Chapter 41 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 41

Xiao Yu’er ran several lis without stopping, finally he laid down at a deserted place next to a stream.

That night the sky was filled with little stars, twinkling brightly.

After doing what he did, he felt more at ease. The burden of his spirit felt lighter, but he felt that another burden equally as heavy was added on.

He realized after his disappearance, Hai Hongzhu’s heart was shattered. He didn’t want to break that little girl’s heart, but that’s exactly what he did.

He tilted his head and laughed, and spoke softly, “Don’t you blame me, I did it out of necessity.. I had to leave because things are getting too risky. I can’t stay there any longer.”

The stars were decorating the sky, they were like Hai Hongzhu’s eyes. It was as if each one of them was shedding tears for Xiao Yu’er, however that young man had already closed his eyes.

For Xiao Yu’er what had happened was something trivial in his life, but for Hai Hongzhu what Xiao Yu’er did had changed her entire life.

Life was just not fair.

Morning had arrived. Xiao Yu’er had gone far away from the original place. He walked with no definite destination, he’s dirtier and poorer, but he didn’t worry about any of those things.

One day he arrived at a city that was not too small. Big or small a city was, he didn’t care. He had been away from civilization for a long time.

He didn’t take the main road, instead he took the small roads and alley where the aroma was more pleasant to him. Because the alley was where most of the kitchens were located and from the kitchen windows floated the aroma of steamed rice.

Without realizing it, he stopped by a large back door of a kitchen. For Xiao Yu’er it was really an irony. Before no matter how delicious a dish was, no matter how many tempting dishes, he could never be tempted but now the smell of a simple cooking was tempting his appetite. Maybe that was part of life drama.

The kitchen was very big, and the aroma was very strong. Xiao Yu’er stood there in a daze. Who knows how long he had been standing there, suddenly a bucket full of laundry water was flung from inside and drenched Xiao Yu’er.

Xiao Yu’er didn’t get angry, neither did he move. He realized what kind of problem was worth getting angry for, and something trivial like this, even if you beg him, he wouldn’t bother to get angry.

From behind the big door suddenly appeared a round face with chubby cheeks and spoke, “Sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.”

“That’s okay,” grinned Xiao Yu’er.

That round chubby face laughed and disappeared back in. After a while it appeared again, seeing Xiao Yu’er still standing there, with a laugh he invited him, “Inside there’s a little rice, if you would like to, you may come in and eat.”

“Good, thank you,” replied Xiao Yu’er with a laugh.

He didn’t feel awkward, and didn’t feel shy. He went in without hesitation and right away ate what was offered to him. He finished eight bowls of rice and after eating he got up and thanked him again.

That chubby face was observing him from the side, finding him interesting.

When Xiao Yu’er bowed and was about to leave, that chubby face laughed and said, “This place is needing another worker to do the dishes, if you would like to, you don’t need to worry about food.”

“Xiao Yu’er thought for a while and said with a laugh,”But my measurement for food is quite big.”

“Would people that opened a restaurant be afraid of ‘bottomless pit’?” spoke the chubby face.

Without thinking much more Xiao Yu’er immediately took the bucket and pail and asked, “Where are all the bowls and plates that need washing?”

The next day Xiao Yu’er finally realized that he was working at the kitchen of the Si Hai Chun (Spring in the Four Seas Restaurant) restaurant. The restaurant was a pretty decent size. The person with a chubby face was the cook named Zhang Changgui.

So Xiao Yu’er started to work washing bowls and plates, he knew that anybody hiding in the kitchen of a restaurant would be hard to find, let alone be recognized.

The reason why, because the kitchen of a restaurant in essence was a world of its own. Except for Zhang Changgui, he didn’t meet anybody else. When Zhang Changgui finished cooking the dish that was ordered by a guest, Xiao Yu’er immediately took it to the little window where the waiter was waiting on the other side. The waiter then brought the dish to the guest. If there’s no reason to come in, who would go into the kitchen?

The restaurant was not too popular, the customers were sparse, therefore the restaurant closed not too far into the evening. During the free hours often Zhang Changgui invited Xiao Yu’er to accompany him to chat and drink wine.

