoke, he secretly winked at the Floral Princesses. Princess Yao Yue was shocked, but Princess Lian Xing is already tugging at her sleeve quietly and said, “Fine, you’ll die then.”

Su Ying suddenly said, “I have two poison pills with me here, it’s what Wei Wu Ya prepared for his disciples.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know how potent this kind of poison is, just one will be enough.”

Su Ying smiled sadly, “If you’re dead, I won’t be able to stay alive for even a moment longer, don’t you know that?”

Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment and said, “Fine, we shall die together then, at least it won’t be lonely on the road to hell.”

Suddenly someone laughed loudly, “You can’t die, can’t die. You’re young and in love, if you live a day longer, you’ll have joy for a day longer, isn’t it a pity if you were to die now?”

Xiao Yu’er and Su Ying exchanged looks, and secretly thought, “He really is getting impatient.”

Wei Wu Ya continued, “If you’re feeling troubled, a few drinks will make you feel better, haha… take this as a gift from me.” As he spoke, a wine bottle dropped down from the small hole at the top. Xiao Yu’er had just caught it, when another bottle dropped again. In a short moment, Xiao Yu’er was already cradling twelve wine bottles in his arms, and each bottle quite large as well.

Xiao Yu’er put the wine in front of the Floral Princesses and said, “It’s still the same rules, each gets half. If you really do not take alcohol, then all the more you should have a few drinks now. A person would really have lived in vain if he has never tasted wine in his whole life.” In an instant, he has already drunk half a bottle of wine.

If this is a very spicy drink, the Floral sisters may be able to resist drinking it, but this wine is top quality Bamboo Green, with a light and refreshing fragrance, making one feel comfortable upon smelling it. The light green color of the wine is pleasing to the eyes, and if anyone can really resist drinking it, that would be a really strange thing.

Princess Lian Xing took a glance at Princess Yao Yue and finally can’t stand it and opened a wine bottle, taking a small sip. It might have been better if she had not drank it, but once she swallowed it, she felt warmth seeping into her diaphragm and can’t help but shiver in response. Later, all the blood in her body warmed and her eyes gleamed. It might have been better if she had not drank it, but once she swallowed it, how can she resist taking another sip?

Xiao Yu’er tapped hard on the wine bottle and sang loudly, “Have you ever seen, the Yellow River’s water flowing from Heaven, straight into the sea, never to return. Have you ever seen…” This is Li Bai’s famous song ‘Bring the wine’, and although the Floral Princesses have read it before, but they’ve always felt that it’s nonsense sprouted by a drunkard.

But now that Princess Lian Xing has drank a few mouthfuls of wine, after hearing just two verses, felt that this song is really imposing, a rarity.

By the time the song was finished, Princess Lian Xing unconsciously felt hot blood rising, warm tears in her eyes, and had already unknowingly drank a whole bottle of wine, her mouth mumbling, “My great horse, worth a thousand, come bring him out to exchange for fine wine, and we’ll drink our worries away… come, Jiang Xiao Yu, I offer you a toast, and let us drink our worries away.”

Su Ying looked at the scene in a daze, she cannot imagine that Princess Lian Xing would actually drink a whole bottle of wine, or even imagine that she would become like this. This is really not like Princess Lian Xing at all, it’s like she has changed into another person.

Although Princess Yao Yue took two sips as well, but on seeing that she has drank half of the second bottle of wine, she can’t help but furrow her brows and snatched the bottle away, saying, “You’re already drunk, put the bottle down.”

Princess Lian Xing suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t want you to interfere, I want to drink! You have been controlling my whole life, now that I’m going to die, you still want to control me?”

Princess Yao Yue was startled and furious, but when she heard the last sentence, she can’t help but heave a long sigh and took another sip as well and said quietly, “That’s right, I am near death myself as well, so why should I bother about you.”

Princess Lian Xing turned towards Xiao Yu’er again and smiled, “Come, let me offer you another toast, you’re really a very cute child.”

Xiao Yu’er does not seem to take it to mind at all, and said casually, “Since that is the case, why do you still want to kill me?”

Princess Yao Yue’s expression suddenly changed, but Princess Lian Xing only grinned and said, “This secret, once you’re dead, I will certainly tell you.” At a time like this, she can still control herself from revealing the secret.

