Chapter 61 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 61

Xiao Yu’er did not care at all how others looked at him, but just hitched up his clothes and ran faster and faster. In a short while, he had caught up with Hua Wu Que’s carriage.

The carriage was just about to leave the city, when someone suddenly shouted, “Hua Wu Que, hold on!”

Hua Wu Que furrowed his brows slightly, and held his horse back automatically. Tie Xin Lan had just stuck half her head out of the window when Xiao Yu’er ran towards them like an arrow.

The sudden appearance of Xiao Yu’er surprised even Hua Wu Que, who almost could not believe his own eyes, and Tie Xin Lan was even more stunned.

Xiao Yu’er controlled himself desperately, determined not to take a single look at Tie Xin Lan, and stared at Hua Wu Que with unblinking eyes. With a sudden laugh, he asked, “You think I am here to invite death, right?”

Hua Wu Que sighed, and replied, “That’s right.”

Facing a person like that, Xiao Yu’er can’t seem to smile anymore, and raised his voice, “Since you wish to kill me so much, why didn’t you look for me but waited for me to look for you?”

Hua Wu Que slowly replied, “Personally, I do not wish to kill you, so I was not in any hurry to look for you. But now that I have seen you, I still must kill you!”

Tie Xin Lan only regained her senses at this time, and suddenly pulled open the carriage door and dashed out from within, blocking Xiao Yu’er’s front and shouted, “This time he came to look for you himself, at least you cannot kill him this time.”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly pushed with his might, and she was knocked onto the carriage. Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, but finally forced himself not to speak.

Tie Xin Lan looked at Xiao Yu’er and fluttered, “You… why did you treat me like that?”

Without taking even a glance at her, Xiao Yu’er stared at Hua Wu Que and said frostily, “I heard that this Miss Tie is your future wife, why is she meddling in my affairs, I don’t even know her.”

Tie Xin Lan bit her own lips with force, and although her lips are now bloodied, although tears were rolling in her eyes, but she did not leave.

Hua Wu Que felt stabs of pain in his heart, and deliberately avoided looking at Tie Xin Lan, asked calmly “Don’t you want others to help you this time?”

Xiao Yu’er looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “If I needed help, why would I still look for you?”

He suddenly stopped laughing and shouted, “You would know in your heart that, a person like me, would never come and look for you and offer my life. Why then did I come, you must be wondering.”

“Indeed I was wondering.”

Xiao Yu’er continued, “You thought that I am unable to kill you, and I also thought that you are unable to kill me. If this drags on, even in another two hundred years, we would not know if you are correct or if I am correct. I am feeling anxious, and I’m afraid you are even more anxious than me, therefore, I came here today to settle this once and for all with you!”

A slight smile flickered in Hua Wu Que’s eyes and he said, “How are you thinking of settling this?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “You just have to name a place, and three months later, I will certainly find you for a death duel! No one is allowed to escape before a winner is found!”

Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh, and continued, “But before this three month deadline, even if you see me, you must pretend not to see me, and you definitely cannot look for me for a duel!”

Hua Wu Que was silent.

Xiao Yu’er said loudly, “If I do not look for you, you would not be able to find me anyway within these three months. You are not losing out with this request, why won’t you agree?”

Hua Wu Que slowly replied, “This request that you made, there must be a ploy within.”

Xiao Yu’er stared at him and asked, “You… you will not agree?”

Hua Wu Que suddenly turned his horse around and said, “Three months later, I will be at the vicinity of Wu Han, you will certainly find me there.”

Xiao Yu’er replied loudly, “Very well, since you trust me so much, I will certainly not disappoint you!” Before he finished his words, he also turned around and walked away with large strides.

Tie Xin Lan was hoping that he would turn around for a look, but he never did turn his head back. Until his outline totally disappeared from view, Tie Xin Lan was still standing there in a daze. Hua Wu Que sat quietly on the horse, not rushing her at all.

Not knowing how much time has past, Tie Xin Lan finally went up the carriage slowly. Upon seeing Hua Wu Que still sitting on his horse waiting for her when she opened the door, she felt an inexpressible feeling in her heart.

Hua Wu Que initially wanted Tie Xin Lan to take a stroll to relax, which is why he encouraged her to leave the city for a walk. But this trip out of the city, both of their hearts were tied into a knot, and it seems that it would be difficult to untie.

