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The Legendary Siblings Chapter 48

Jiang Bie He retorted angrily, “If Old Master Tie did not commit suicide, don’t tell me I was the one who killed him?” He paused, and continued with a frosty smile, “If I had wanted to kill him, I would have done so long ago, why would I need to wait until now?”

That ‘spirit’ also laughed coldly, “If Old Master Tie were to commit suicide, he would have done so long ago, and definitely would not wait until now… he was unwilling to die in injustice earlier, now that the truth is about to be revealed, all the more he would not die.”

Jiang Bie He raised his voice, “If Old Master Tie did not commit suicide, who else can kill him without him even having a chance to retaliate! Old Master Tie died a clean death; do you want his reputation to be muddied even after his death?”

That ‘spirit’ also raised his voice, “This is just like what Master Zhao said earlier, if it’s a direct clash, naturally no one would be able to kill Tie Wu Shuang without him retaliating, but if the person secretly…”

Jiang Bie He shouted, “Would I, Jiang Bie He need to attack him in secret?”

With an icy smile, the ‘spirit’ replied, “That naturally would not be you, you yourself know that Tie Wu Shuang is already on his guard against you, even if you were to attack him secretly, you can never succeed!”

Jiang Bie He continued, “If it is not me, don’t tell me it is Master Hua?”

That ‘spirit’ replied, “I’ve already said so earlier, the person must be someone very close to Tie Wu Shuang, and Tie Wu Shuang would never expect him to strike, which is why he was killed!”

The youth in green suddenly shouted, “Who killed my Master, I will have it out with him!”

The ‘spirit’ replied coldly, “The one who killed your teacher, is you!”

The youth in green stumbled, before shouting in anger, “My as*, I am indebted to my Master, how can I kill him. You… you are mad?”

“Since you know that you are indebted to your Master, you should repay him well, but you have heartlessly collaborated with Jiang secretly! Now that you realize that the truth is about to be out, you stabbed your Master’s throat while everyone did not notice you. You think that with Tie Wu Shuang’s death, there would be no witness to this matter, but you forget, I am still here!”

The youth in green replied, “Do you have proof?”

The ‘spirit’ replied, “Others may not be able to produce the evidence, but I can. I witnessed with my own eyes that you are the one who put the poison in the wine the other day to harm Zhao Quan Hai, Escort Zhao!

The youth in green has already started shaking, but he still shouted, “My as*! That day, my Master and I invited Escort Zhao to make peace with ‘San Xiang Joined Escort’, why would I poison the wine to harm Escort Zhao.”

The ‘spirit’ replied, “Because you were instructed by Jiang Yu Lang, not only must the peace talk not succeed, but the plan must smear your Master’s reputation, this evil plan is indeed ‘killing three birds with one stone’!”

The youth in green cried out in anger, “My as*! Your… your words, no one would believe it!”

The ‘spirit’ laughed coldly, “You still deny it? I saw it with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears you and Jiang Yu Lang discussing your evil plot in the kitchen!”

The youth in green roared, “How could you have seen…. You malign me, I’ll have it out with you!”

He ran forward with a mad howl, when the ‘spirit’ suddenly removed the bamboo hat on his head, and with a weird smile, chuckled, “Take a look again who I am?”

Under the light, his face was full of dirt, his hair in disarray, at a glace he really looked like a living ghost.

The youth in green halted, took three steps back, and stammered, “You… you…”

That ‘spirit’ bit out each word slowly, “Let me tell you, I am the ghost of the person you and Jiang Yu Lang killed the other day, and I want your life even if I am a ghost!”

He has not finished his sentence, and the youth in green has already started screaming madly, “Ghost… ghost… there really is a ghost!”

As he screamed, he retreated, and finally bounded out like a mad man.

Suddenly, the flash of a sword!

The youth in green has not even reached the door, when he has already collapsed, a sword piercing in from the back of his neck, protruding out from his throat, and he was embedded on the ground!

This youth in green did not even manage to utter a scream, and he has already died on the spot! But this time everyone saw, the sword was thrown out by Jiang Bie He!

Without any change in his expression, Jiang Bie He said slowly, This person has already gone mad, if we let him dash out like that, I’m afraid he may hurt others, therefore I can only kill him.”

The ‘spirit’ called out, “Jiang Bie He, you silenced him, and yet want to wax lyrical about yourself, Heaven would really not tolerate this!”