Although the wine consumption was a fair amount, but the words that came out of Xiao Yu’er’s mouth was not more than two or three sentences. He ate and drank a lot and spoke very little.

Once day while Zhang Changgui was getting ready to cook, the oil poured into the wok, suddenly the cook had a stomach ache. Not able to stand it, he quickly put down the wok and ran to the toilet.

In order that the customers wouldn’t have to wait too long, without thinking Xiao Yu’er took Zhang Changgui’s place and started frying some of the dishes.

After Zhang Changgui came back from the toilet, he was rather worried if the dishes that Xiao Yu’er’s cook were not up to the customers’ expectation.

He didn’t realize that the number one cook in the world came from the Evil Valley. Since small Xiao Yu’er had learned quite a bit from the best cook. There’s nothing that a young man like Xiao Yu’er couldn’t learn.

Not long after the dishes that Xiao Yu’er prepared was served, suddenly the waitress shouted, “One more plate each of fried mutton and sweet and sour chicken.”

Obviously this time Zhang Changgui didn’t allow Xiao Yu’er to cook, he alone attended the order of the customers.

Minutes later suddenly Boss Peng, the owner of Si Hai Chun restaurant stormed into the kitchen, he glared and demanded, “Who did the fried mutton and sweet and sour chicken before?”

The fact that the owner himself came in the kitchen made Zhang Changgui’s heart beat faster. He reluctantly answered, “Naturally, I’m the one that made them.”

“No, it didn’t seem quite so. It didn’t taste like your cooking,” said the owner.

Zhang Changgui was forced to explained the truth what had happened.

Boss Peng came closer to Xiao Yu’er. He stared at him from left to right and from top to bottom for so long, suddenly he raised his thumb and said with a laugh, “Amazing, simply amazing! At such a young age you are already such an expert in creating delicious dishes, even Old Master Xiong was shouting praises, how delicious your dishes were. Therefore from now on you are welcome hold the key to the kitchen.”

“No, I’m worthy,” replied Xiao Yu’er.

Boss Peng clapped Xiao Yu’er on the shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “I hope that you could help us. From now on Si Hai Chun is depending on you.”

People that had expertize, even when they did any kind of job they would eventually shone out. It’s just like a sharp screwdriver inside a bag, eventually the sharp end would poke a hole in the bag.

After Xiao Yu’er was promoted as the cook, magically Si Hai Chun restaurant became very busy, customers came from hundreds of li away upon hearing that Si Hai Chun had a great cook.

Boss Pang started to expand his business, he bought the space to the right and left of his restaurant. Several VIP rooms were built, and naturally more forces were hired to help in the kitchen. Now Xiao Yu’er just need to move the ladle back and forth in the wok and things went well.

In fact when he was fixing the dishes, his mind wandered to the content of the kungfu manual, like a love sick young man, day and night his thought kept dwelling on it, racking his brain to decipher the kungfu manual he once read.
Now people called him Yuda Shifu (Great Master Yu), naturally great master in cooking.

What he said became law. He forbade people that had no business to come into the kitchen, even Boss Peng himself didn’t dare to come in.

But one day the owner came in and with enthusiasms he spoke to Xiao Yu’er while rubbing his hands together in glee, “Yu Laodi (Brother Yu) today you have to work harder. Guess who’s our customer today?”

“Who?” asked Xiao Yu’er disinterested.

“He’s THE person, great knight from the area of Sanxiang, he is gracious enough to come here. That means a great honor for me, and a great honor for you too, Yu Laodi.

Xiao Yu’er perked up, he quickly asked, “Who’s that person?”

Boss Peng showed his right thumb and answered, Tie Wushuang, Tie Laoye (Master Tie), in Jianghu he has the title of Ay-cay-jibeng (sorry for the Hokkian title) “Values talent as much as one’s life”. Everybody in this area would recognize his name.

“Oh, is that so?” said Xiao Yu’er indifferently, as if no matter how famous that character was, he had no interest in it.

