Chapter 40 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 40

Outside at the end of the long porch there was a small room, inside was a flame, a fire coming from a little stove. That deaf and mute grandpa was squatting by the stove watching water to boil.

The grandpa squatted, not moving a muscle, he looked calm and undisturbed waiting for the water to boil.

All his life he was used to “waiting” and who knew how long he would be “waiting” still?

Regarding the art of “waiting” naturally he knew much better than the younger people. Even though he realized that people his age were either dead or did not care to wait anymore since there’s nothing that they look forward to.

Jiang Bie He at that moment was not too far behind that weak old grandpa, suddenly he shouted menacingly, “Great, your disguise was perfect, yet in the end still you’re found out. Now surrender your life!”

After saying that as quick as a flash he leaped and his palm triked toward the skull of the grandpa.

As if oblivious to any danger, the old man looked up and smiled toward the master and pointed to the pot of water that was boiling, his gesture was saying, “The water is boiling, soon I will serve you some tea.”

Jiang Bie He lowered his hand slowly onto the old man’s shoulder. Regardless what, he was still unsure at the last moment. If the old man had heard a little bit of what he said, it would be impossible for him to smile and act so calm and natural.

Obviously Jiang Bie He wasn’t aware that there were several people at times would smile calmly and naturally even when facing death.

Such a person is rare, one of those people was Xiao Yu’er….

The stars were twinkling, shining dimly on Hua Wuque’s fair, handsome and flawless face.
A prince that treated every woman in the world so gentile has to have a face like Hua Wuque, the model of the most perfect man under the sky.

While observing his opponent, Xiao Yu’er laughed suddenly and said, “Do you know that your name ‘Wuque’ fits you very well, because you certainly don’t lack anything, no flaw…you come from a place that’s honored by the realm of jianghu, whose name is well known and respected. You are young and handsome, all your needs are met, no worries of not having enough money. Your kungfu could make all people in Jianghu obey and respect you. Your good look, and your congenial personality make all women swoon at your feet. Despite all these, you are still pure and clean, in fact nobody could say any bad words about you even behind your back.

Xiaou Yu’er shook his head and added on with a laugh, “If there’s a perfect person in this world, without any flaw, that person is you.”

“Thank you very much for your praises,” replied Hua Wuque with a smile.

“However, all of a sudden I found out now that you do lack something,” continued Xiao Yu’er softly.

“Oh, what is that?” asked Hua Wuque disinterestedly.

“Feelings!” answered Xiao Yu’er. “You are lacking feelings, yes feelings. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes I’ve observed that you are lacking on the area of feelings, you are right now a perfect human minus the feelings. You probably have cold blood running through you veins also.”

“Oh, is that so?” Hua Wuque only gave a dry smile.

“Naturally you are not willing to accept my analysis, correct?” asked Xiao Yu’er. “Good, now try to answer, do you really understand the meaning of love? Do you know what is hatred or grudge? Have you ever love or feel hatred?”

While walking forward he continued, “I’m confident that you’ve never feel even frustration nor worries. For example, sickness, getting old, poorness, disappointment, sadness, embarrassment, anger… all these are suffering that can’t be avoided by common people, but you don’t know all these, not one of them have you experienced, none of these are in you dictionary of life. For someone who doesn’t know what is suffering, how could he understand what is happiness?”

After letting out a sigh, slowly Xiao Yu’er continued on, “If you have never loved someone seriously or hated someone, you won’t have any problem, you won’t know any suffering, and you won’t know what is happiness… other people might admire you, but I on the contrary think that people like you have nothing to live for.
Hua Wuque was quiet for a while, he was still calm as before without showing much expression, he only gave a dry smile and said, “Maybe what you said was correct, probably it was the environment where I grew up made me like this.”

“That’s right,” said Xiao Yu’er with a bitter smile, “Only Floral Palace can create a man like you, making you like a mannequin, a life mannequin. Although you are always well mannered toward anybody, but inside your heart you never felt that they deserved to be respected, although you are always gentle toward every woman, but you never really like them.”