Tie Xin Lan kept rolling up the bamboo curtains of the window up, and releasing it down again. The view may be picturesque outside the city, but she no longer has the mood to take a look at it.

At the woods in front, thousands and millions of nameless mountain flowers were in full bloom, with a little stream flowing through the flowers and woods. The water in the stream was twinkling from the rays of the autumn sun.

In the distance, there is a poor man, who was lying face up next to the stream, tanning in the sun. Nearby the sounds of crickets were heard, with the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of the flowers. The soil on the ground was soft like carpet.

Hua Wu Que came down from his horse and stood beneath a flowering tree, deep in thought, with the gentle wind blowing his snow white clothes.

Tie Xin Lan opened the carriage door gently and walked on the soft soil. Looking at Hua Wu Que’s back view, she seems to be in a daze, when she suddenly spoke, “You obviously know that it must be a ploy, why do you still agree to his request?”

Hua Wu Que seemed to sigh, but he did not turn his head back, nor say anything.

Tie Xin Lan walked past him, plucked off a little flower from a low branch, and gently crushed the unnamed flower, before she suddenly turned her head back and looking at him, asked “Why are you not speaking?”

Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, before he slowly replied “Silence, isn’t it sometimes better than words?”

Tie Xin Lan turned around and said, “These two years, you have been looking after me. If not for you, I would have died long ago. No one else has ever treated me as well as you do in my entire life.”

Hua Wu Que gazed at the fluttering strands of hair on her neck, and did not say a word.

Tue Xin Lan continued with a soft sigh, “In my entire life, there is no one else who treated me as bad as him, but I… I don’t know why either, when I see him, I lose my senses.”

Hua Wu Que shut his eyes and said, “These words, you need not say them to me.”

Tie Xin Lan’s shoulders trembled, and replied, “I know these words should not be said, but if I don’t tell you the truth, I’ll feel bad, I’ll feel that I’ve let you down even more.”

Hua Wu Que gently asked, “How can this be blamed on you? What wrong have you done me?”

That poor man in the distance, slowly stretched his body, and mumbled, “So young, and so tortured over such a small matter. Wait till you’ve grown up and you will realize that in this world, there are a lot more other things a thousand, million times more painful than this!”

Hua Wu Que initially did not pay attention to him, and did not think that his soft conversation on this side, would actually be heard by someone so many feet away. Even Tie Xin Lan unconsciously stopped her soft crying, and lifted her head.

That poor man yawned, and suddenly stood up with a somersault.

His face was skeletally thin, his brows dark as ink, with greenish marks on his face. Under the piercing rays of the sun, looking from afar, one could not tell how old he could be.

Ever since Hua Wu Que debuted, he never thought too highly of any of the heroes in the world. But without knowing why, this lazy poor man, have an inexplicable air of power. His build may not be very large, but no matter who is the person standing in front of him, that person would naturally feel very small.

That poor man, on seeing Hua Wu Que, seemed to be surprised as well, and mumbled, “Could it be him? Or else how could they look so alike. I would not interfere in other people’s matters, but he… how can I not fulfill his wish?”

Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan could not hear clearly what he was talking about, and this poor man is already walking towards them. He walked languidly, as if he was walking very slowly.

However, it only took two steps and he is already in front of Hua Wu Que, and only then did Hua Wu Que take a clear look at him.

He was wearing a set of clothing, which was originally black but now had faded to white from washing, on his feet he wore a pair of tattered straw sandals, his large and long arms hanging down by his side, almost over his knees. A straw rope was tied around his waist, and on the rope an old rusty sword was slotted diagonally across.

This poor man had looked up and down a few times, scrutinizing Hua Wu Que, and suddenly grinned, “Do you really like this lady from the bottom of your heart?”

Hua Wu Que did not expect him to ask such a question at all, and was stunned.

That poor man shouted, “What silence is sometimes better than words, it’s all bullshit. If you don’t say it out, how would she know that you like her.”

Hua Wu Que actually blushed, and could not even speak. He always thought that it’s better to be subtle, but without knowing why, such crude words, coming out from this poor man’s mouth, actually has an air of valor, making one feel strangely moved.

Although Tie Xin Lan was also blushing, she suddenly blurted out, “Some words, I would know even if he did not say it.”

The lightning like eyes of the poor man immediately shifted its attention to stare at her face, and said laughingly, “Very good, I didn’t expect you to be more outspoken than him. This kind of girl, even I would take a liking to, not to mention him.”