Xiao Yu’er said, “It’s a deal then, but… what if you die before me?”

Princess Lian Xing said, “Then you can die with me, I will certainly tell you on the way to hell.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “To be able to die with you, I can consider that I have not lived in vain. Do you think only Wei Wu Ya is crazy about you? Such a cute person like you, I… I really…” He could not speak further, but only stared at her face.

Princess Lian Xing’s eyes wavered, and suddenly pointed at Su Ying and asked, “Am I cuter than her?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “How can she be compared to you, if you’re willing to marry me, I’ll marry you right now.”

Their conversation became more and more outrageous, treating everyone else around them as being dead, as if they did not see Su Ying’s face turning pale or Princess Yao Yue shaking in anger.

Princess Lian Xing smiled as she collapsed into Xiao Yu’er’s arms and smiled coquettishly, “I have never been so happy in my life, I…” Without waiting for her to finish her words, Princess Yao Yue had already flown over.

Suddenly she heard Xiao Yu’er say quietly, “Do you want to get out of here alive, or kill Wei Wu Ya to vent your anger!” Princess Yao Yue was stunned, and Xiao Yu’er lowered his voice further, “If you want to, then do as I say and extinguish all the lamps here.”

Wei Wu Ya was really peeping all this time outside. When he saw Princess Lian Xing throwing herself into Xiao Yu’er’s arms, his eyeballs almost popped out, and his body shaking with excitement, his palms sweating. Who would have expected that right at this time, the lights suddenly went off.

The room suddenly became so dark that one cannot even see one’s extended fingers, nothing can be seen at all. Wei Wu Ya was so anxious he jumped up.

Various sounds were heard in the darkness, firstly the coquettish laugh of Princess Lian Xing, the furious roar of Princess Yao Yue, followed by a series of the sound of the wind generated by palm attacks. But now in the darkness, not a sound can be heard. This silence is even more alluring, more exciting than noise. Wei Wu Ya was almost crazed with impatience. He painstakingly arranged all these, so that he can witness this scene. For this matter, he has spent a lot of effort, even sacrificing everything.

But now he cannot see anything at all. He pushed his wheelchair like a crazed man, took a lamp, thinking of shining the light down the small hole, but once the light moved to the hole, it was extinguished as well.

Xiao Yu’er laughed as he panted, “I won’t allow you to peek.”

Wei Wu Ya felt as if a fire is burning in his heart, or countless worms crawling about, and finally gritted his teeth and grinned evilly, “You don’t want me to see it, then I want to see it even if I have to die.”

He deduced that Princess Yao Yue must have been defeated by this time, and Princess Lian Xing and Xiao Yu’er would not have the time to deal with others now. Of course he need not consider Su Ying at all.

He waited for more than ten years for this day, so how can he miss such an opportunity. So he took another lamp and opened the knob on the door. The heavy stone door, slid open silently.

Wei Wu Ya was breathless from excitement, his hands were shaking, and so did the lamp. He pushed his wheelchair with all his might, and rolled over quietly. Who would have expected that right at this time, a sudden mad laughter roared out in the darkness.

Xiao Yu’er laughed madly and said, “Wei Wu Ya, you’ve finally been tricked once by me!”

In his shock, Wei Wu Ya’s heart sank. Where the light shone, he suddenly realized that Xiao Yu’er is not doing anything at all, and standing upright in front of him. He thought to retreat, but Princess Yao Yue had already blocked that door.

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “You lost to the world’s smartest person, would you feel bad? If someone were to write my biography or set up a monument for me, you will certainly be mentioned, then your name will go down in history too.”

Wei Wu Ya felt bitterness in his mouth and he exclaimed, “You… what do you want now!”

Xiao Yu’er’s expression turned serious and he said with an icy smile, “Do you still want us to believe that all the exits in here have been sealed?” As he spoke, he walked towards Wei Wu Ya step by step, and taking a look at Princess Yao Yue, whose eyes are staring daggers and emanating a vicious air.

“You just want me to bring you out? That’s very easy.” Wei Wu Ya beamed, “I am moving towards the exit now, can’t you see?”