He then gave a long sigh, and continued on, “If you were to kill someone, inside your heart you are not sure that the person deserves to die.”

“Yes, all of that are regrettable,” said Hua Wuque.

“Very well, I’m done my talking, you can do your job now,” finally Xiao Yu’er said, tilting his head up and let out a laugh. “I’m interested to know how many strokes you will need to kill me.”

“Would you prefer using a weapon?” offered Wuque.

“I don’t have any weapon with me,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

“If you would like a weapon I can accompany you to a place that has it, and you can choose whatever weapon you like,” said Wuque.

“It’s obvious you know that I’m not your match even if I were to hold a weapon. You wanted to kill me, yet you still act so nice and polite toward me,” said Xiao Yu’er with a bitter smile, “If other people see it, they would think that you are evil and sadistic. However I know enough about you. I know for sure that you are not a man like that, because you don’t know the meaning of pretending or hypocrite, because you don’t need to pretend let alone to be hypocritical.

“You really understand me well,” said Hua Wuque.

“It would be difficult to find someone that understand you as well as I do,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“That is correct,” acknowledged Wuque sadly.

Xiao Yu’er rubbed his dry lips and said, “I think I don’t need to use any weapon, go ahead and do your job now.”

Hua Wuque looked up to the dark sky, dry leaves were carried by the strong autumn wind, the twinkling stars were getting dimmer, the world seems to be engulfed by quietness and loneliness. Feeling desolate he softly spoke, “This weather…”

“….is the suitable for killing someone,” cut in Xiao Yu’er.

At that moment Tie Xinlan spoke out, “Weather like this makes me trembling with cold…” suddenly she came between them in an amazing situation…naked, without a stitch of clothing.

The dim twinkling stars shone softly over Tie Xinlan’s body.

The body immaculately fair and smooth, like a priceless sculpture done by a master artist.

It would be hard to find another woman’s body as smooth, and exquisitely beautiful as this. It caused people having breathing difficulty seeing such an exquisite body.

Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wuque stopped breathing at that moment. Hua Wuque stuttered, “You.. why you…”

Tie Xinlan looked toward Hua Wuque, and said in an empty voice, “Do you find my body beautiful?” The voluptuous breasts moving up and down, under the light of the stars they looked so desirable. It would be impossible for any man not to swallow his own saliva seeing such a exquisite body.

Without realizing it, Hua Wuque closed his eyes, he said trembling, “You…you..”

All of a sudden Tie Xinlan hugged Hua Wuque tightly. When that young man felt the smooth soft body closed him, his heart started to beat faster, his hands trembling and he went weak.

All his life Hua Wuque never felt this hot sensational feeling. He felt as if he’s going to pass out, his heart was about to explode… in short; he didn’t know what to do.

“You zombie…why..why are you still standing there?” with a trembling voice Tie Xinlan scolded, the question was directed to Xiao Yu’er.

Xiao Yu’er was still standing where he was, paralyzed, not knowing what to do.

“I’ve done all these and you.. you still don’t go away quickly?” screamed Tie Xinlan hoarsely.

Suddenly tears fell from Xiao Yu’er’s eyes.

For the first time Xiao Yu’er cried, he himself didn’t know whether the tear was because he was touched, or thankful or tear of sorrow or anger or embarrassment.

Hua Wuque didn’t dare to move his hands, let alone to touch Tie Xinlan’s body, therefore he couldn’t get away from her embrace. With beads of perspiration and with his eyes closed he could only say again and again, “Let go… let go…”

Tears were also in Tie Xinlan’s eyes, she saw that Xiao Yu’er still didn’t budge, with frustration she screamed, “If… if you still refused to go, then I will kill myself … in front of you!”

“I… I…” Xiao Yu’er didn’t really know what to say.

Finally he stared at Tie Xinlan for a short while, a deep meaningful look.. a smooth flawless body with tears adorning the beautiful face, all these were imprinted in his mind and heart and he would always remember all his life.

