Chapter 49 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 49

This house is actually a small loft, but exquisitely decorated, the thick carpet sewn with colored flowers, so that whoever walks on it, will never make any sound.

Only now did Xiao Yu’er have time to look around, and saw on the table there were a few strange but expensive toys, and on the wall a few exquisite decorations were hanging. Some were miniature sabers and swords made of gold, some were miniature men and horses carved from white jade, and there were also some ugly looking beasts and ghouls, pretty fairies and goddesses.

Luo Jiu asked smilingly, “What does Brother think of this house?”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Whose house is this exactly, that you can come in at will?”

Luo Jiu smiled, “This is my humble abode.”

Xiao Yu’er was startled and asked, “This is your house? You’re not afraid Jiang Bie He will find his way here?”

“Brother can rest assured, this house of mine, no one else knows.” Luo Jiu smiled.

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “You are really farsighted, to have a place decorated like this here…”

Luo Jiu replied, “This place might belong to my brother and me, but it is not decorated by us.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yu’er replied.

Luo Jiu answered with a mysterious smile, “The person who decorated this place, if Brother were to see, you would surely be extremely interested.”


Luo Jiu laughed, “Because she is a beauty out of this world.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Beauty… my head will hurt like hell once I see a beauty.”

Luo Jiu grinned, “Brother may disregard beauty, but she….she is different from others. Not only is she beautiful, she gives a feeling of unexplainable mystery, and I think she will surely suite your taste.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “Your description of her is so wonderful, that I think I would like to take a look.”

Luo Jiu pulled on a bell cord, and said with a grin, “Brother shall be able to see immediately.”

Xiao Yu’er mused, “Someone who can decorate a place like this, must be different from the rest…” His thoughts turned, and he suddenly changed the subject, asking “Is Jiang Bie He still living in that run down house?”

Luo Jiu laughed, “Although it’s still the same place, but the house is no longer run down.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Did he not want anyone to rebuild it for him? Why change his mind now?”

Luo Jiu explained, “But this time it is Hua Wu Que who rebuilt it for him, and Hua Wu Que is staying there himself.”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “To think that Hua Wu Que is being entangled with such a person, I do feel some pity for him.”

With an accompanying smile, Luo Jiu continued, “Jiang Bie He’s façade is full of justice and humanity, those who do not know the real him, will all want to be his friend. Hua Wu Que’s martial arts may be good, but no matter what, he is young and ignorant…”

Xiao Yu’er replied with a cold smile, “Hua Wu Que is the personification of intelligence, and does not reveal his abilities easily. If you think he is young and ignorant, then you are the ignorant one.”

Luo Jiu’s eyes flashed, and asked “Is it possible that Brother is well acquainted with Hua Wu Que?”

Xiao Yu’er replied with a slight smile, “Do you know of this term! The person who understands one the most, is usually his greatest enemy!”

He suddenly felt a strange sensation behind him, and turned around suddenly… someone was standing behind him like a spirit, the light, shining on her face.

This is indeed a beautiful face, her willow like brows lightly furrowed, and her large eyes, seem to be filled with fog.

Her eyes were looking at Xiao Yu’er, but do not seem to be looking at Xiao Yu’er, she is standing there alive, but looked as if she is dreaming. She turned out to be Murong Jiu.

At one glance, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel dumbfounded.

Luo Jiu did not seem to notice the change in his expression, and laughingly asked, “This Miss Meng, is the person who decorated this place.”

”Miss Meng?” Xiao Yu’er asked.

Luo Jiu replied, “When I saw her, she was already like that, walking around in a daze alone. I asked if she is willing to follow me back, and she nodded her head, beaming. I asked her for her name, abd she still nodded with a grin… hai, she seems to be dreaming all day long, so I called her Miss Meng (Meng = Dream).”

Of course Xiao Yu’er knows what trauma she has suffered, so much so that she is in such a state, but he only sighed lightly and said, “Miss Meng… this name is not too bad.”

Luo Jiu glanced at him, and suddenly asked, “Could it be that Brother knows her?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “You reckon she knows me?”

Murong Jiu’s eyes were hazy, like she does not know anyone.

Luo Jiu answered with a smile, “Brother of course would not know her, but… what does Brother think of her?”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and asked, “What use is there even if I said that she’s good, would you bear to give her to me?”

Luo Jiu smiled, “Now that Brother has joined forces with me, all that belongs to me, also belongs to Brother, and not to mention that my brother and I are old, lazy and fat. Brother should know that these three words ‘old, fat, lazy’, is the biggest bane to lust.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed heartily, “Since you are so generous, that I shall not stand on ceremony.”