With a small smile, Jiang Bie He replied, “You do not even dare to let others see your real face, who would believe you!”

These words have really struck this ‘spirit’s’ sore spot… Xiao Yu’er paused for a while, before continuing loudly, “As long as I speak the truth, does it matter if I do not show my face?”

Jiang Bie He asked, “Everyone please think, if what he said is true, why would he not fare to show his true face?”

Xiao Yu’er looked around, and saw that everyone’s eyes were fixed on his face, and in every pair of eyes were looks of doubts.

Jiang Bie He continued slowly, “This evasiveness, rumor mongering, we do not know what he has up his sleeves.” As he spoke, he was studying the expression on everyone’s face. He suddenly turned to face Hua Wu Que, and asked quietly, “Master Hua took upon yourself to look after the affairs of the world, don’t you want to know their background?”

Hua Wu Que replied, “Their?”

Jiang Bie He added, “Besides him, there is that ‘carriage bearer’ as well, I would like to see, if he is really my son Yu Lang as he said.”

In the chaos, most of the people had forgotten about the ‘carriage bearer’ incident, and only remembered it now that he reminded them. However, looking around, not only is that ‘carriage bearer’ gone, the other carriage bearers and the two carriages that were carrying the Duan family were gone, and no one knows when they left.

Xiao Yu’er was secretly stamping his foot, he may be extremely smart, but he lacks the experience. He was not attentive enough, and this negligence is fatal.

Jiang Bie He shouted in excited fury, “That ‘carriage bearer’ is gone? When did he leave?”

Luo Jiu, who witnessed the happenings from the side the entire time, suddenly spoke up, “Master Duan was not feeling too well, and was overwrought. Most likely he could not take this kind of excitement any more, and ordered them to carry him back just now.”

Luo San added with a chuckle, “When a person is too fat, he really cannot get overly excited, or he might get a stroke. My brother and I have the same problem.”

Jiang Bie He paused, and replied, “Since Brother saw it, you should have retained that ‘carriage bearer’. If this matter is not cleared up, I will have to bear with the suspicions!”

Xiao Yu’er could not tolerate any further and scolded, “You wily old fox, judging by skills of pretension, you are really number one in the world.”

Jiang Bie He smiled coolly, “Who knows if that ‘carriage bearer’ was not your accomplice, to slander me? If not, why would you let him escape so easily?” He actually turned the tables, and his explanations seem plausible. Although not everyone may be on his side, but at least they no longer believe Xiao Yu’er’s words.

Xiao Yu’er was both angry and anxious; he now knows that Jiang Bie He is really not an easy person to deal with. With just a few words, he managed to change the situation. Without even moving a finger, he has forced Xiao Yu’er into a corner!

The front and back of this hall has fourteen windows, three doors; each window is seven feet high, three feet wide, so a man can easily exit from there no matter how large they are, and the exits lead into all directions. Although the hall is spacious, but the furthest of the window is only two, three feet away from where Xiao Yu’er stood. With his skills, he can easily slip out.

But Xiao Yu’er could not leave, because Hua Wu Que’s eyes were pinned on him right now.

Jiang Bie He commented slowly, That ‘carriage bearer’ might have slipped away, but I’m afraid you will not be able to sneak off. Since you insist on not revealing your real face, have you done something shameless?”
Xiao Yi’er eyeballs kept rolling, but he could not think of any ideas.

Hua Wu Que suddenly called out, “If Friend does not wish to make the first move, I might have to do it on your behalf.”

Xiao Yu’er scolded loudly, “Hua Wu Que, I’ve always thought that you’re a smart man, who knows that you are actually being made use of like a dog, that even I feel ashamed for you.”

Hua Wu Que remained calm and only smiled, “If you’re thinking of provoking me, I’m afraid it is useless.”

Jiang Bie He said with a laugh, “Master Hua may be young, but his self control is excellent, to want him to be angry, unless…”

Xiao Yu Er interrupted loudly, “To want him to be angry, unless Tie Xinlan is snatched away, right?”

Hua Wu Que’s expression really changed a little, before adding quietly, “This has nothing to do with her, it is best that you do not to mention her name.”

“Tie Xinlan does not belong to you, what right do you have to forbid others to mention her name!” Xiao Yu’er scoffed.