Suddenly Xiao Yuer let out a heart rending scream , like a crazy man he turned around and ran as if by possessed by a demon.

The stars in the sky began to fade, the earth became quieter. Like a wounded animal Xiao Yu’er kept on running without any direction.

He ran forever so long in the middle of the night, over the fields and bushes, he wasn’t aware how long he had been running, and his whereabout.

He was not crying anymore, his tears had dried up, his mind as muddled as his hair. He had never suffered all his life like now, never was he as confused and unsettled like this.

Rice paddy field lied on the horizon; the paddy ears were already filled, the stalks moving being blown by the night wind like the wave in the sea.

Without much thought Xiao Yu’er went into one of the rice paddy fields, under the starry sky he laid down.

The muddy water immersed part of his body, the twinkling stars seemed to shine far away. Seeing from between the heavy growth of the stalks of rice paddies, made them seem to be more distanced.

He bit his lip, the lip that had been bitten and bled, but he didn’t seem to be aware of the pain. His emotional pain was tens times more than his physical pain.

He tried asking himself, “Could I still consider myself human?”

I considered myself super human, nobody could compare with me, I always see others as inferior to me. However, when someone wanted me dead, it turned out that I could do nothing about it.

I looked down at women, especially Tie Xinlan, because I knew that she has tender feelings toward me. I purposely teased her, and tried my best to hurt her feeling, but in the end I was forced to accept her sacrificing herself to safe me!

All this time I thought that I was the smartest man, the cleverest man on earth, but now I feel like a stray dog that’s been chased away, I ran like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Even though this time I escaped with my life intact, but do I need to be on the run all my life? Do I need to depend on others to save me all the time?

Although Hua Wuque’s thinking is not as deep as mine, but people like him don’t need to use trickery. It’s because he has the real thing, a genuine ability.

And I? … I could only depend on chance … a person that’s smart without any genuine ability, what’s the use?

“I always thought that those people at “Evil Valley” were all afraid of me, therefore I was proud. I considered myself amazing, it turned out that they were afraid of me as parents patronizing their spoilt kid. In a real fight could I really defeat Qiaoqiao? or Du Sha, or…”

Xiao Yu’er laid in the middle of the rice field and pondered over his life. He thought it over and over again.

Before he knew it, the morning came, the sun was rising in the east, noise of people and dogs barking started not too far away from the rice field.

But Xiao Yu’er still laid flat in the middle of the rice field, his eyes wide open even though he did not sleep the whole night.

Morning change to day, and day to night. It was dark, and the wind was howling bringing the faint aroma of steamed rice.

Finally Xiao Yu’er slowly got up, his body was full of mud, his face smeared with dirty mud, but he didn’t care. He continued crossing the rice field.

From afar he saw flickering of a light indicating that there was a village ahead.

Sure enough, there was a town, a small town, and even though it’s night time, the road was still busy. There was the sound of gong and cymbals pounded over and over, and a lamp with red shade lit the arena.

A troupe of acrobats was doing a show. In general acrobatic troupes were travelling group that went from places to places.

In a daze Xiao Yu’er waded through the crowd. Seeing his dirty appearance, covered with mud, they threw insult at him, but was forced to make way.

Xiao Yu’er immediately came to the front and there he squatted watching the acrobat show. He saw a girl dressed in red with her hair braided in two walking on a tight rope. That girl had big eyes and her face was not too bad.

Besides the girl on the tight rope, there were some people old and young sparring with weapons and some doing sommersaults, others playing the gongs and cymbals.

Xiao Yu’er just squatted there, he wasn’t aware what show was going on in front of his face, he felt empty, alone, just wanting to see faces of people smiling.

Who knows how long he had been squatting, vaguely he heard the people cheering, there were people clapping and jumping with joy, and the sound of coins being thrown to the stage.

The crowd began to disperse, and the acrobat troupe was busy packing and taking down their props. The young girl in red that was on the tight rope weren’t among the people working, like a big boss she sat on the side drinking.

