Chapter 54 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 54

Murong Jiu was wrapped in the black cape, and even her head was covered. Third Missy could not see what she looked like, and hesitated for a while before she can’t help but ask, “Who is this person?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “She is very involved in that matter that I’m doing, you will know in future.”

He pushed Murong Jiu towards Third Missy, and told them, “The two of you should go in.”

Murong Jiu nodded her head and looked at him, as if she wanted to say something, but Xia Yu’er has already hurried away. Looking at their expression, Third Missy unconsciously looked suspicious, but in the end, she only sighed and said, “Hey, you follow me.”

Xiao Yu’er hurried to the ancestral hall and was early. He looked around and the people he invited have not arrived. After sprucing up the area a little, he found the best spot and hid himself.

Then, he thought about the whole matter from the beginning to the end again.

Qin Jian and Nangong Liu will certainly come on receiving Murong Jiu’s note.

Jiang Bie He will have no choice but to come after seeing that letter.

Qin Jian’s men will be carrying eighty thousand taels of silver with them, while Jiang Bie He’s men would be here looking for the ‘stolen cargo’. When these two parties meet, won’t there be a good show?

In the darkness of the night, the two groups must be feeling anxious, and if they cannot come to terms with each other, it’ll be abnormal if they do not fight.

Even if they do not fight, but when Third Missy brings Murong Jiu to Jiang Bie He’s room, and when Murong Jiu’s men hear about Bai Kaixin’s tip-off and find her, would her men still let Jiang Bie He off? No matter how powerful Jiang Bie He is, the Murong Family is also not one to be trifled with.

This plan of Xiao Yu’er, is killing more than two birds with one stone.

Firstly… he is letting others have a taste of their own medicine, and let Jiang Bie He knows what it feels like to be maligned. He can finally feel avenged for himself.

Secondly, Nangong Liu… Little Fairy, they accused him last night, so he also wants them to suffer a little. He deduced that after they received Bai Kaixin’s tip off, they will certainly split into two groups, one to take a look at Duan’s family back courtyard, and another to come to this ancestral hall. Those who come will most likely be Qin Jian… Little Fairy and Yan Renyu, and although these three may be able to handle Jiang Bie He, they will still invariably suffer a little in the process.

Thirdly, he is finally able to send Murong Jiu back to her own family. Even if she does not regain her senses in future, at least she will not be bullied when she is with her family. This way, it will be a stone off Xiao Yu’er mind.

Fourthly, if Jiang Bie He did not die after getting tricked this time, he will become a little more honest. Bai Kaixin and the others, will not dare to be such busybodies. This way, life in Jiang Hu will become more peaceful.

Fifthly, The Duan Family’s money might be returned to its rightful owner after this. The Duans have been kind to him, so this would mean that he has repaid them for their kindness.

Sixthly, the maligned Tie Wu Shuang, would be able to clear his name, so that this old man who ‘Values Talent as much as One’s Life’, would not leave a black mark on his name after his death.

This plan which he thought of at the spur of the moment, could actually achieve six goals at once. Although this plan is a little difficult to execute, and a little complicated, it is still worth it.

What Xiao Yu’er did was good and bad, but if you compared there was more good than bad. The bad was not low and dirty, the bad was interesting bad. Moreover, the people that he caused trouble were bad people that were many times worse than him.

Jiang Bie He, Qin Jian, Nangong Liu, Bai Kaixin, Luo Jiu, Luo San… everyone involved in this plan, although are extremely powerful characters, have been made use of by him without them even knowing. He absolutely does not believe that there is anyone in the world who can see through his plan.

The more he thought about it, the more smug he felt, and he can’t help but giggled, “Who dares to say that I am not the smartest person in the world, who dares to say that I am not a genius.”

“Hey, follow me.”

Third Missy repeated her words again, her voice louder, but Murong Jiu was still staring in a daze at the place where Xiao Yu’er disappeared.

Third Missy asked icily, “He’s already gone, why are you still looking?”

Murong Jiu tilted her head and thought for a while, before she gently smiled, “That’s right, he’s already gone… but do you know, he will come look for me in future.”

Third Missy raised her voice, “He lied to you, after he sends you here, he will not be bothered with you anymore.”

Murong Jiu smiled, “He will never lie to me, I know.”

She lifted her head, full of confidence, the moonlight shining down on her smiling face, the expression that was filled with happiness and hope for the future.