The poor man continued, “Do you like him?”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “I don’t…”

She lifted her head and took a look at Hua Wu Que, and lowered her head again, adding on, “It’s not that I don’t like him, but…”

That poor man did not wait for her to finish her sentence, and was already chuckling, “Since you do not dislike him, naturally it means you like him. Since the two of you like each other, then let me be the matchmaker, and you shall get married here today!”

Once these words were uttered, Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were both shocked.

Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Are you joking?”

That poor man stared at him, and raised his voice, “How can this be a joke, look at this place, the birds chirping and the flowers fragrant, the weather so fine, if the two of you get married here, it will be so much better than any place else.”

He was getting more excited as he spoke, and could not help laughing, “The glow from the red candle, how can it be compared to the beauty of the sun’s rays. The red carpets in the world, cannot be compared to the fragrance and softness of this soil. The two of you are able to swiftly complete your rites under the rays and on the soil, won’t it be a great joy. Even I, feel overwhelming happiness!”

Listening at him talking to himself, Hua Wu Que does not know whether to feel angry or happy. Tie Xin Lan stood there in shock, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh.

Although she felt like rejecting the idea right now, she could not bear to hurt Hua Wu Que’s feelings.

Hua Wu Que looked at her expression, and suddenly said, “You may have your good intentions, but we are unable to comply.”

That poor man’s laughter stopped, and he stared at him and asked, “You will not agree?”

Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh, and replied, “Yes.”

The poor man laughed, “I know, it’s not that you are unwilling, but you are afraid that she is unwilling. However, she has not finished her words, so why should you be overly concerned.”

Hua Wu Que thought for a moment, and said slowly, “There are many words which need not be voiced out.”

That poor man sighed, “You obviously like her a lot, but for her, you’d rather harden your heart and not agree to it. A sentimental man like that, you are really your father’s son.”

Hua Wu Que did not understand what he meant by those words, and that poor man is already staring at Tie Xin Lan and asking, “A man like this, who else can you marry but him?”

Although Hua Wu Que knows that he was doing it for himself, but he couldn’t help feeling a bubble of anger, and asked with a cold smile, “I have seen many kinds of people, but I have never seen someone like this who forces others to marry.”

That poor man replied, “The way you spoke, you think that I can’t kill you, right?”

Once the word ‘right’ was uttered, he suddenly pulled out the sword at his waist, and slashed it towards a tree next to him. This sword is already rusty beyond recognition, and looked as if it can’t even slice through a branch, but who would have expected that with a slash of his sword, the huge trunk which is wider than an arm’s length actually broke into two!

Tie Xin Lan was worried that Hua Wu Que might offend him with his words, because this person’s martial arts is so profound, that even Hua Wu Que might not be his match.

It must be known that Tie Xin Lan has the kindest heart, although she did not wish for Hua Wu Que to injure Xiao Yu’er, she also do not wish for others to injure Hua Wu Que. Without waiting for Hua Wu Que to reply, she interrupted, “I agree.”

Hua Wu Que suddenly said, “I will never agree.”

Hua Wu Que obviously know that Tie Xin Lan did not agree wholeheartedly, and the more he loves Tie Xin Lan so deeply, the more he does not wish her to feel an ounce of reluctance.

Hua Wu Que said coldly, “I do not agree, means I do not agree. If you want to kill me, then just strike!”

Tie Xin Lan asked hoarsely, “You… don’t you like me?”

Hua Wu Que did not take a single look at her… There may not be a thread of semblance in terms of looks between him and Xiao Yu’er, but in terms of character, he was exactly the same as Xiao Yu’er.

That poor man stared at him and asked, “You would rather suffer for the rest of your life than to agree?”

Hua Wu Que affirmed, “I will never agree.”

The poor man shouted, “Fine! Instead of letting you suffer for the rest of your life, why don’t I end it all for you now!”

The sword flashed, aiming straight towards Hua Wu Que! Although he did not use all his strength in this attack, but the swiftness of the move, the force in the stance, no one else in the whole of Wu Lin would be able to attain the same.

With a ‘pak’ sound, Hua Wu Que might have avoided this strike, but the jade hairpiece tied to his hair was actually shattered by the force of the sword, and his full head of hair was standing up from the impact! How forceful was this sword stroke! It is unbelievable!

Tie Xin Lan cried out hoarsely, “Sir please stop quickly! He refused to agree because of me, I really do not wish to agree in my heart. Sir, if you want to kill someone, then kill me!”