However, after he’s done fixing the food, secretly he stepped outside. For the first time in a long while he stepped out of the kitchen.

The jianghu leader of the area of Sanxiang, “Values talent as much as one’s life” Tie Wushuang. This name was very interesting to him, he wanted to know what kind of a character that cares for those who have talents that even an evil person like Li Dazui (Big-mouthed Li) he took as his son-in-law. For someone who dared to allow his beloved daughter to be the wife of Li Dazui; that kind of a person impressed Xiao Yu’er.

In one of the VIP rooms, beautifully decorated. The entrance had the swinging doors, there Xiao Yu’er peeped. He saw an old man with a red face shone with vigor, and a white beard. He was dressed in red and was sitting at the head of the banquet table.

Although he was smiling and looked benevolent, he had the air of authority. It was obvious that it was the style of someone that was used to power and giving orders. That type of attitude was hard to copy by common people.

Just one look was enough for Xiao Yu’er to be sure that that old man was indeed Tie Wushuang.

On the right side of Tie Wushuang sat a middle aged man, with a high cheek bone and a large nose like the beak of an eagle. His eyes piercing resembling the eyes of an eagle.

On the left of Tie Wushuang turned out to be Zhao Quanhai, he was Zong biaotou (general manager) from the merger of seventeen escort company that was well known by the name “Iron Fist that Shakes-up Jianghu”.

Seeing Zhao Quanhai, Xiao Yu’er remembered the incidence of searching of the treasure at the cave behind Mount Emei before. At that time this notable person in the escort world treated him as someone above him and respectfully addressed him as “respectful elder”. His amusing behavior made Xiao Yu’er wanted to laugh when he thought of it.

Besides those three, there were eight or nine valiant men well dressed at that evening banquet, it seemed that they were important people from the Jianghu realm.

Among those presence the two young men in purple standing behing Tie Wushuang caught Xiao Yu’er’s attention. They were still very young, and they were very respectful to the other men that were present. But in a glance Xiao Yu’er knew that those two were more formidable than the others in the banquet room.

The young man in purple on the left side had thick eyebrow and big eyes. His face was rather dark, making him look like a black panther. His body was powerful, people would be impressed with his ability.

The young man in purple on the right has a fair face, very polite and looked like a scholar from an upper class family. He looked gentile, but his gaze was piercing and penetrating.

Both young men were holding the wine jug and serving the guests on behalf of Tie Wushuang. It seemed that they must either be Tie Wushuang’s nephews or disciples.

After the guests finished three glasses of wine, suddenly Zhao Quanhai stood up, he bowed toward the guests, then he finished the wine in his glass. After clearing his throat he spoke out, “Today I came under Master Tie’s invitation. I should have eaten and get drunk then go home, but before getting drunk, I need to say what is in my heart.”

Tie Wushuang rubbed his own beard and said with a laugh, “Just say it out, or else how could you eat and drink wine with ease.”

The man with high cheek bone and big nose also spoke out, “ If Zhang- Zong biaotou wants to say something, naturally I am interested to listen.”

Zhao Quanhai glared and shouted, “The fact that Duan Hefei wanted to to send a cargo from Guan wei (north-east of China, outside Shanhai Pass) for this reason we, the merger of seventeen escort companies (Liangho-piaulian) had sent a representative to discuss the business with Duan Hefei, that situation is known to friends of Jianghu realm.

“That’s right, I’ve heard about that news,” agreed the man with big nose, smiling.

“If Li-Zong biaotou (general manager Li) had known about this matter, than you should not have sent a delegate to contact Duan Hefei and stole the business that had been given to us,” shouted Zhao-Zong biaotou furiously. “I’ve heard for quite a while that ‘Heng-shanying (Eagle from Southern Mount Heng) Li Feng was a daxia with high moral and loyal to friends, hmm it turns out…”

“Crack”, suddenly he squeezed the wine glass in his hand and shattered it to pieces.

Heng-shangying Li Feng, the man with a big nose stayed calm, he answered with a dry smile, “In business, people look for quality and honor, all of these have nothing to do with loyalty to friends in Jianghu realm. If Dua Hefei prefers to do business with Sanxiang piau-lian how could we say no?”