Seeing Xiao Yu’er squatting, the young girl looked shortly with a frown, her big eyes seemed to be shining. Suddenly she reached inside her pocket and tossed a coin in front of Xiao Yu’er, then quickly looked elsewhere.

Xiao Yu’er was still in a daze, he wasn’t aware that a coin was tossed by the young girl, so he didn’t pick it up.

The group of acrobats started to move away. Walking straight and tall the young girl in red walked by Xiao Yu’er. As if by accident her feet kicked the coin close to Xiao Yu’er’s feet. That way the young man could reach and pick up the coin.

This is the heart of a human being, a person with a good heart. Someone who saw the sorrow and the poverty of others and immediately forget about oneself.

The acrobat group were talking and laughing, discussing tonight’s performance, and counting their profits enough to buy foot and several catties of wine. Regarding tomorrow, tomorrow would be tomorrow’s problem, they didn’t need to worry about tomorrow’s problem. Even if there would be a bad happening tomorrow, no food, they would worry about it tomorrow. What’s important was today, just as long there’s enough food and wine for today, that’s sufficient.

That’s the practical life of broad minded people. What Xiao Yu’er wanted and thought about was exactly that kind of life, live for today as if there’s no tomorrow.

He quickly picked up the coin and followed the acrobat group. Not too far away was a little river, and by the bank a boat tied. A well built old man was waiting near the helm of the boat. It seemed that he was the leader of the group.

His age was past sixty, yet his body was strong like a young man, although he lived a life of wandering no direction where to go, yet that did not quench the zest of life.

Suddenly Xiao Yu’er rushed forward, he bowed with respect and said, “Sir, may I join you roaming around Jianghu?”

That old man looked at the young man for a while and answered while shaking his head, “Young man, to roam around Jianghu is not an easy thing, you need a special ability and able to withstand hardship.”

“I am not afraid of hardship, I’m used to life of suffering,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

“But do you have an ability that would entertain people?” asked the old man.

Xiao Yu’er was quiet for a moment, after thinking then he said, “I could do somersault.”

“Somersault?” the old man laughed amused. “Haha, somersaulting is the simplest trick, anybody working in this profession can do that. Hey Yeduzi, show him your way of somersaulting.”

A young man with a muscular body, big eyes and thick eyebrow came near, with a mischievous smile. Maybe because of his muscular body that he got the nickname “Yeduzi” (wild calf)

After rolling his sleeves, without doing any stance, Yeduzi right away did fourteen or fifteen somersaults.

Xiao Yu’er blinked his eyes and asked Yeduzi, “At the most how many somersaults could you do?”

“Maybe twenty or thirty,” replied Yeduzi laughing.

“I am able to do a hundred or two in one go,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“Hah, is that true?” the old man asked disbelieving. “Doing eighty in one go I had seen when I was young. That was Li-laoda from Li-jiaban (Li Family Troupe), but he sustained stabbing injury, since then nobody was able to match it.”

“If only eighty, that’s no big deal for me, I could do a hundred sixty somersaults,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“If you can really do one hundred sixty times…. no, it’s enough if you can do eighty times, then all your life you don’t need to go hungry, although you might not be able to eat well, but meat and wine would definitely be there.”

“Before the old man finished talking, suddenly Xiao Yu’er had started doing his acrobatic movement.

Since Xiao Yu’er’s body had been trained till his tendons were like wire and his bone like iron, although his kungfu had not reached the first rate fighter level, when it comes to somersaulting it could be said for him that it was as easy as eating peanuts.

When he reached thirty somersault, crowd started forming, and when he did sixty they all cheered in one accord.

When he somersault till eighty the crowd forgot to cheer, they just stared in awe. If there was anybody that was glad, then the little miss in the red outfit with big eyes was the happiest.

Xiao Yu’er continued somersaulting till pass one hundred, then he stopped and with a laugh he asked, “Is that enough?”