Although Third Missy is also a woman, she can’t help but look at her in a daze, and asked, “You… how do you know he won’t lie to you?”

Murong Jiu smiled, “He sent me here to chase the devil in my heart away, after that, he will look for me.”

Looking at her infatuated but pretty face, Third Missy slowly asked, “You don’t remember anything at all?”


“If it is not because of the state of your mind, he would not have sent you here?”

Murong Jiu replied, “I know he also cannot bear to leave me.”

Third Missy asked, “When… when you are well, he… he will look for you?”

Her voice is already trembling with jealousy, such a strong feeling of jealousy, is enough to make a woman to anything.

However, Murong Jiu is unaware, and continued smiling, “He will surely look for me.”

“What… what else did he say?”

Muring Jiu’s hazy eyes lighted up, and she smiled, “He also said, I am a clever girl, if I obey him, he will accompany me everyday. Of course I will be obedient, you tell me if I should be obedient?”

Third Missy suddenly shouted, “No, No!” Murong Jiu was stunned.

Third Missy screamed madly, “You’re not clever at all, and not pretty at all. You’re only crazy; he will never like an ugly and weird crazy girl like you.”

Muring Jiu burst out in tears, and covering her face, said “I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy….”

Third Missy asked, “You’re not crazy, then let me ask you, do you know who you are?”

Murong Jiu tried hard to think, but could not remember who she is. She suddenly felt a splitting pain in her head and kept on hitting her own head, crying bitterly, “Please, don’t ask me, I don’t know, I don’t know…”

Third Missy laughed coldly, “A person who does not even know who she is, if that is not crazy, what is?”

Murong Jiu screamed hoarsely, “I am crazy, I am crazy… he won’t like me, won’t like me…”

Amidst her cries, she bounded out in tears.

Only when Third Missy saw her disappearing back, did she heave a sigh of relief. The corners of her mouth unconsciously turned up into a cruel but victorious smile.

After all the calculations Xiao Yu’er did, he ultimately forgot one thing. He actually forgot that no woman in the world would be spared from jealousy.

Xiao Yu’er waited quietly in the darkness, but still no one appeared. In the wilderness there would be no night watchman too, so he does not know the time as well.

However, he is patient, and by now, voices could be heard from afar.

Xiao Yu’er became alert, and mumbled, “I wonder who will be here first? Both groups may be equally anxious, but Jiang Jie He would be able to hold his emotions well, so logically speaking, the one who arrives first should be Qin Jian.”

Amidst the sounds of people, were also the sounds of carriage wheels rolling, and the sounds of the mules calling.

Xiao Yu’er secretly thought, “It is indeed Qin Jian and his men, and they actually used a mule carriage to transport the silver…”

His thought turned, and suddenly he felt something is not right.

Qin Jian… Nangong Liu, rich men like them, would use a horse drawn carriage, and never a mule drawn carriage if they are transporting the silver.

By then, the carriage is within his sight.

The group who arrived is neither Qin Jian and Nangong Liu, or Jiang Bie He, but five or six village women wearing mourning clothes and with their hair in disarray.

On the mule carriage were not silver, but a coffin.

Xiao Yu’er was stunned. How could something like that happen? It’s the middle of the night, why are these village women here?

He saw these few women walk into the ancestral hall, knelt on the floor in unison, and started bawling. The lady on the left banged her head and cried, “Oh my dead father-in-law, if you can hear me in heaven, then be my judge. I have been a widow in your family for tens of years, and it was not easy to wait for my son to grow up, hoping that he will be filial to me, so that I can enjoy life in my later years. Who knows that he will be killed by others, how do you expect me to spend the rest of my life?”

This lady looked as if she is already forty, fifty years old. Although she was in mourning clothes, she still looked dignified. As she cried, a young lady next to her patted her back, and cried “Second Madam, please don’t cry yourself sick. If you die of heartbreak, the family property will end up in other’s hands, so why should you let them gain.”

On witnessing the scene on this side, the lady on the right was also not to be outdone, and immediately cried out bitterly, “Oh my dead father and mother-in-law, if you can hear me in heaven, then help me tear off that sl.ut’s mouth. I may not have given birth to the boy, but he is still of our family’s flesh and blood, and can only considered to be my son. That sl.ut has no status, who does she think she is? She maligned me, because she wants to usurp the family property.”