“So, you mean that our Liangho piau-lian can’t compare to your Sanxiang piau-lian?” asked Zhao Quanhai angrily.

“I never said that, but you are entitled to you own opinion,” replied Li Feng.

Zhao Quan Hai’s chest raised up and down, trying to keep his temper, he said menacingly, “Hm… very good..” suddenly he turned to Tie Wushuang and said with a respectful bow, “Although I’ve come here because of your invitation, but I know that Master Tie has a close relation with Sanxiang Piau-lian. Therefore I had no intention of asking Master Tie to take care of this problem, it’s just…” suddenly he slammed the table and thundered, “It’s just that Sanxiang piau-lian had insulted Liang-ho piau-lian. Whatever it is, we must test their ability, especially that man with the surname Li.”

“Why, what’s the problem with that man with the surname Li?” mocked Li Feng.

“Let’s find out!” shouted Zhao Quanhai.

All of a sudden Tie Wushuang stood up and laughed. He raised his wine glass as he said, “Brother Zhao, let me invite you to drink another glass of wine first.”

Without hesitation Zhao Quanhai raised up his wine glass and drank it all, he said, “Master Tie, what do you have in mind?”

“Brother Zhao, what you said was correct,” Tie Wushuang said with a laugh, “for generations I have stayed here, and everyone of Jianghu in Sanxiang area can be said to have close relation with me. You can even say that Li Feng is still my martial-nephew. If right now Brother Zhang would go with revenge in the heart, then my involvement in Jianghu for tens of years would a waste.

Zhao Quanhai’s face changed and he clarified, “Master Tie, do you mean ….”

“You still don’t understand what I meant to say? Tie Wushuang asked.

Zhao Quanhai’s hand automatically rested of the hilt of his saber, and the four men next to him quickly stood up. On the contrary Li Feng had a smirk on his face and he stared at his opponent with piercing gaze.

“Does Master Tie mean to keep me here against my will?” asked Zhao Quanhai slowly.

Tie Wushuang laughed heartily and said, “That’s right, I would like to keep you here to listen to a few words I have to say.” Suddenly he turned to Li Feng and said with an authoritative voice, “If I were to ask you to give that business to Liang-ho piao-lian, what would you think?”

Right away Li Feng’s face changed, and he stuttered, “This..this…”

“You don’t need to say this and that, I don’t want to force you,” said Tie Wushuang. “I’ve investigated this matter and it turned out that your party is in the wrong, now if you would like to accept my suggestion, in return I would give my tea plantation in Southern Mount Heng to Sanxiang Piau-lian. As Jianghu comrade, you should put loyalty first before business, may you think over what I said.”

Li Feng was quiet for a moment, and with a sigh he said while looking downward, “Master’s word I dare not to argue, only that tea plantation is one main thing of the few possessions that you have. How could I dare to accept it..”

Tie Wushuang laughed and said, “Just as long as you don’t forget loyalty among Jianghu comrades and not make our people be a target of insults, how could this little bit of possession mean anything to me?”

Zhao Quanhai was also quiet for some times, his expression changed because of embarrassment and he said while looking downward, “It turned out that Master Tie has a heart of gold, and I on the contrary… I really feel ashamed. I would prefer that the business is taken care by Sanxiang piau-lian.”

“Ah, how would I dare to accept,” said Li Feng with a laugh. “That business was already been accepted by Liangho piau-lian, so it’s only proper that we back out. If Zhao Zong biaotou keep on humbling himself, then we would feel more guilty.”

If before both men were arguing and fighting for the business, now they both were offering each other to get the business.

Xiao Yu’er felt touched watching the turned of event, he thought, “Tie Wushuang was really amazing, it’s no shame of him being the leader of jianghu. Not only that he’s able to avoid a possible fight that could end up in bloodshed, but now both parties were giving in.”

“If both of you are giving in, how about having the business done by both Liangho and Sanxiang, that way both party would be happy.” said Tie Wushuang with a laugh.