“Enough, enough, more than enough..” said the old man while laughing and clapping his hands. “Quickly follow Yeduzi to the boat, wash your face and change your clothes, soon we will eat supper. Starting now you are a member of the Hai-jiaban.

But Xiao Yu’er immediately looked down and answered, “My father and mother died not too long ago. I’m still in mourning, in front of their graved I made an oath to mourn for three years, and during that time I would not wash my face.”

“You poor child,” said the old man with sympathy, “You are a filial son. Oh, by the way everyone calls me Sidie (fourth father), you can also call me the same way.”

So Xiao Yu’er started his wandering life as an acrobat player with the Hai Jia-ban Everyday his work was to do acrobat, doing somersaults.

He learned that almost all the members of Hai Jia-ban were sons and daughters of Hay Sidie, if not his children then nephews and nieces or relatives. Yeduzi was the sixth son, the most nimble player and had the best kungfu.

The little red miss was the star of the troupe, her name was Hai Hongzhu, the red pearl. She’s the youngest daughter of Hay Sidie that was born when the father was celebrating his half centennial birthday.

Besides that there weren’t too many things that Xiao Yu’er was aware of.

Except for the acrobatic performance, Xiao Yu’er didn’t bother to know about other things, everyday besides eating, sleeping and performing acrobat, he spent the time sitting day dreaming.

Nobody knew that when he was sitting lost in his thought, he was actually meditating, figuring the key to the most important part of the highest kungfu level. In this world not too many people held the key of understanding the highest kungfu level.

The secret kungfu manual that had taken many human lives happened to be in Xiao Yu’er’s possession along with Jiang Yulang. He had read and memorized the book well, and with ease he could recall the whole content of the book he read.

When he managed to figure out a part, then that night when others were sleeping, secretly he would go toward a deserted place by the riverside to practice. Because other people thought of him to be crazy or slow witted, although his action at times was rather strange, no one paid any attention.

His acrobatic performance attracted people, and he was not picky when it came to sharing the profits, therefore people tolerated him and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Now Xiao Yu’er was no longer the smartest man on earth.

Now other people call him by the the nickname “Hai Xiaodai”, little dumb with the surname Hai, because now he’s considered part of the troupe of the Hai family.

The nomads all year long always wander along the river, from east to west and from west back to east. Xiao Yu’er himself wasn’t quite sure what places he had been.

One day, their ship docked, Xiao Yu’er was sitting on the deck of the boat washing his feet. Suddenly from behind a small fair hand reached out and offered him an orange.

Without looking Xiao Yu’er took the orange, peeled it and started eating it.

Hai Hongzhu was standing behind him. She waited for a long time, yet Xiao Yu’er still didn’t turn around to acknowledge her. In the end Hongzhu moved and sat beside him. She took off her shoes and dipped her feet in the river.

Her small white feet stirred the water, suddenly she flipped the water and the water splashed all over Xiao Yu’er’s body. That young man still didn’t make a move, he didn’t even utter a single word.

Hai Hongzhu glanced at him for a moment and started laughing, she said, “You chose to ignore me, yet why do you accept my orange?”

“I don’t know how to talk,” said Xiao Yu’er.

“You don’t know how to talk? Why? Are you mute?” replied Hay Ang-cu with a laugh.

“I’m not in the same class as you,” answered Xiao Yu’er coldly.

“Not in the same class? Who said you are not in the same class?…” her bright eyes danced merrily, suddenly she laughed and continued, “Other people call you Xiaodai, yet I know that you are a smart person. Not only smart, in fact a lot smarter than the others, correct?”

Xiao Yu’er felt uneasy, now he’s afraid of people praising him as a very smart person.

He frowned and stood up. He turned around and started walking away. Suddenly he spotted a group of people at a distance. At an instance he froze and his mouth gaped open with shock. His two legs were as if nailed to the ground, he wasn’t able to move.

By the bank of the river a group of people were jesting as they slowly approaching. They were walking across the green meadow. It was spring time, the air was full of life and a fresh sweet scent.

