Chapter 55 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 55

After the two pieces of cloth dropped down, there are no more doubts in Murong Shanshan’s mind. Even Little Fairy and Murong Shuang looked murderous, wishing that they could kill Jiang Bie He first before saying anything else.

That ‘man in black’ did not admit that he is Jiang Bie He, but he did not deny it as well. He only stood there silently, staring at the swords of his opponents.

Murong Shuang stared at him and asked, “Third Sister, what do you say we do now?”

Murong Shanshan sighed, “Let’s capture him first.” Little Fairy could not wait for her to finish her words and had already stuck out with her sword.

Her sword strokes were fast and offensive; Murong Shuang’s sword strokes were vicious and ruthless.

Although Murong Shanshan’s sword strokes were not as fast as Little Fairy’s, or as vicious as Murong Shuang’s, but her eyes were sharp, her mind clear, every stab is aimed at the opponent’s weak point.

These three persons and three swords are not to be trifled with. Besides, they have been training with the sword since young, and their strokes complement each other seamlessly.

The man in black may be highly skilled, but even he found it difficult to handle them. He blocked a few strokes, and the sword stances suddenly changed drastically. He is already defending by attacking, waiting to find a chance to escape.

How would he expect that the three girls are experienced in dueling, because once he changed his sword stance, the three of them saw through his mind.

It would be better if he did not try to leave, because once he thought of that… his opponents were sure that he is involved even if he is not guilty. Little Fairy and Murong Shuang charged forward, sparing no thoughts for their own safety.

The other two girls they brought along were more than capable of handling the remaining men in black outside.

The beads of sweat on the man in black’s head, has soaked the cloth covering his face. Only now does he realize that the famed Murong Sisters are really not easy to deal with.

However, he does not know that the sister’s forte is not swordplay; secret weapons and Lightness skills, that is their expertise! Only because they were afraid that he would escape, so they had no time to take out their secret weapons.

With a ‘whoosh’, Murong Shanshan’s stroke of ‘Splitting Flower, Knocking Tree’, was flying towards him, the light from the sword shimmering without rest, not knowing if the move is a real or false one.

This move of hers is not to injure the enemy, but to confuse the enemy’s eyes, so that others can strike. However, if the man in black does not avoid this move, it will immediately turn from a false move into a real one.

Without a thought, the man in black turned his body and raised his sword, and as expected, Little Fairy and Murong Shuang is already waiting for him, the light reflected from the sword like rainbows crossing each other, attacking from both left and right.

The strokes executed by the three of them were not some superior strokes, but their coordination was seamless. Three ordinary sword strokes attacking together, but the power is more than three times. The shimmering swords were blocking all the escape route of their opponent, and it seems like even if he could avoid this sword, he cannot avoid the other one.

Who would have known that once the man in black blocked Murong Shanshan’s sword, he immediately loosened his hold, and dropped his sword. Quick as the wind, his hands have grasped Murong Shanshan’s wrist.

This move is indeed dangerous, and yet also ingenious. If not for a person like him, no one else would think of such a move, that even Xiao Yu’er almost cheered when he saw it.

The other hand of the man in black is already at her throat, and shouted, “Do you still want her life?”

At this point in time, the back of the man in black is empty; the two swords of Little Fairy and Murong Shuang could have stabbed him a few times anytime.

But Murong Shanshan’s life is in his hands, how can the two of them dare to strike? The two swords were pointing at the man in black, but they did not dare to stab forward.

Murong Shuang stamped her foot and shouted, “Let go, or I will kill you!”

The man in black smiled icily, “If the two of you do not let go, I will kill her!”

Little Fairy spoke up, “You let go first, then we’ll let go.”

The man in black laughed loudly, “A gentleman does not fight with a lady, you better let go first.”

Murong Shuang asked angrily, “How can we trust you?”

He replied coldly, “I don’t see why I should trust you as well!”

Both parties do not dare to strike, or release, and it was a stalemate for quite a while. Little Fairy and Murong Shuang are impatient by nature, and were already sweating in anxiety.