This lady looks older and uglier, and although she looks as skinny as a bone, her wails were louder than anyone else’s.

As she cried, there is also a younger lady next to her, crying as well, “First Madam, please don’t cry yourself sick. Everyone has eyes; they will not let that evil woman take over the family property.”

After hearing these few words, Xiao Yu’er understood.

There is nothing wrong in coming to the ancestral hall to judge such matters, but of all places, they should not have come to this ancestral hall at such a time.

Xiao Yu’er can never imagine that there would be such a coincidence in the world, and felt both angry and funny at the same time, and really wished that these ladies could be chased away.

He was scolding them in his heart, when he suddenly saw a few men in black, flying in. The few of them were dressed lightly in black, with black cloths covering their faces.

Xiao Yu’er’s heart jumped, “Jiang Bie He is here.”

The women were still crying and admonishing, totally oblivious that there are now a few more people in the ancestral hall. The men in black stood coldly at the back, not speaking.

That First and Second Madams were initially scolding on their own, but by now, it has erupted into a quarrel. The First Madam pointed at the Second Madam and scolded, “You sl.ut, you used your wiles and seduced my husband to his death, now that your son is also dead, this is heaven’s way of punishing you, you still dare to scold me?”

That Second Madam would not take it lying down and immediately retorted, “You jealous hag, why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? You still wish to fight for attention with others? My husband died of anger because of you!”

First Madam roared, “Who is your husband, shameless, the husband is obviously mine.”

Second Madam smiled icily, “You are the shameless one, married to him for so many years and you did not even let out a fart (ie: no children). If not for me, he won’t even have someone to carry his alter when he died.”

This Second Madam is really good at arguing, being sharp tongued and venomous in her reply. That First Madam was so antagonized that she started shivering in anger, and suddenly slapped across.

Second Madam yelled after being slap, “Good, you dare to strike, I will have it out with you.”

She leaped up and grabbed First Madam’s hair.

The two to three young ladies next to them rushed up to split up the fight, but later, a slap from you, a smack from me, and the ones separating the fight fought a fiercer fight instead.

The few ladies pulling each other’s hair… clothes, were entangled into a ball, and fell rolling to the floor, rolling closer and closer towards those men in black.

The men in black were quite strange, acting as if they did not see them fighting right in front of them, but just stood there coolly.

Just at this time, a string of scoffing sounds was heard, and tens of black light flashed out from among the pile of fighting women.

These secret weapons were fast and poisonous. Under the rain of the secret weapons, there is no escape for the men in black!

Xiao Yu’er already felt that something is not right!

The few ladies may be disheveled, their face rough and old, but every one of their hands, were pale and tender.

Xiao Yu’er realized this, and his eyes brightened, and thought to himself, “The ladies of Murong Family, are really great, it seems like Jiang Bie He will surely be tricked.”

He has just finished his line of thought, when secret weapons were shot out again. Who would have known that these men in black have already expected such a move.

As the secret weapons flew out, these few people flew up as well, and with a swish, drew out their swords in mid air, the flashes of blades like meteors, slashing straight down at those ladies!

These ladies were no weaklings as well, their bodies rolled and separated, and evaded the slashing swords. When they jumped up, they were already carrying their weapons in their palms.

The leader of the men in black laughed icily, “What ignorant women, who dares to play such tricks in front of me. You are far from tricking me. I have already investigated, the descendents of this ancestral hall have all died… who are you actually, if you do not reveal your background, then all of you can forget about leaving here alive today.”

Xiao Yu’er secretly sighed, “This Jiang Bie He is really an old fox, no matter what he does, he will always be on his guard against every move of his opponent, investigate everything clearly beforehand, never letting his guard down.”

That First Madam smiled coldly, “Don’t you know what we are here for?”

This is actually a very simple question to answer, or one could even say that it does not matter even if there is no answer, but this person in black is scheming. To others it may just be a simple sentence, but to him, the sentence becomes very complex.

If he says that he ‘knows’, it would mean admitting that the ‘cargo’ was stolen by him, and if this is a trap set by the other party to make him reveal the truth, he would have been tricked.

On seeing him hesitating and refusing to answer, the ladies felt suspicious. That First and Second Madams exchanged a look, and the Second Madam asked, “Who exactly are you? Don’t tell me you are not here because of that letter.”