Everybody with one accord clapped their hands in agreement. Now that the dispute has been resolved, Xiao Yu’er was about to leave the place.

At that moment Zhao Quanhai was lifting his wine glass and giving a toast to Li Feng for friendship, suddenly he frowned and stiffened up, his hand trembled till the wine spilled all over him.

He wasn’t able to finish his speech, suddenly it was as if his feet were stepping on hot coals, he jumped up and collapsed. A loud noise of bowls and plates fell, swept off the table, followed by Zhao Quanhai himself collapsing.

The banquet went chaotic. The four escorts of Zhao Quanhai shouted of shock and quickly came to their leader’s side to help him up, but they gave a startled cry, “Hey, Zhao Zong biaotou is poisoned!”

Right away Tie Wushuang face changed, he shouted confused, “ could this be?”

“How could this be? That question should be addressed to you?!” shouted one of Zhao Quanhai’s escorts.

Li Feng slammed the table angrily and shouted, “What do you mean? The food and wine that he ate and drank we also partake, so….”

Before he could finish his sentence, suddenly he stiffened up like Zhao Quanhai, like wise he jumped up and collapsed. It seemed that he was poisoned just like Zhao Quanhai.

Naturally people got more confused and scared. Everyone was worried of being poisoned, since all of them partake the same food and wine on the table.

So, who put the poison in?

The fact that Li Feng was also poisoned, ruled him out as a suspect even if he wanted to kill Zhao Quanhai. It couldn’t be Tie Wushuang, so who could be the person that put the poison if not from any of the parties that were having the conflict?

Usually the observer would see better, but Xiao Yu’er was also confused and didn’t know how things end up that way.

In the middle of the commotion suddenly Xiao Yu’er saw the young man in purple outfit with the pale face quietly stepped out. Quickly Xiao Yu’er slipped back into the kitchen.

At that moment people in the kitchen learned about the excitement, and they all came out wanting to find out what’s happening, and the kitchen was left empty. Not long after Xiao Yu’er got inside the kitchen, suddenly the young man in purple also came inside. With the excitement going on outside, what business did he want coming inside the kitchen?

Quickly Xiao Yu’er squatted down, pretending to add more wood to the stove.

The young man in purple didn’t pay attention to Xiao Yu’er. Which martial arts person would pay attention to an insignificant servant?

Hastily the young man in purple slipped out the kitchen back door and it could be heard him saying in a halting voice, “Cloud’s dispersing..”

“Wind’s blowing!” replied someone else outside the door.

Quickly Xiao Yu’er took a look, he saw the young man with the pale face retreated back into the kitchen, followed by another person. that person was dressed in black, wearing also a black mask, with a hoarse voice he asked, “Any success?”

“Successful!” replied the young man with a pale face.

“Great!” said the person in black.

The total speech of the person with a mask was only three sentences, but his words were enough to make Xiao Yu’er’s heart beat faster. He knew that voice very well. He purposely ducked his head even lower till it’s almost inside the stove.

Nevertheless the person in black still noticed him and with a startled voice he asked his friend, “Who’s that?”

“Only a servant,” answered the young man with a pale face.

“Can’t let him be!” said the person in black.

At once they both leaped forward, the person in black hit ‘Shen-shu’ pressure point at the back of Xiao Yu’er. That pressure point is one of the fatal pressure points.

But Xiao Yu’er didn’t dodge at all, only secretly he moved his ‘chi’, and at the last moment he moved his pressure point to the side. He used ‘Yi Xue Da Fa’, the great skill of relocating pressure point, the highest skill in kungfu. Even though he had not practiced it to perfection, but it was far from enough for Xiao Yu’er to take care of the situation.

Accurately the person in black hit the target, and it was definite that Xiao Yu’er collapsed without making a sound, he was sure that the servant died. With a scoff he grunted, “Who told you to stay in the kitchen, you yourself asked for it, not my fault!”

“How he died he didn’t even realize, how could he accuse you?” laughed the young man with the pale face.

“Take care that nobody would recognize you,” whispered the man in black.