Suddenly, laughter could be heard from the outside, and flying in through the window, is Luo San.

Luo Jiu asked, “Why are you back only now? Did that Jiang Bie He suspect me?”

Luo San smiled, “Never in his dreams would he suspect the both of us. Now that Tie Wu Shuang is dead, Zhao Xiang Ling is even more submissive and obedient. He did not verbalize it, but in his heart, he is so happy that he does not know what to do.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly exclaimed, “The person who died is not the only witness.”

Luo Jiu and Luo San exchanged looks, and asked unanimously, “Who else is there?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Don’t you forget, there is still his son Jiang Yulang.”

Luo Jiu queried, “But why would Jiang Yulang want to expose his old man’s ploy?”

Xiao Yu’er replied with a lazy smile, “I might have a plan.”

He let out a long yawn, and slid down from the chair, collapsing on the soft and thick carpet, murmuring, “Warm sun, vast green plains… this carpet really feels like the long grass on the plains, light, soft, warm. If someone can sleep comfortably on it for three days and three nights, it would be a very satisfying thing indeed.”

Luo Jiu replied with a laugh, “Brother can go ahead and sleep; there will definitely be no one who would disturb you.”

A person who can sleep under any circumstance, this person is really very fortunate… Xiao Yu’er is without a doubt, fortunate.

He does not know how long he slept. When he woke up, the candle light has died. It looks like day, but the thick curtains covered the daylight, and the light in the house was dim. In the dimness, a pair of bright eyes was staring at him.

Xiao Yu’er lay there, not moving.

He saw Murong Jiu sitting next to him on the carpet, looking as if she just sat down, but also looking as if she had sat there since last night.

Xiao Yu’er opened his eyes and stared at her, and unconsciously went into a daze. He did not say anything, and naturally did not expect her to say anything.

Unexpectedly, Murong Jiu suddenly exclaimed, “I seem to have seen you somewhere before, I seem to know you.”

Xiao Yu’er’s heart skipped a beat, and asked, “You know me?”

“Hmm.” Murong Jiu replied.

“Do you remember where have you seen me before?” Xiao Yu’er asked.

Murong Jiu replied with a sigh, “I can’t remember… I just have this feeling.”

Xiao Yu’er smiled and rolled his eyes, asking, “Do you know who you are?”

Murong Jiu suddenly clasped her head with her hands, saying “I don’t remember either, I cannot think, once I think, my head hurts.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Then don’t think, it’s the best that you do not think, it might be worst if you remember.”

Murong Jiu asked, “You… you know who I am in the past?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I can’t remember too, I only know, the way you are now, is a lot cuter than you were in the past.”

It is still summer, it was so warm in the small room that it makes one lethargic, although there was no breeze, there is a faint fragrance drifting in the air.

Having just woken up from his sleep, Xiao Yu’er is full of energy. Looking at that round, smooth, pale ankle, he is suddenly reminded of the day in the ice room when she was naked… in this hot summer evening; he suddenly has an evil thought.

He suddenly smiled and asked, “But no matter what, you still want to know what you were like in the past, right?”

Murong Jiu replied, “If I can remember the past, I would be willing even if it means immediate death.”

Xiao Yu’er instructed, “Good, take off your clothes first, I’ll think of a way for you.”

Murong Jiu’s eyes opened even bigger, and fluttered, “Take… take off my clothes.”

Xiao Yu’er explained, “You must have experienced some terrible thing, and became like this. Because the incident was so terrible, it is like a devil occupying your body.”

Murong Jiu lightly nodded her head, “Hmm.”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “So, to remember what happened in the past, you must chase the devil in your body away, and to chase the devil, you need to remove all impediments.”

Murong Jiu seems to be in a daze, constantly nodding her head.

Xiao Yu’er grinned and said, “Clothing are men’s biggest impediment. I can only help you chase the devil away if you take off your clothes. This logic is very simple, you should understand, right?”

“But… but…”

Xiao Yu’er’s hand is already on her ankle, and laughed, “Listen to my words, it will never go wrong…”

He has not finished his words, when Murong Jiu suddenly jumped up, and in her hand there is already a shiny dagger, aiming straight at Xiao Yu’er’s throat.

Xiao Yu’er asked hoarsely, “What are you doing? Aren’t I helping you?”

Murong Jiu answered calmly, “Someone told me, anyone who tries to touch my body, I must use this dagger to deal with him.”

Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes, and laughed bitterly, mumbling “No wonder the Luo Brothers dare not touch you… no wonder they want to give you to me.”

Murong Jiu asked, “What did you say?”

Xiao Yu’er asked in return, “Do you know them?”

Murong Jiu replied, “I don’t think I know them.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “But you recognize me, why do you not believe me but them?”

Murong Jiu lowered her head in thought, and the dagger fell onto the carpet.

Xiao Yu’er pulled her down and laid on top of her. Murong Jiu did not struggle at all, and Xiao Yu’er’s hands had already pulled open her front covering, mumbling to himself, “If a person almost killed you, no matter what you do to her, is not unreasonable.”

As he spoke, his hands were moving as well.

Suddenly, someone called out coldly, “No!”

Xiao Yu’er was startled, and from behind the thick curtain, a silver thread flew out, and entwined around his hand like a venomous snake. With Xiao Yu’er’s current skills, he did not move away, neither did he struggle to escape.

Following that, a skinny and small body, flew in from the window like a ghost, heading straight towards Xiao Yu’er. With a somersault, Xiao Yu’er moved out of the way, and with a flick of his hand, pulled on the silver thread.

The thin and long silver thread, although he was pulling it tightly, he could not break it.

Naturally he has already observed the skinny person, the whole body wrapped in clothes so black that it shone, and the face covered by a black mask, leaving only a pair of eyes, which is more black than white. The eyes were constantly moving, and looked like a ghostly face, indescribably furtive and scary.

Xiao Yu’er cried out hoarsely, “You’re Black Spider!”

Black Spider has already launched himself, but stopped suddenly, and asked coldly, “Who are you? You actually recognize me!”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Brother Hei (Hei = Black), don’t you recognize me?”

Black Spider’s eyes shone, and exclaimed, “Ah, it’s you! How did you become like this?”

Xiao Yu’er chucked, “You do not wish to let others see your real face, so why can’t I change my looks?”

Black Spider’s eyes gleamed, and added, “A person who has been caught by me doing such a despicable act, and yet can still laugh and talk to me… a person like that, there is no one else in the world but you.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “This can’t be considered a despicable act… as long as it’s a young and strong man, it’s possible that anyone can do this thing.”

Black Spider stared at him in amazement. How can someone who has done something like this, still behave blamelessly, as if he really did not have any evil intentions?

Xiao Yu’er continued with a smile, “Also, this isn’t much of a matter anyway, only a dirty minded person, will see it differently. A person like me would not feel terrible if I did it, neither would I feel terrible if I did not do it.”

Black Spider suddenly laughed, “Nonsensical words like these, but coming out from your mouth, does not sound vile at all, what kind of reasoning is this?”

Xiao Yu’er explained, “This is because I am basically not a vile person.”

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard from outside the door, and with a flash, Black Spider is behind the window again, his silver thread following him.

Xiao Yu’er stood there, but with his mouth, made snoring sounds. That person seemed to listen outside the door for a while, and after that, the footsteps faded away.

Pulling the window open, Black Spider is gone.

Outside the window, the sky seems to be setting, but it is not yet dusk. Xiao Yu’er muttered, “Day, it is still day, this Black Spider was moving about so freely, flying over roofs and walking on walls in the day, no wonder those in Jiang Hu look upon him as a weirdo.”

Muring Jiu stood there in a daze, and softly asked, “You think he is weird as well?”

Xiao Yu’er turned his head, and stared at her, asking, “The person who gave you the dagger, is him? Is he not afraid of being found out?”

Murong Jiu bit on her lips, as if in thought, before slowly replying, “Although they suspect that there is someone around here frequently, but they could not catch even a glimpse of his shadow no matter how hard they tried. When he comes, I am always alone.”

Xiao Yu’er furrowed his brows, and said “He visits you frequently, he is frequently nearby…” Could it be he is also getting suspicious about the Luo Brothers? These brothers could actually make this kind of person spend so much effort on them, what exactly are their identities?

He lowered his head and walked two rounds, and looking up suddenly, he saw that Murong Jiu has already removed her clothes, standing there naked.

In the darkness, her youthful body shone like satin, her long yet firm legs was clasped together tightly, her soft bosom, upright… A fully clad Murong Jiu appears delicate, but without her clothes, it’s as if every inch of her body holds an astonishing amount of matured charm.