On the other hand, Murong Shanshan was not nervous at all, and replied calmly, “Second Sister, you must not let go, he will never dare to harm me.”

The man in black smiled coldly, “I’ve always been patient, it doesn’t matter even if we continue like this.”

In her anger, Murong Shuang unconsciously moved the tip of her sword forward, and on the other side, Murong Shanshan was immediately gasping for breath.

Little Fairy roared in anger, “How long do you want to drag this on?”

“Until you let go.”

Little Fairy’s face is full of sweat, as if she is so anxious that she does not know what to do anymore!

Xiao Yu’er laughed bitterly, “Silly girl, what are you so anxious about, are you afraid that there is no help coming?”

Right at this time, three shadows flashed from the outside, and in an instance was right in front of them, and it is indeed Nangong Liu… Qin Jian and Yan Renyu are here!

Xiao Yu’er… Murong Sisters were ecstatic, but that man in black did not appear frightened or surprised! Qin Jian is here, he will definitely not let Murong Shanshan die.

As long as he holds Murong Shanshan hostage, he need not fear about walking out from this place.

On seeing his beloved wife being held hostage, Qin Jian’s expression changed. Yan Renyu’s Jiang Hu experience is the least, and on seeing such a situation, was dumbfounded.

Little Fairy stamped her foot and shouted, “Stupid, you’re still not coming to help?”

The man in black shouted, “Who dares to come over?”

Qin Jian asked, “What… what is this all about, friend we can talk things out.”

The man in black raised his voice, “This is all a misunderstanding, but now that things have come to this, no matter how I explain, you will never believe me. Whatever that needs to be said, can be said after I walk out!”

By now Nangong Liu has seen the cloths hanging from the beams, and asked hoarsely, “Could you really be the Hero of Jiang Nan?”

Little Fairy shouted, “What dog as*ed hero, this person is Jiang Bie He!”

Murong Shanshan took a breath and asked, “Don’t bother about me, have you found Ninth Sister already?”

Nangong Liu sighed, “We went to Hero Jiang’s residence just now…”

Xiao Yu’er heard that, and his heart leaped, if they have found Murong Jiu at Jiang Bie He’s place, how would they still be so courteous to him, addressing him as ‘hero’!

Murong Shanshan anxiously asked, “Ninth Sister is not there?”

Qin Jian replied worriedly, “Don’t you bother about Ninth Sister, you yourself… you…”

Nangong Liu laughed bitterly, “Ninth Sister is not at Hero Jiang’s place, I’m afraid we’ve all been made fun of!”

Xiao Yu’er was so shocked, that he almost jumped out from his hiding place. How can Murong Jiu not be there, unless they were looking at the wrong place?

Qin Jian continued, “We’ve also just met Master Hua Wu Que and Miss Tie Xin Lan, and he said Ninth Sister has long been missing, and it definitely has nothing to do with Hero Jiang!”

Murong Shuang stood there, stunned, her sword unconsciously drooping.

Little Fairy mumbled, “It seems that Tie Xin Lan is not the kind who will help defend Jiang Bie He.”

Murong Shanshan sighed, “I’ve also felt that something was wrong, come to think of it, if Hero Jiang really wanted our ransom, why would he need to come here himself? Since he is here, how can he not know who we are? Besides, if he really wants to hide Ninth Sister, there are so many places to do so, why hide her in his own room?”

Puzzled, Qin Jian asked, “If you have thought of that, then why were you fighting with Hero Jiang?”

He saw that the man in black has not loosened his hold, so naturally he had to first reprimand his wife.

However, Murong Shuang argued, “He…. Hero Jiang himself did not say a word, how would we know.”

Murong Shanshan rolled her eyes, and suddenly asked, “But… are you really Jiang Bie He, Hero Jiang?”

Once this sentence was said, everyone became suspicious.

Only to see that man in black finally lowering his hand, and smilingly said, “Since the misunderstanding is cleared, it’s all the same if I am Jiang Bie He or not.”

However, he still did not remove the cloth covering his face.

Qin Jian has already rushed to Murong Shanshan’s side, and whispered, “Are you alright?”