And without knowing why, Xiao Yu’er suddenly felt a rush of hot blood to his head. He is no longer afraid, his intention is to provoke Hua Wu Que, his intention is to let Hua Wu Que disgrace himself. He knows clearly that he is not Hua Wu Que’s match, but his intention is to fight it out with him! So that regardless of winning or losing, dying or living, at least he can expel the rush of hot blood! Or else he might just expire from the heat!

He thought that he is a very, very smart person, not only does he understand others well, he understand himself well too. He knows that he is not as skilled as Hua Wu Que, so he can only tolerate.

If there were no pressure from others, if there were no trigger, he may have kept tolerating like this, tolerating until the day he can defeat Hua Wu Que.

But the situation now so pressuring that he felt breathless, and ‘Tie Xinlan’ these three words were the trigger, the hot rush of blood that he had been fighting to suppress suddenly erupted!

Not only were his pupils gleaming, even his eyes were extraordinarily large!

Laughing madly, he continued loudly, “Hua Wu Que, to tell you the truth, Tie Xinlan already has a sweetheart! Her heart has long belonged to him, and you cannot steal it no matter how. Even if you manage to marry her, her heart will still be with the other person!” Amidst his laughter, his suddenly flew up!

At that precise moment, Hua Wu Que’s palm has already shot out. If Xiao Yu’er had flown up a moment slower, his chest might already have been shattered by the blow!

The beams in the hall were about forty feet above the ground! With this one jump, Xiao Yu’er has reached the beam!

His hand clasped on the beam, his body swaying unsteadily like the dried leaves on an autumn branch. Looking up from below, it seems he might just fall down any moment!

But Jiang Bie He has already observed that this is the highest skill level of the Lightness Skill. He body seems to be in danger of falling, but within every sway hides a murderous intent.

Besides, with this jump, he is already looking down on the rest from above. He may not have gained the first strike, but he has obtained a strategic spot. At this point, no matter who jumps up, will most likely first receive a blow on the head!

But not only did Hua Wu Que not think of attacking, he did not even cast a glance upwards. He stood there quietly; his gaze seems to be fixed on the tip of his foot.

Like an old monk, he seems to have entered into a state of silence, not concerned about anything else that is happening around him, he seemed to have fallen asleep standing there.

But Xiao Yu’er knows that at this point in time, his mind is empty. Seemingly ignoring his surroundings, but actually not a single movement can escape his eyes!

Staying at his strategic location here, he might not strike, but once Xiao Yu Er makes a move, the chance of a first strike is gone, and most likely he will be immediately killed!

The two of them, one on top and one below, one swaying and one unmoving, were in a stalemate!

Although the others could not fathom the mystery within, they could sense the heavy atmosphere. Xiao Yu’er was still swaying, but they no longer thought that he is about to fall, only this unsteady movement was making them giddy and unable to concentrate.

Even though they dare not look up, the candlelight in the hall is already swaying to Xiao Yu’er’s movement, and in the end, even the whole hall seems to be swaying.

Only Jiang Bie He, he was staring at Hua Wu Que, who still looked as calm as ever.

Hua Wu Que’s stiff appearance, is like a pillar in a choppy sea, not only is he as steady as a mountain, he also gives other a sense of stability.

Others could feel a murderous intent emanating from his motionless body, slowly closing in on them, the pressing force is making them almost breathless!

Movement and immobility, was a stark contrast. Although forty feet separated them, but nothing could stand in between them!

But movement naturally cannot last as long as immobility.

Jiang Bie He naturally knew about this point, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously turned up into a smile!

All of a sudden, a swallow flew in from the window.

This is just a lone, lost swallow, who blindly flew towards any source of light, to seek some warmth.

It actually flew right into the deadlock between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que!

No one saw Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que make any move, but mysteriously, this swallow was unable to fly past this invisible air of violence.

The swallow actually fell! The falling swallow brushed across Hua Wu Que’s face! Right at this time Xiao Yu’er suddenly dropped down.

His whole body like a top, he was spinning continuously in mid air. Spinning as he was falling, his limbs seem to be dancing when viewed from afar.

The rest stared until they were starry eyed, and felt as if a devil with a thousand arms and a thousand hands was flying down from the sky!

However, Hua Wu Que did not even lift his head to take a look. With a shout in mid-air, Xiao Yu’er’s spinning body seems to attack with eight legs and sixteen palms!