This is the second time Xiao Yu’er saw her naked body, the first time in that secret ice room, and now… the room was filled with a fragrant haze, the lights dim, there seems to be a pressurizing heat in the air that makes one mad. Unconsciously, there were beads of sweat on Xiao Yu’er’s forehead, his throat dry, he asked hoarsely “What are you doing?”

Murong Jiu looked at him dazed, and walking towards him step by step, told him, “I want you to help me chase the devil in my body away.”

Xiao Yu’er raised his voice, “There’s no devil in your body, I was lying to you.”

Muring Jiu insisted, “I know there is, ‘it’ is now moving in my body, I can feel it.”

With a silly smile, her snow white teeth seems to be gleaming like a beast’s, her pale face now bright red, her eyes shining with a different light.

Xiao Yu’er unconsciously took half a step back, and shouted, “Nonsense, wear your clothes quickly, or else…”

Murong Jiu replied, “I won’t wear my clothes, I want you to help me…”

She suddenly lunged at Xiao Yu’er, her arms and legs were tightly twined around Xiao Yu’er like octopus, and the both of them fell to the floor together.

Her cold body, suddenly became scalding hot like a volcano, her lips pressed down on Xiao Yu’er’s face hardly, her chest heaving with her breath. Xiao Yu’er’s palms lightly held onto her smooth back.

He suddenly flipped up Murong Jiu’s hair, and pressed her underneath. Reaching for the carpet, he wrapped her up like a dumpling and tied her tightly.

Murong Jiu’s eyes were full of shock, and asked hoarsely, “You… why are you doing this?”

Xiao Yu’er glanced at her with a grin, picked up a piece of her clothing to inspect, reached for the pot of cold tea on the table, slowly poured it over her head, and laughingly said, “Remember, a girl should not remove her clothes so casually, she should at least wait for the boy to remove it for her. If you do this again the next time, see if I don’t smack your bottom!”

Murong Jiu was breathless after being drenched with the cold tea, and shouted, “You evil rascal, let me go…”

Xiao Yu’er paid no heed to her, and wrapping the empty teapot with her clothes, he gently placed it on her chest. Pushing open the door, ‘dong, dong, dong’ and walked down the loft.

Xiao Yu’er walked around the lower floor, and only saw two dim-witted, silly maids, but could not find Luo Jiu and Luo San.

Xiao Yu’er walked into the kitchen, washed his face, and using the remaining ingredients from yesterday, changed his face to another look before swaggering out.

This turned out to be in the middle of a busy street. Xiao Yu’er bought new clothes from a boutique from the street, had a hearty meal at the restaurant next door and lifting his head to look at the sky, smiled “The sky is turning dark, it’s going to be time for my activities again…”

He was very pleased with himself over what he did earlier, so he is now extremely happy and energetic, and felt that if he does not do something good now, he will be letting himself down.

By now it is almost dusk, Xiao Yu’er walked to the medicinal hall and even bought Zi Jin Ting, and no one in the medicinal hall recognized him. Therefore, Xiao Yu’er went straight to the suburbs. Initially, he wanted to go to Duan He Fei’s house first, but changed his mind at the last minute because he saw many pugilists hurrying out of town, and he guessed that they are on their way to ‘Heavenly Fragrance Pond’.

‘Values talent as much as one’s life’ Tie Wushuang has been famous for decades, and in these years, there are countless people who have been helped or promoted by him.

From afar, Xiao Yu’er could see that ‘Earthly Spirited Villa’ was fully lighted, and human shadows flickering around. Such a big courtyard, but it is almost filled with people of all descriptions.

Outside the villa, were also filled with various types of carriages and horses. Xiao Yu’er hurried over, and suddenly stopped. Among the horses, there was a horse’s neigh who was exceptionally loud, and it sounded like ‘Little Fairy’s’ horse.

Could it be that ‘Little Fairy’ Zhang Qing is here as well?!

The corners of Xiao Yu’er’s mouth unconsciously turned up into a smile, “How has she been these two years? Is she still the same, wearing her fiery red dress, riding on her horse running all over the place? Whipping people all around?”

He really wanted to take a glimpse at that little woman who’s unreasonable, rude, fierce and pretty. She should have grown up a little over the past two years, but wonders if she is more sensible now.

But there are just too many people in the courtyard. Xiao Yu’er looked left and right, not only did he not see her shadow, he could not even find a girl in red.

“If she is here, she will certainly attract attention, why can’t I see her? A person like her could be recognized in an instance even if she is among ten thousand people.”

Xiao Yu’er was mumbling to himself, and could not help but feel a little disappointed.

End of Chapter 49

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