Murong Shanshan held on to his hand with a smile, but her eyes were still staring at the man in black, and said, “Your humble wife has injured so many of Hero Jiang’s men, and we really deserve death, but we hope that Hero Jiang would forgive us.”

She deliberately emphasized on the words ‘Hero Jiang’, and even repeated the name twice.

The man in black still did not deny or concur, but only smiled “Since both parties have fought, injuries are unavoidable, so how can I blame Madam. Only, the person who tried to secretly frame me, is really hateful!”

As he spoke, his pair of cold eyes suddenly stared at the area where Xiao Yu’er was hiding, and everyone’s eyes unconsciously followed his gaze.

Murong Shuang shouted, “Correct, that person must never be let off!”

Little Fairy continued, “If I can find that person, I will first cut off his tongue, dig out his eyes, before asking him why he wants to execute such a devious ploy.”

As the few of them spoke, they subtly surround Xiao Yu’er’s hiding place at the same time. With so many martial arts exponents surrounding one person, no matter who that person is, he can forget about escaping!”

Xiao Yu’er’s palms started breaking out in cold sweat, and he knows that once these people capture him, the outcome would be unthinkable. His plan backfired, and instead of harming others, brought harm to himself instead.

During this short period of time, his mind has turned a few hundred rounds, but he cannot think of a single way to escape.

By then, the man in black called out with a cold smile, “By now, you are still not coming out?”

Murong Shuang asked with hatred, “Since you have long known that he is hiding here, why don’t you say so earlier?”

The man in black replied, “Just now I saw the secret weapons flying out from here, and injuring my men, so I thought it was an ambush placed by Madams.”

Xiao Yu’er secretly scolded, “This pair of dog eyes, are really vicious.”

However much he scolded, he knows that it would be difficult for him to escape this time. Unless he is dreaming, he would not be able to escape from here.

The man in black said icily, “If Friend does not come out yourself, I shall have to give orders for my bowmen to shoot!”

Murong Shuang suddenly snatched over a bow and arrow, and shouted, “I’ll let you see Miss Murong’s skills with the bow and arrow!”

Since viewing Murong Shuang’s room the other day, Xiao Yu’er already knew that she is exceptional with the bow and arrow. He certainly does not wish to squat here and be her target. Just then, someone suddenly chuckled, “It’s so crowded here, is there a show going on?”

Everyone turned around, and saw a person wearing a long robe with disheveled hair, chuckling stupidly, and walking forward like a spirit, who is none other than Murong Jiu!

Where did Murong Jiu go just now? Why is she here now? Even Xiao Yu’er was stunned by the sight.

The Murong sisters were ecstatic, and cried out hoarsely “Nine, I’ve missed you badly!” As they cried, two of them were already rushing forward to grasp Murong Jiu’s hands.

Murong Jiu took a look at them, and her gaze was bewildered, and chuckling, asked “Who are you? I don’t know you?”

Murong Shuang paused, “Ninth Sister, you… don’t you even recognize Second Sister?” Before she could finish her sentence, tears were already welling from her eyes.

Murong Shanshan was also weeping, “Ninth Sister, how did you end up like this?”

Murong Jiu looked that them in a daze, and did not reply.

Yan Ren Yu could not control himself any longer and walked over, asking, “Ninth Sister, do you recognize me?”

Little Fairy interrupted, “She doesn’t even recognize Second and Third Sister, how could she recognize you?”

Yan Ren Yu lowered his head, his tears dripping on the floor. Qin Jian and Nangong Liu also wore expressions of pain.

Murong Shuang stamped her foot, “Who made her like this? Who?”

Little Fairy suddenly wailed, “She saw Xiao Yu’er resurrected from the dead, and she was scared into this state, actually Xiao Yu’er did not die, but deliberately scared her.”

Murong Shuang raised her voice, “Who is Xiao Yu’er? Where is he now?”

Little Fairy replied, “I’m afraid he’ll be dead by now.”

Murong Shuang was stunned, “You said earlier that he’s not dead, and now you said that he’s dead? So is he dead or not?”

Little Fairy explained, “He did not die initially, but later he fell over the cliff and died.”