His moves were so rapid, that it seems unmatchable. It looks as if there were eight legs and sixteen palms extending from his body, aiming to attack! Aiming to attack Hua Wu Que!

The attack seems to consist of more false moves than real ones, but the fake and real moves are interchangeable, a false move turning into a real one. He only has to be struck by one blow, and he will not live.

Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head.

In the flickering light, his eyes shone like stars, he face seem to be smiling, his right palm waved out, moving lightly. It did not look like an attack; neither did it look like defence.

A string of ‘pi piaks’ were heard, and Xiao Yu’er’s left palm struck his own right palm, his right palm attacked his left palm, and before the strength in his left palm was used up, it hit his right fist, before the strength in his right palm was exhausted, it hit his left palm, and his lower body was the same, the left leg kicking the right palm and the right leg kicking the left palm.

The moves planned to subdue, were all attacking him. His body spinning from the attack, he slanted a few feet before falling down with a ‘bang’!

Jiang Bie He watched on, delighted, and laughed “Good! What a good move of ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting to Jade’!”

Xiao Yu’er’s palms were both red and swollen, his chest panting heavily, and he was unable to climb up.

Looking at him, Hua Wu Que said with a slight smile, “Your martial arts can be considered one of the best in Wulin, and the force of your internal strength is beyond my expectations, but what a pity, the stronger your internal strength, the more you will be injured.”

As he spoke, he strolled towards Xiao Yu’er!

Suddenly, the hall was filled with the sounds of wind rushing in, and the candle lights were suddenly extinguished. There were sounds of ten over secret weapons, heading straight towards Jiang Bie He and Hua Wu Que!

This kind of secret weapon will still not be able to hurt Jiang Bie He and Hua Wu Que! The two of them lightly leaped, and avoided them.

By then, the entire hall was in chaos, and amidst the chaos, Luo Jiu could be heard shouting, “Everyone stay still, do not move about!”

Luo San also called out, “Don’t let him take the opportunity to escape!”

These were the exact words Jiang Bie He wanted to say, and when he heard them, he silently nodded to himself, thinking “These Luo Brothers are really something!”

Luo Jiu continued, “I’ll go outside to stop him from escaping, you light the fire quick!”

Following that, there was a flash of light, and torches were lighted up. Looking around, the ‘spirit’ that had difficulty getting up from the floor has indeed disappeared!

Jiang Bie He’s countenance changed and dashed to the window, but it was dark outside the window, and not a shadow to be seen.

Stamping his foot, Luo San exclaimed, “He really runs fast, let us give chase!”

Hua Wu Que replied slowly, “There are so many exits from here, even if we were to chase, we won’t know where to start!”

Furrowing his brows, Jiang Bie He asked, “Are we to just let him escape?”

Hua Wu Que continued, “Judging by the amount of strength he used during his attack, which I deflected, causing him to hit himself instead, he should not have been able to escape!”

Jiang Bie He replied bitterly, “Naturally the person who extinguished the lights just now saved him.”

Luo San interrupted, “My brother has already given chase, but I do not know if he will manage to catch up!”

“I’m afraid your brother will not be able to catch up.” Replied Hua Wu Que unhurriedly.


Hua Wu Que explained, “The person who helped, was able to save someone right under my nose, naturally he would have exceptional skills. Besides, we were stalled for a moment by his secret weapon, so we will not be able to catch up with him!”

Laughing bitterly, Luo San agreed, “Right, if that person can rescue someone from right under Master Hua’s nose, my brother would of course not be able to catch up with him!”

Once the lights were extinguished, Xiao Yu’er knew his savior has arrived. Just as he was struggling to get up, someone carried him and jumped out the window! This person’s Lightness Skill is the best in Jiang Hu, with a few light jumps, they were already more than 100 feet away.

The cool breeze was blowing onto his face, but Xiao Yu’er’s limbs were throbbing with pain. He thought of Hua Wu Que’s astonishingly mysterious skill and was secretly alarmed.

At that moment, he was really hovering between life and death, and if not for this person’s helping hand, Xiao Yu’er will never escape, but who is this person?

Xiao Yu’er finally asked, “Thank you for coming to my rescue, thank you.”

Without stopping, the person just replied, “Hmm”. He clasped Xiao Yu’er under his rib, so Xiao Yu’er could not get a look at his face.