Xiao Yu’er asked in bewilderment, “You’re now…” He suddenly stopped talking, as if he has suddenly seen a ghost, the expression on his face filled with shock, his throat stuck, unable to talk at all. Xiao Yu’er pointed at Wei Wu Ya, his finger shaking.

Princess Yao Yue was standing behind Wei Wu Ya, and could not see his face.

Xiao Yu’er stammered, “You… you come over…. over here and see him.” Princess Yao Yue hurriedly flew to the front of Wei Wu Ya, and was stunned as well.

The lamp, was still in Wei Wu Ya’s hand, the flame swaying. In the swaying light, Wei Wu Ya’s face has turned a deadly black, his eyes and mouth shut tightly, fresh blood flowing out from the corner of his eyes and mouth.

Princess Yao Yue can’t help but take half a step back and said in shock, “He actually committed suicide.” Wei Wu Ya’s twisted mouth, seem to carry with it a hint of cruel smile. Princess Yao Yue stood there, stunned.

Su Ying’s face paled, and she walked to the front of Wei Wu Ya and bowed a few times respectfully, a few drops of tears flowing down her face. Is she feeling sad for Wei Wu Ya? Or is she feeling sad for herself?

Suddenly Xiao Yu’er exclaimed in alarm, “Oh no.” As he exclaimed, he has dashed towards that stone door.

Princess Yao Yue and Su Ying exchanged looks, not knowing what has happened to him again. But now everyone has regarded Xiao Yu’er as the leader and now that Xiao Yu’er has cried out in alarm, the expressions on their faces also changed unconsciously.

By now Princess Lian Xing’s breathing was deep and steady, as if she is asleep. It turns out that during the darkness earlier, Princess Yao Yue had sealed her sleeping acupoint. And right now Princess Yao Yue carried Princess Lian Xing and followed Xiao Yu’er out.

They came out of the passageway, and that large cave is still quiet, nothing has changed, even the lamps on the four sides are still burning. But Xiao Yu’er stood there, his face totally pale.

Xiao Yu’er asked seriously, “Can you hear anything?”

Su Ying replied, “I don’t hear anything?” The surroundings are as quiet as a tomb!

Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, “Precisely because you cannot hear anything, that is the frightening part.” Before he finished his words, Su Ying’s expression has changed.

If Hua Wu Que was outside digging a tunnel, there will certainly be sounds of stones being chipped or knocked, but now there’s no sound at all, obviously he has stopped. They have lost even their last hope.

Su Ying sat down at the side, hugging her head, as if she’s thinking very hard. Xiao Yu’er stood opposite her, looking at her quietly.

Xiao Yu’er stared dazedly for a moment before walking over and patting her on the shoulder, asking, “What are you thinking about?” Su Ying lifted her head and smiled, her eyes like the stars in a foggy night, so far, so hazy, so beautiful that makes it difficult for one to grasp.

She lightly hugged Xiao Yu’er’s leg and said, “I was thinking, Wei Wu Ya must have left for himself a last exit, this is unquestionable, but why can’t we find it?” She chewed on her lips and continued slowly, “I have checked the four sides very thoroughly, all the exits have indeed been sealed, and if there’s a secret door on the wall of the mountain, we will certainly be able to tell.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly smiled, “I already know where this last exit is.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Su Ying and Princess Yao Yue can’t help but jump up, and Princess Yao Yue has already flown towards Xiao Yu’er like the wind and asked, “Where?”

Xiao Yu’er lifted his finger and pointed, “There’s a protruding stone in that corner there, and under the stone there’s a larger air hole, you should be able to see it.”

Princess Yao Yue said, “That air hole may be a little bigger than the others, but the diameter is less than a foot, how can a person wriggle through it?”

Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, “We only know that Wei Wu Ya will certainly leave a way out for himself, but we forgot one thing.”

Su Ying’s expression changed immediately, “That’s right, we have really forgotten the most important thing.”

Xiao Yu’er said each word slowly, “We all forgot that Wei Wu Ya is a dwarf with a twisted body. We may be unable to leave from that air hole, but he can wriggle his way out. Although he did leave a way out, we can only stare at it.”

Princess Yao Yue’s body shook, and she almost could not stand steadily. Now that all their hopes are dashed, besides death, there really is no other way out.

End of Chapter 106

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