This time he did not hesitate, and replied coldly, “If not for that letter, why would I be here?”

Second Madam continued, “So that means, you insist on having those silver?”

There is no longer doubts in this person’s mind, and he replied angrily, “Not only the silver, but the person as well.”

First Madam’s expression changed slightly, and fumed “After getting the silver, you still want the person?”

“Both cannot be left out.”

Enraged, Second Madam replied, “What right do you have to be so unreasonable?”

The man in black smiled icily, “Based on this sword I have in my hand?”

Both parties got even more agitated as they speak, and Xiao Yu’er became merrier the more he hear, and only wished that they would come to blows soon, and the fiercer the fight, the better.

The First and Second Madams exchanged another look.

Second Madam shouted, “To tell you the truth, you can forget about getting both the silver and the person. We did not even carry the silver with us, as for the person… if you want the person, than we’ll want your life!”

The expression in the eyes of person in black changed, and he replied icily, “As I have already said, the silver and the person, both cannot be left out. Now I’ll just take the silver first.”

Before he finished speaking, he has already made a hand signal behind his back secretly. The ladies may not have seen his hand signal, but Xiao Yu’er saw it clearly.

Naturally the other four men in black also saw it, and the two in front suddenly attacked. As their swords flashed, they slashed at the mule that was pulling the carriage to the ground!

The two behind lifted up the coffin on the carriage and tipped it over, and with a loud clink, countless silver flowed out of the coffin.

Although the night is dark, the silver are still sparkling, and blinding. The men in black unconsciously stared at the silver in stupor.

The leader of the men in black laughed, “As I have already said, you are far from trying to trick me!”

Obviously these silver are his stolen cargo.

As he spoke, he has already made another hand signal secretly, and the men in black charged with their swords held high. Just then, right at that moment, they suddenly heard a series of ‘poof poof poof!’ and from the coffin shot ten over dark flashes of light, flying towards the men in black!

The men in black screamed in pain, and all fell to the ground.

Only that leader who stood further away, and had faster reflexes, blocked the secret weapons with a flurry of his sword. On seeing that none of his men survived, he unconsciously revealed a look of alarm and fury in his eyes, and shouted, “What wicked women, who dare to…”

First Madam laughed coldly, “To deal with a wicked person like you, of course we can only use such wicked methods!”

The few of them surrounded him, and there was a ‘boom’, the bottom of the coffin flew up from the impact, and another person jumped up and stood behind the man in black, and asked sternly, “What else do you have to say?”

The man in black stood alone in the middle of the group, but showed no fear, and instead laughed icily, “I did not expect you to be so meticulous in your dealings as well. I’ve belittled you, but it is still too early for you to feel so smug now.”

The person who jumped out from the coffin was dressed in tight fitting attire, her figure curvaceous, and although her face was covered with a light veil, Xiao Yu’er recognized her as Little Fairy at one glance.

It must be because of her impatient nature, and her inability to act and cry, that she was asked to hide in the coffin so that she would not let the cat out of the bag and spoil the plan.

Now that she has been controlling her temper in the coffin, she finally could not hold it in any longer, and stabbed towards that man in black’s back, yelling, “No more nonsense, give me your life!”

It looked as if there were eyes growing on his back, and without even turning his head, he almost disarmed the sword in her hands with a back flip of his hand.

Little Fairy’s wrist was sore and numb from the impact, and only then did she realize that this person in black is the strongest opponent she has ever met in her life. Startled and angry, she shouted, “Death is at your door, and you are still showing off!”

Borrowing the strength from the sword attack to retreat to the corner of the wall, the man in black replied with a frosty smile, “Whose door is Death at, why not you take a look!”

Everyone can’t help but followed his gaze and turned around for a look, to see that there are now countless men in black outside the ancestral hall, every single one of them cocking their bow and arrow.

At the windows, at the gaps in the wall, were filled with the glittering reflection of the arrowhead. The expression on the ladies’ face changed.

The man in black said coldly, “Outside this ancestral hall there are already 140 steel bows in ambush, each bow has the strength of thirty stone. At the count of three, if you do not put down the weapons in your hand and surrender, you can imagine what the outcome will be!”

140 steel bows, if they were split into two teams, and take turns to shoot, even the most highly skilled martial arts exponent can only defend themselves for a while.

Naturally, these ladies already know, amongst them, there may be one or two who can escape, but the rest would perish under the rain of arrows!