The people in the group were wearing multi color clothes, light and soft. Their faces were beaming, exuberant with happiness. The spring breeze gently caress their clothes, the sunshine warmth the earth matching their young age.

Unfortunately among the group of young people that was jesting and laughing were some individuals that he most reluctant to meet. They were Hua Wuque, Tie Xinlan, Murong Jiumei and Jiang Yulang.

How Jiang Yulang could associate with Hua Wuque and Tie Xinlan, this was something amazing and hard to understand.

At the moment several well clothed people were seen crowding Hua Wuque, buttering him up with praises. No doubt, it was obvious that Hua Wuque was the center of attention from everyone of the group.

Hua Wuque was laughing. His laughs were mostly directed to the two beautiful girls next to him, Tie Xinlan and Murong Jiumei.

Tie Xinlan was also laughing, her face bright, full of delight

They were really fortunate and happy, no wonder that they were laughing merrily.

However, their good fortune made Xiao Yu’er’s suffering even more pronounce. Their happiness, made Xiao Yu’er’s sadness deeper.

Xiao Yu’er’s heart burned like fire.

For the first time in his life he found out the meaning of jealousy. Only now did he feel pain so strong, his heart as if it’s going to break to pieces.

Hai Hongzhu looked at Xiao Yu’er with surprise, then she looked at the group of young people. As if feeling the pain that Xiao Yu’er had she said sympathetically, “I know that your life history is full of secrets, isn’t it?”

In essence Xiao Yu’er didn’t hear a word what she said, he was staring in a daze at the group that was so happy and jubilant.

Now he saw a young man in green, it was Bai Ling Xiao.

Bai Ling Xiao was jesting with Hua Wuque as if they were two closed friends.

How strange, how could Hua Wuque associated with people like them? But well, Hua Wuque could get along with anybody. and he didn’t play favor with anyone, to him everyone in this world was no different from one another, they were all the same. He didn’t need to feel angry or hatred toward them.

Hai Hongzhu said softly while biting her lip, “Do you know them? … I have a feeling that you came from the same class like them, and you are not the same like us…. Yes, we are only lowly class of people that should be pitied.”

Xiao Yu’er slowly stepped back until he reached the bridge of the boat (I’m not too sure of the translation).

Suddenly he felt that Tie Xinlan was looking at him.

It was only for a fraction of a moment, how could she pay attention to this young man that’s dirty and lowly.

Beyond his will Xiao Yu’er was observing her, it seemed that Tie Xinlan had matured, like a peony flower blossoming pure, beautiful and desirable.

While Murong Jiumei looked a little thinner, so thin that she looked like a marigold flower (I’m not sure, hehe), although not as beautiful as the peony flower, yet it has a special intoxicating scent.

Murong Jiumei’s eyes looked bigger than ever, but they lost their sharp penetrating look, in place there’s a look forlorn and sadness. What was it that made her so sad?

Slowly Hai Hongzhu approached Xiao Yu’er, her eyes were as forlorn as Murong Jiumei’s, with sadness she looked at Xiao Yu’er and said softly, “Finally I found out the reason why you ignored me, it’s because I’m not good enough to talk to, correct? How could I compare to those two girls, they are beautiful, pure, while I …”

The wind was blowing gently, below the bridge of the boat was rather dim….

Suddenly Xiao Yu’er pulled Hai Hongzhu and hugged her tightly. His hot lips with emotion clung to her lips. The young man’s blood was moving fast, he needed to release his emotion.

Hai Hongzhu felt at that moment that heaven and earth were spinning, and suddenly it felt like the end of time was had come.

She closed her eyes, she became unaware of her surrounding. She felt as if she was in a hole of coals of fire. Her body was burning and her soul was melting, her spirit has also melted.

Her life at that moment had suddenly changed.

However, to other people this was unimportant event and those people that were jesting had walked away.

Suddenly Xiao Yu’er pushed Hai Hongzhu aside and quickly jumped down below the deck.