“Yes, I know,” answered the young man with the pale face.

“Quick, get out there, before anybody gets suspicious,” advised the person in black.

The young man with a pale face nodded. He quickly ran back to the front room. Of course they didn’t expect a servant to have such an amazing kungfu, they thought that nobody knew what had happened, therefore they ignored the “dead body”.

Xiao Yu’er still laid face down on the floor not moving pretending to be dead, but his mind was working full speed thinking what had happened and what he just saw.

What was most intriguing was the voice of the person in black, it sounded very much like Jiang Yulang’s. If that was really Jiang Yulang, then what’s the connection between the disciple of Tie Wushuang and Yulang? What terrible scheme were they brewing together?

Right away Xiao Yuer remembered what he saw in the Jiang Bie He’s secret chamber the other day, among the things he found out was the little bottles of poisons that was hard to find, tucked away inside the “boxed book”.

Although he only saw for a brief moment, but every night those poison in the small bottles never escaped his mind, until now he still remembered clearly those poisons, and among them were “Xiaohun san” (soul melting powder), “Meiren lei, qibu duanchang” (Tears of the beauty, shatters the intestine within seven steps, “Duoming dan, yidi fenghou” (Life-taking tablet, a drop closes the airway), “Sanhu shui” (Soul dispersing water), “Xuepo jing” (Soul-cleansing Essence) and many other poisons.

“Xuepo jing!” shouted Xiao Yu’er, and quickly jumped up, “That’s right, for sure that’s the poison! From the condition of Zhao Quanhai after being poisoned, wasn’t his skin looked as if he’s frozen stiff?”

Right away he tore a napkin and wrote the recipe of the antidote with a charcoal on the napkin. A kid raised at Ten Evil Valley did have a vast knowledge; at least he knew how to counteract some poisons in this world.

Poison to a kid raised at Ten Evil Valley was as common and simple thing like white sugar to common people.

In the mean time Zhao Quanhai’s and Li Feng’s face had turned a strange gray, and their bodies before were shaking and stiffed, now couldn’t move anymore.

Other people were shaking also, who knows maybe from being afraid or maybe from the poison. Since they didn’t know when the poison would start acting up, they were tensed like a criminal in the court waiting for the judge’s verdict. They were not comfortable sitting down. They were scared to run away, because if they run then the poison will act faster.

That smile on Tie Wushuang face had disappeared, he walked back and forth clenching his hands. That Jianghu elder that had roamed all over for tens of years, now had ran out of ideas.

Suddenly Tie Wushuang tilt his head back and sigh, he thought aloud, “What kind of poison? And who in the world put the poison there?!”

At that moment the young man in purple with a pale face was already standing behind Tie Wushuang, suddenly he said, “Maybe it’s the restaurant worker?…”

“If the poison was in the food, I was the one that ate and drank the most then I would feel the effect first. Moreover a small restaurant like this wouldn’t be able to find such a formidable poison,” said Tie Wushuang.

“That’s right,” agreed the young man with big eyes and thick eyebrows. “This poison has no smell and color, even Master didn’t notice it…”

“In my opinion this poison didn’t originate from this country, if not how could I not recognize it after roaming around in Jianghu realm for tens of years. I think, if I’m not mistaken, maybe that poison…”

“Your guess is correct is not wrong!” suddenly someone cut in, before Tie Wushuang could finished his statement. “The poison didn’t come from this country, instead ‘Xuepo jing’ comes from Tian-shan (Sky Mountain)”

In the middle of the sentence, suddenly someone flew in through the swinging door, while the body was still in the air suddenly he threw an object while shouting, “The recipe of the antidote for the poison Xuepo jing is written of the napkin. Go quickly to a pharmacy and the people’s life may be saved”

His speech was very quick, and his movement was even quicker. While he was in the midst of the speech his silhouette had disappeared. The last two sentences were echoed from distance away.

People became panic, they wanted to chase, but it was too late.

“Fast move!” praised Tie Wushuang and at the same time he caught the object that was thrown by the person. Sure enough it was a piece of napkin that was rather oily and on the napkin was written the strange medicine recipe.