In her fear, she unconsciously revealed the truth. Hua Wu Que felt a stab of pain in his heart, and the three palm strokes he executed, he did it without a care, heading straight on towards the flash of sword.

Who would have expected the poor man to actually retract his sword attack, and laughed loudly, “Those surnamed Jiang are really the all stubborn like an ox, but you are dumber than your father. Think about it, if she really disagreed, if she really don’t like you, would she die for you.”

Hua Wu Que was stunned, and Tie Xin Lan was shocked as well, and said, “His surname is not Jiang, he’s called Hua Wu Que.”

The poor man rubbed his head, his expression full of surprise, and muttered, “Your surname is not Jiang? This is really weird, you look like a Jiang, you look exactly like him.”

Hua Wu Que also forgot to strike, and only thought this person seems crazy.

The poor man sighed, and said with a bitter smile, “Since your surname is not Jiang, whether you get married or not, is no longer my problem. Leave if you want to.” He actually does not care anymore, and turned around with a bitter smile.

Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan looked at each other, not knowing what this is all about, only to see that poor man muttering to himself as he walked, “This youth is actually not Jiang Xiao Yu, weird, weird…”

Tie Xin Lan was both surprised and ecstatic, and asked hoarsely, “Could Sir thought that he is Jiang Xiao Yu, that’s why you were forcing us to get married?”

That poor man replied, “Although I could not bear to see the both of you in agony over matters of the heart, but if I was not under the impression that he is Jiang Xiao Yu, I would not have interfered.”

The poor man suddenly turned around, took a look at Tie Xin Lan, took a look at Hua Wu Que, and suddenly bust out laughing, “I got it, I got it, so the person who treated you badly that you were referring to, is Jiang Xiao Yu, and the two of you would have gotten married! Just because of Jiang Xiao Yu, it ended up in this situation.”

Tie Xin Lan sighed sadly, and lowered her head.

That poor man knocked his head with his hand and laughed, “I wanted to do some good, but who would have expected me to mess things up even more instead…”

He has spent his life exploring sword techniques, and in addition spent the later years of his life roaming in Jiang Hu, having a nomadic life, and has never tasted the feeling of romance.

On hearing his laughter, Hua Wu Que felt anger and bitterness, and suddenly asked, “Are you thinking of leaving?”

The poor man laughed, “I know you are feeling unhappy, so I’ll just let you punch me twice to vent your frustration.”

Hua Wu Que smiled coldly, “Your martial arts may be the strongest in the world, but you will never be able to take a palm attack from me. If you do not defend yourself, then you are looking for death!” As he spoke, a palm shot out.

Althougn this palm attack looked gentle, but the position it was attacking, was extremely vicious. Besides, the depth of the palm, has gathered the strength of the attack, and obviously once it was struck out, it would be beyond redemption.

That poor man has extremely good eyesight, and exclaimed, “Very good palm attack!”

He loves martial arts by nature, and now on seeing this young martial arts expert, he can’t help but want to test the other party’s skills, and he met the attack head on with his own palm!

Who would have expected that Hua Wu Que’s palm attack would suddenly change. The palm that was attacking like an arrow, suddenly moved towards the right. The ingenious change was really unimaginable.

This move is precisely Floral Palace’s unique ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’. Once Hua Wu Que executed this move, the other party’s palm attack will surely be aimed towards himself instead.

Unexpectedly, the poor man’s body turned smoothly, and actually avoided this stance of ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’, which no one else in the world has ever avoided.

Only now was Hua Wu Que truly shocked, and asked “Who are you actually?”

The poor man suddenly looked up to heaven and laughed loudly “I have always hated that I did not have the chance to have a taste of ‘Shifting Flower and Grafting Jade’ in my life, I did not expect that today I would actually meet a disciple of the Floral Palace here…”

The thunderous laughter shook the flowers off from the branches around them.

Tie Xin Lan asked in fear, “Could it be that Senior has some enmity with Floral Palace?”

The poor man suddenly stopped laughing and bellowed, “My enmity with Floral Palace is as deep as the sea. I practiced my sword for ten years, so that I can exterminate everyone in Floral Palace!”

Hua Wu Que exclaimed hoarsely, “Yan Nan Tian! You are Yan Nan Tian!”

Floral Palace’s biggest enemy is Yan Nan Tian. In the whole world, besides Yan Nan Tian, there is no one else who would dare go against Floral Palace!

End of Chapter 61

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