Hai Hongzhu stood in a daze like a statue, she felt as if she could move anymore. The breeze was warm, but her heart started to freeze little by little.

She continued to close her eyes, not daring to open them in case the dream that had made her intoxicated would shatter . Her long lashes started to welled up with tears.

Night came, nobody knew when it came.

Obviously Hai Hongzhu didn’t know either, in fact she’s oblivious to everything.

Shaded lamps started being lit, the crowd started gathering. Hai Sidie as the master ceremony started his opening remarks.

Whatever changes that happen in Hai Hongzhu, the show must go on.

Human can change in a blink of an eye, but life can’t change is as short time, low class people has to continue to live their lowly daily life, that fact couldn’t be avoided.

That’s the life of human being, that’s the tragedy of life.

Therefore Hai Hongzhu started to climb to on top of the rope, she started to walk on the tight rope.

She walked stiffly on the rope. The crowd started to cheer and clapped their hands, but for Hai Hongzhu it sounded so distant, because her heart had flown far away.

A warm light shone at a far away place. A place where the person you loved was always by your side, and never sneered at you.

Xiao Yu’er was squatting behind the rack of weapons, his heart also had flown to a far away place. He’s not aware of what was happening in front of his eyes.

Suddenly in the midst of the cheers of the crowd, it changed into a scream of horror. Hai Hongzhu had suddenly fell from the tight rope that was quite high.

Hai Sidie and Yeduzi face turned pale, yet they still had the nonchalant smile. They quickly shouted, “People slip, even horses can trip. That’s natural, no problem, come on little miss quickly get up and show us several of your beautiful movements.”

However, the scream of shock from the crowd had turned into mocking laughter and hiss. Someone shouted, “What beautiful movement? It seemed that girl was daydreaming thinking about of her boyfriend, that’s why she slipped!”

“Hey, little Missy, who were you thinking of? Were you thinking of me?” someone else mocked.

The laughter among the crowd grew rowdier, and the words thrown became more indecent.

Xiao Yu’er’s blood started to boil.

Right at that moment, from the midst of the crowd a young man with green attire jumped forward, Xiao Yu’er recognized him right away as Bai Ling Xiao.

Bai Ling Xiao scanned over the crowd with an angry stare, then he shouted, “If anyone among you dares to speak indecently towards this lady I will cut his tongue right away.”

“Yes, I will pluck his eyes also!” continued someone else with threatening voice. That person then leaped to the middle of the arena. He was the red attired golden saber Li Ming Sheng.

Immediately the crowd quiet down, not a person dared to make a noise. People were always scared of evil men.

Hai Sidie approached the two young men, he greeted them with a bow, and said, “Thanks you very much young masters for your help.”

“Ah, don’t mention it,” said Bai Ling Xiao as if he’s the most powerful man. From his pocket he took out a piece of a silver coin and tossed it on the ground and said, “I see that your show tonight didn’t bring any profit, let me give a tip for food and drink.”

“That would at least be enough to buy 10 gourds of wine and five days of food for all of you,” continued Li Ming Shen loudly. “Now, what’s the reason that this big master was willing to give you such a big tip, you should have guess.”

Hai Sidie’s face changed and he looked rather uneasy, but soon he laughed and shouted, “Little Hong, come quickly and thank these gentlemen!”

With her head lowered Hai Hongzhu stepped forward, her face red and with a soft voice she said, “Thank you young masters…”

“Don’t buzz like a mosquito, who could hear what you just said?” grumbled Hai Sidie.

Bai Ling Xiao smiled and said, “That’s no problem no problem at all, women should talk softly and with gentleness.”

“Haha, that’s right, young masters in fact like it that way,” said Li Ming Sheng with a laugh. Suddenly he got hold of Hai Hongzhu’s wrist and while squinting his eyes he said, “This brother of ours is interested in you, come and accompany him to drink wine.”

Hai Hongzhu’s face paled and her body started to tremble.