The few of them gathered around and discussed among themselves quietly. Little Fairy and that Second Madam’s voices suddenly stopped, as if they want to fight it out, but First Madam held on to their hands tightly.

The man in black looked on coldly, and suddenly shouted, “One!”

First Madam suddenly asked, “What if we give you both the silver and the person?”

The man in black replied icily, “The person must first…”

Before he could finish his sentence, there was a sudden scream, and a few men in black outside the ancestral hall fell. The dense formation of the arrows was suddenly thrown into disarray.

Second Madam’s eyes shone, and she screamed, “Third Sister, Sister Qing, strike now, what are you waiting for!” As she screamed, a shiny short sword was already making its way towards the man in black.

Once Xiao Yu’er heard what that First Madam said, he knows that he cannot let them negotiate any further or his plan would be revealed!

Once he thought of that, he struck with the sharp stones that he has been holding in readiness in his hand!

His attack was fast, and he was well hidden, so even though ten over people were struck on their head and fell to the ground bleeding, none of them could make out where the secret weapon came from.

By then, Second Madam’s short sword has blurred into a cold light, and made more than ten attacks in the blink of an eye. She may be a female, but the speed and strength of her sword strokes, is even better than the two wandering sword fighters, Black Route Qing Hao and White Route You Xia.

The man in black was secretly stunned that his attacks were warded off by her.

The sword strokes of the Second Madam were not only vicious, but every stroke was lashed out as if she did not mind perishing with her opponent. In Jiang Hu, there is not much women like her around.

Looking at the First Madam, she was holding her sword close to her chest, looking at the fight from the side, as if she does not intend to help out. A woman fighting with a man, but the woman will usually be at the losing end.

No one in Jiang Hu would say anything if women were to gang up and win the battle, and until this stage, this Second Madam is still fighting alone, unwilling to have the two of them against one person. Such bearing among women in Jiang Hu, is even rarer than phoenix’s feather or kirin’s horn.

The man in black thought it was weird the more he watches, and was alarmed the more he thought.

What was even more surprising is that, there were two lasses who were frightfully accurate with their secret weapons, as soon as their hands waved, one or two people would fall down screaming outside.

Little Fairy has long charged out, and out of a hundred odd men in black, about forty or fifty of them had fallen. The rest were too busy defending themselves to even think of releasing their arrows.

Xiao Yu’er stared with his mouth agape, almost laughing out loud. Having lost out to Jiang Bie He a few times, he has finally taken his revenge today.

After another ten odd strokes, that Second Madam’s swordplay was even faster and more vicious, each stab aiming for the fatal points of the man in black, and the tip of her sword closing onto his throat. Others witnessing this, thought that she now has the upper hand.

However, they do not know that the man in black is the most cunning person, and he was thinking as he fought. Although he was fencing with the sword in his hands, but he was not concentrating on his moves, only fighting to keep himself unscathed. Now that he has straightened out his thought, he suddenly gave a loud laugh, and struck out with his sword.

For a moment Second Madam felt her opponent’s long sword flitting towards her, the sword has not come near, when she already felt a force gushing towards her. She had no time to react and had no choice but to wave her sword to meet the attack head on.

Her sword strokes may be venomous, but her internal strength is way below that of the man in black. The single stroke of the man in black is enough to make her forsake what she is skilled in and use what she is incompetent. By blocking the attack head on, is akin to throwing an egg at the stone.

This is all because she really belittled the martial arts of this man in black, and by the time she realized her mistake, it is too late. Although she knows that she is at the losing end, she can only meet it head on.

That First Madam saw everything clearly, and cried in alarm, “Don’t fight with him on strength!”

Although she disliked winning by numbers, but at this critical moment, she had no choice. With a shout, she drew her sword and charged. There was a loud ‘clang’, and sparks flew.

With First and Second Madam fighting two against one, their strength is still not enough to counter the attack. They felt half their bodies go numb, and the swords in their palms seemed to have flown out of their hands.

Xiao Yu’er was secretly stamping his foot, “These lasses are not using the martial arts they excel in, but instead fighting with brute strength, isn’t that looking for trouble?”

First and Second Madam was thrown by the impact into the air, and almost retreated to the wall, but they maintained their composure, and got ready their secret weapons in their hands.