“Xuepo jing!” murmured Tie Wushuang after reading the recipe. “So it is correct that it’s Xuepo jing…how come I didn’t think about it?!”

People started cheering up and shouted, “It that is so Zhao Zong biaotou’s life can be saved.

The young man with the pale face looked rather uneasy, and suddenly he snorted, “Hm, it’s most likely a ploy from an evil man.”

One of the people check the hand of Zhao Quanhai and said, “That’s right, that crook must have evil intention to harm other people. Usually people that were poisoned by Xuepo jing would die frozen and stiff but.. but this Zhao person’s body is hot as if he’s burning.”

Tie Wushuang replied, “Don’t you know that people who die from frost bite, before dying do not feel cold, in fact on the contrary, they would feel hot as if burned. That sensation unless you’ve experienced it yourself, would be hard to believe.”

“You Elder, how could you know all these?” suddenly the young man in purple with the pale face asked.

“It’s because I’ve experienced it, I almost froze to the point of death,” answered Tie Wushuang calmly.

The young man in purple lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak any more. However his eyes still darted to the napkin that had the recipe written.

In the mean time, Xiao Yu’er was already at the outskirt of the town. Naturally he realized that Si-hai chun restaurant could no longer be his hiding place. He still didn’t want to come out yet. He wanted to wait for the right moment, once he’s ready he would create a sensation in Jianghu realm. That way people would realize what kind of a person Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu’er actually was!

But at the moment he still didn’t want to meddle into other people’s business, although he realized that the incidence at Si-hai chun would be a mystery that would stir up Jianghu realm. It’s because he realized that his own ability right now is not enough to take care of the problem, and most likely his life would end up in danger.

So where could he go right now?

He walked forward with no definite destination, still dirty and poor. However his mind and kungfu ability were vast different from his situation before.

The invincible daxia, a true knight finally was about to be born!

One day Xiao Yu’er arrived by the bank of the river, seeing the big waves of the river, subconsciously he slowed down his pace. He was hoping to see the boat of the traveling troupe who had a lowly life but heart as good as gold. He also would like to see those big and bright pair of eyes.

There were many boats going to and fro down the river, but the boat of the traveling troupe can no longer be seen. Where did they go? Were they still roaming around, bobbing here and there?

Xiao Yu’er stood pensively by the river bank for a long time.

Who knows how long it had been, suddenly he heard a rush of wind from behind and someone greeted him, “I’m sorry brother, that you had to wait for a while.”

Puzzled, Xiao Yu’er turned his head but didn’t say anything.

That person asked, “How come you are here by yourself? Where are the other two?”

Xiao Yu’er continued to be quiet.

That man said angrily, “We have come as you requested, how come you continue to ignore?”

Finally Xiao Yu’er turned around and smiled, ” Maybe you got the wrong person, I’m not the person you’re looking for.”

He saw the three people in front of him, the one of the left was big and tall wearing red attire, obviously that he’s the “Red attired Golden saber” Li Ming Sheng.

The person that was in the middle looked valiant, naturally he was Li Ming Sheng’s father, “Golden Lion” Li Di. The other one had a dark face and short beard, he was “Purple-faced Lion” Li Ting whom Xiao Yu’er met along with Jiang Yulang when they were sailing together.

Xiao Yu’er was shocked, his smile nearly froze. Luckily the night was dark, so the three people did not recognize him.

The light from the stars only flickered, and Xiao Yu’er was now much taller than before, his face was dirty and his body had splashes of peanut oil. He looked like a beggar.

“Golden Lion” Li Di frowned and said, “It’s only a little beggar.”

“Why are you here for?” demanded Li Ming Sheng.

Xiao Yu’er lowered his head and replied, “I don’t have a place to stay, so I stay anywhere.”

“Get lost!” ordered Li Ming Sheng. “Do you need to…”

Before he finished his words suddenly “Purple-faced Lion Li Ting said excitedly, “There, they have arrived!”

At that time at the surface of the water a small boat zipped through. The passengers were three people in black.

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