She paused, and continued, “But this person is full of tricks, full of talents, others are so sure that he is dead, but he turned out to be alive. Without seeing his body personally, no one dares to say if he’s really dead!”

The man in black suddenly spoke up, “He is not dead. I saw him again recently.”

Murong Shuang shouted, “You know where he is?”

The man in black replied frostily, “From what I see, I’m afraid right now he is at…”

He seemed to have already guessed that the person hiding is Xiao Yu’er, and Xiao Yu’er’s heart went cold again. Who would have expected that before he could finish his sentence, Murong Jiu suddenly shouted, “Xiao Yu’er… Xiao Yu’er! I remember!”

Everyone was shocked and ecstatic, Murong Shuang asked, “You… you remember everything?”

Murong Jiu looked at her dully, and said slowly, “You are Second Sister.”

Murong Shuang screamed in joy and hugged her, and started crying for joy.

Murong Shanshan was also weeping with happiness, and said “Nine, Nine… heaven took pity on us, you’ve finally recovered.”

Murong Jiu smiled, “Third Sister… Third Sister, I can still see you? Am I dreaming?”

The sisters were laughing and crying in a circle, and Xiao Yu’er, secretly looking from the side, also felt his eyes getting wet, and could not explain how he felt.

The man in black suddenly sighed, “That Jiang Xiao Yu has hurt your sister in such a way, no one in Jiang Hu will let him off.”

He is still not leaving, because he wants to deal with Xiao Yu’er, and is afraid that the Murong sisters would forget about this matter in their joy, so he hurriedly reminded them again.

Murong Shuang really stopped crying, and said with hatred, “If I know where that little thief is hiding, I will kill him.”

Murong Jiu suddenly interrupted, “Actually this matter cannot be blamed on Xiao Yu’er.”

Once this sentence was said, everyone was shocked, and the most surprised was Xiao Yu’er himself, followed by Little Fairy.

She can’t help but ask, “Who else can you blame but him? Don’t you hate him to the core?”

With a sorrowful smile, Murong Jiu replied “Seeing him resurrected from the dead, I was traumatized, although I was a little dazed, but I soon regained my thoughts after a while.”

Murong Shuang wondered, “Since you have regained your memory, why didn’t you recognize us just now?”

Murong Jiu replied, “I was harmed by Jiang Bie He!”

Once these words were uttered, even Xiao Yu’er was confused. Why would Jiang Bie He harm her?

Murong Jiu continued, “He saw that I was conscious, so he used drugs to confuse me. He wants to make use of my befuddled state, to force me… to marry him, because he wants to be the son-in-law of the Murong Family. He kept me under supervision day and night, just now, when I saw that he was not around, I slipped out secretly.”

Everyone thought earlier that Jiang Bie He had been wronged, but now the words were spoken from Murong Jiu’s mouth, how could it be false?

Murong Shuang fumed, “What a wicked Jiang Bie He, we were almost tricked by him!”

Nangong Liu was berating himself, “No wonder we couldn’t find her just now, so she had escaped herself. Luckily Heaven has eyes, so that she escaped here. The law really has long arms!”

As they spoke, they once again surrounded that man in black.

Xiao Yu’er was both surprised and delighted, but confused as well. How did things turn out this way? Even if Xiao Yu’er is the smartest person in the world, he could not figure out what this is all about.

Murong Shuang shouted, “Jiang Bie He, what else do you have to say now?”

Who would have expect that man in black to suddenly burst out laughing, “Who said that I am Jiang Bie He?”

He removed the black cloth covering his face, revealing a face full of fine beard. Everyone has seen Jiang Bie He before, and this face really did not belong to Jiang Bie He. Everyone was surprised.

Murong Shuang asked hoarsely, “Who are you actually?”

Murong Shanshan asked, “If you are not Jiang Bie He, then where is Jiang Bie He?”

The man in black suddenly shouted, “Jiang Bie He is right here!”

He actually dashed into where Xiao Yu’er was hiding and shouted, “Jiang Bie He, come out now.” As he spoke, his palm struck down like lightning.

End of Chapter 55

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