After a while, Xiao Yu’er said, “You know, I’m not really a good person, why do you want to save me?”

That person laughed, “You’re not bad either.”

Xiao Yu’er pressed on, “But I do not know you, who are you?”

“Make a guess.”

Xiao Yu’er speculated, “Judging by your voice, you’re not very old.”

That person laughed, “But not young either.”

“You naturally would not be Reverend Shen Xi.”


Continuing, Xiao Yu’er said, “If you are Reverend Shen Xi, you won’t be asking me to guess. A priest will never behave so furtively like you.”

That person saved him, but yet he scolded him, because he wanted to force this person to talk so that he can guess from his voice who he is.

However, that person only smiled and said, “You’re right.”

Xiao Yu’er still could not make out his voice. He rolled his eyes and asked, “Could it be you’re Xuan Yuan San Guang?”

The person laughed, “I’m not acquainted with that gambler.”

Xiao Yu’er could not take it any longer and raised his voice, “Are you man or ghost?”

“You will never guess who I am.” The person laughed.

Xiao Yu’er continued, “Don’t think that I really cannot move my limbs. If you don’t tell me, I will press on your pressure point, tie you up and see who you really are.”

As he spoke, his hands were already pressing down on that person’s waist.

The person replied, “Don’t you forget, I am your savior.”

“I will not appreciate what you have done!” Xiao Yu’er retorted. “Some people have ulterior motive for helping others. You might have saved me because you want to make use of me, or even to torture me further.”

The person laughed heartily, “You are really difficult to deal with. I’ve met countless people, but I’ve never really met one as difficult as you…” As he spoke, he has already flown through a window, and placed Xiao Yu’er down.

This window seemed to have been left opened the whole night, and the candles in the house were lighted up. Under the light, Xiao Yu’er finally saw this person’s face.

This person turned out to be that mysterious Luo Jiu!

Xiao Yu’er was so surprised that he stared and stammered, “It’s you… how can it be you?”

Luo Jiu laughed, “I just knew you would never be able to guess.”

“But… but I definitely heard you shouting in the hall just now.” Xiao Yu’er stuttered.

Luo Jiu smiled, “That was my brother Luo San, he faked a conversation between two people, so others thought I was still there. Naturally they would not have guessed that the one who saved you is me.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed heartily, “What a brilliant plan, that even I was tricked, so it would be impossible for the rest not to be taken in!”

“To trick Jiang Bie He, that wily old fox, is really not an easy task.” Luo Jiu smiled.

Xiao Yu’er stared at him with shining eyes, “Correct, it is really not easy to trick Jiang Bie He, but you could dupe him.”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, asking “Then, let me ask you, we’re neither kin nor friend, why did you save me?”

Luo Jiu replied, “It’s because I admire Brother, and can’t bear to see Brother being forced, I could not tolerate it any longer so I had to take the risk to save you.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed coldly, “I’m afraid it’s because you have seen my skills, and wants to make use of me.”

Luo Jiu laughed loudly, “By saying this, Brother has wrongfully blamed a good person.”

Xiao Yu’er explained, “Between humans, most would naturally try to make use of one another. You want to make use of me, but how would you know if I do not want to make use of you. If you have any requests, just say so, I will certainly not blame you.”

Luo Jiu clasped his hands and laughingly exclaimed, “Brother is indeed a person who comes straight to the point, I am full of admiration…”

He suddenly stopped laughing, stared at Xiao Yu’er and said softly, “I see that all the things that Brother has done, is solely to reveal Jiang Bie He’s mask, and I too have long since harbored the same thought, which is why…”

“Which is why you found me, right?” Xiao Yu’er continued.

Luo Jiu laughed loudly, “If Brother can join forces with me, no matter how wily Jiang Bie He is, I’m afraid there will be no place for him to hide.”

His eyes bore into Xiao Yu’er, and Xiao Yu’er was also staring back, and replied slowly, “You were obviously helping Tie Wu Shuang and Zhao Xiang Ling, but collaborated with Jiang Bie He secretly. You were obviously in cahoots with Jiang Bie He, but now you’re secretly making my acquaintance, why is that so? I don’t care what motive you really have, as long as you truly want to reveal Jiang Bie He’s mask, I will join forces with you, and I will support you until the end on this matter!”

End of Chapter 48

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