With a grin Hai Sidie quickly cut in, “This girl is too young, please wait another two years then she can accompany you two masters drinking wine.”

“Rubbish! Who has the patience to wait another two years?” scolded Li Ming Sheng, not very happy.

All of a sudden Yeduzi rushed forward and shouted, “Let her go!”

Before he could finish his sentence suddenly Li Ming Sheng’s hand flew to his face, “pack”, he got slapped till one of his cheek was red and swollen, in fact he was thrown far because of the in pact.

“You are not willing to be treated with kindness? Are you begging for us to use force?” shouted Li Ming Sheng with intimidatingly.

Bai Ling Xiao also grinned and said, “I think you’d better come along with us willingly” After saying that suddenly he pinched Hai Hongzhu’s cheek.

Hai Hongzhu became afraid and started to cry.

At that moment suddenly someone came forward and said slowly one at a time, “No one is allowed to take her away.”

Spontaneously Hai Hongzhu’s eyes shone, finally Xiao Yu’er came forward. That young man was willing to defend her, even willing to face death.

Naturally Li Ming Shen was very angry, his eyebrows stood up. He shouted, “Hm, you dirty scoundrel, are you looking for death?” Quickly his hand moved to slap again.

However his slap would never be able to touch Xiao Yu’er, instead nobody knew how, suddenly Xiao Yu’er caught hold of the arm and he felt a lot of pain, as if it was pinched by a vice grip, even his bone felt that it’s going to break. He was in so much pain that his tears started to fall.

“Get out of here,” shouted Xiao Yu’er and at the same time his hand flicked Li Ming Sheng’s body that weight hundreds of catties. His body flew several spears away, even though he did not die, he couldn’t move.

The crowd screamed in shock, Bai Ling Xiao’s face turned pale, he quickly took out his sword, “sreng” he wielded the sword and thrust toward Xiao Yu’er’s chest.

Xiao Yu’er moved slightly to the side to dodge the sword and stepped forward, in one stance he hit Bai Ling Xiao’s chest with his fist.

Actually Xiao Yu’er didn’t use all his energy, but Bai Ling Xiao wasn’t able to stand it, with a scream he vomited blood and his body collapsed. His clothes all green was splattered with blood making it look like a painting of red roses.

In an instance the crowd went berserk, they were screaming and ran in many directions.

Xiao Yu’er stood there surprised, never could he imagine that his kungfu had improved so much, with just one hit he could make Bai Ling Xiao collapsed. The scream of the crowd brought him back to reality.

He felt that his secret would soon be found out, this place could no longer be his hiding place. Quickly he turned around and started to run away.

Quickly Hai Hongzhu ran and chased him, calling, “Xiaodai…, Xaiodai… wait…wait..”

However, Xiao Yu’er never looked back, in a flash he disappeared in a distance.

Staggering, Hai Hongzhu tried to chase after him, finally she fell several times, her tears wet her face. She moaned and sobbed, “He…he’s gone… I know he is not…not coming back forever.”

Hai Sidie came by and pulled his daughter up. That old man had a lot of life experience, bitter and sweet. His face was full of wrinkles showing mixed emotions. Maybe shock, happiness or sorrow that was hard to avoid.

Slowly he caressed his beloved daughter’s hair, he spoke as if to himself, “Even if he doesn’t come back, but what to do… He is not in the same class as us. It’s not possible for you to hold him back…”

“But..but..I can’t..I can’t…I beg you…”Hongzhu sobbed sorrowfully.

“Be patient, daughter,” said Hai Sidie while giving a long sigh. “People like him, not only Father couldn’t hold him back, but maybe in this world nobody could tie him down… Maybe you will never see him again.”

Suddenly Hai Hongzhu fainted in her father’s arms. Not to be able to see the person she loved, was a severe blow for anybody. Especially Hai Hongzhu, an adolescent that just maturing like a flower blossoming.

But is it true that she would never see Xiao Yu’er ever again?

Nobody could say that positively. What’s going on in this world no one could predict with surety.

End of Chapter 40

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