The ladies of the Murong Family are famed for their Lightness Skills and secret weapons. If that man in black were to crave for a quick win and give chase, it would be difficult for him to retreat safely.

Who would have expected that the man in black stopped immediately after his failed attack, and laughed loudly, “I don’t want anything today, farewell.”

As he spoke, he retreated.

Even Xiao Yu’er was greatly surprised by this move, and the First and Second Madam, on seeing him leaving although he obviously had the upper hand, were even more baffled.

Second Madam can’t help but ask, “You were intent on killing us earlier, and now you are thinking of leaving just like that, why?”

The man in black laughed heartily, “Just now I don’t know who you are, if I left, it would be difficult for me to find you in future, so naturally I would never have left then.”

“What about now?”

The man in black smiled icily, “The ladies of the Murong Family have names… have houses. What I cannot retrieve today, I will pay a visit to your estate in future, I have no fear of not being able to obtain it then!”

Second Madam’s expression changed, “You have found out our background?”

“The Second Missy of the Murong Family is famed for her vicious sword strokes, if I can’t see that, then I must be blind!”

Second Madam suddenly pulled a bunch of hair from her head… a mask, and revealed a pale face, her round, almond shaped eyes, her willow brows snapping in anger, and she smiled icily “You recognize me, but I don’t recognize you. Since we will never find you in future, do you think we will let you leave today?”

Someone continued loudly, “He won’t be able to leave!”

Little Fairy is already standing behind the man in black, blocking the door.

The man in black chortled, “If I can’t leave today, I would not have said what I said earlier!”

The Murong ladies shouted, “We would want to see how you can escape!”

This Second Missy of the Murong family really is impatient and rash. She just took a beating, but is not afraid at all, and charged forward waving her sword.

A clash of swords, and that ‘First Madam’ actually blocked her sword.

Murong Shuang asked angrily, “Third Sister, do you really want to let him go, don’t you want to find Ninth Sister anymore?”

Murong Shanshan replied, “In my opinion, there seems to be something fishy in this matter.”

“What’s fishy?”, asked Murong Shuang.

Murong Shanshan explained, “If this person asked us here, he should have long known who we are, but he only found out about our background now, isn’t that weird?”

Murong Shuang was surprised, but she still stamped her foot and asked, “What’s so weird, who knows if he was not pretending.”

Little Fairy interrupted, “That’s right, capture him first and talk later.”

That man in black was listening intently, and suddenly shouted, “The three of you do not strike, I’m afraid we have all been tricked.”

He has not finished his words, when suddenly a loud ‘whoosh’ was heard, and an incense burner dropped down from the beam, dragging a huge piece of white cloth along with it.

On that cloth it was written, “Jiang Hie He, you have committed so many evil deeds, now you can forget about denying them!”

The words were as big as bowls, so that it is clearly visible even at night. The few who saw them, were all shocked.

Murong Shuang gasped, “You… you are Jiang Bie He?”

The man in black widened his eyes in surprise. He heard the exchange between the Murong ladies and knew that however carefully he had planned, he still fell into another’s trap today, and yet he does not even know who the real mastermind behind all these is.

He has all along been cunning. Others might have only thought of one point, but he has thought of ten, but this sometimes backfire on him, because he will forget to reply once he is thinking of something.

Murong Shuang smiled coldly, “The respectable Hero of Jiangnan, would actually do such a thing. This is totally unexpected.”

The man in black did not even manage to reply, when another ‘whoosh’ was heard, and another incense burner dropped down, with another strip of white cloth.

On the white cloth were words as big as bowls saying, “Jiang Bie He, the person you are hiding has been found, what do you have to say.”

Naturally, these cloths were all prepared in advance by Xiao Yu’er. He nailed one end of the cloth on the beam, wrapped the incense burner at the other end of the cloth, and tied a long and thin thread to the incense burner, leading from the beam to where he was hiding. Once the thread was pulled, the incense burner would drop, and the cloth would fall down as well.

He heard earlier how Murong Shanshan was talking about the whole situation, and if she continued speaking, his brilliant plan would have been exposed, so he quickly pulled on the thread.

He deduced that by now, Qin Jian and his men must have found Murong Jiu in Jiang Bie He’s room, and once they come with Murong Jiu, Jiang Bie He would not be able to defend himself even if he had a hundred mouths. This is such a surefire plan, that he would not expect it to go wrong even in his dreams.

End of Chapter 54

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