Chapter 62 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 62

Just as Hua Wu Que and Tie Xin Lan were feeling stunned, there was a flash of light in that poor man’s eyes, and he said “I am Yan Nan Tian!”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, when he suddenly took off his long shirt slowly, carefully folding it, and slowing walking towards Tie Xin Lan and gave her his shirt with both his hands.

Naturally Tie Xin Lan knows although it is only a set of clothing that he handed to her, but the underlying meaning was heavy and complicated.

Hua Wu Que said, “To be able to duel with Yan Nan Tian, is the lifelong wish of anyone who practices martial arts. Even disciples of Floral Palace, will find pride in being able to duel with Yan Nan Tian.

Tie Xin lan whispered, “You… Can’t you leave? I’ll help you block him, he will never kill me!”

Hua Wu Que smiled slightly, and said, “This duel is not for myself, but for Floral Palace…” He suddenly stopped talking, but the meaning of his unfinished sentence, was unimaginably heavy.

He slowly turned around, but suddenly turned his head back and said, “I also want you to know, that I did not want to kill Jiang Xiao Yu for myself, but for Floral Palace as well. When you see him three months later, you can tell him, although I wanted to kill him, but I have never harbored any hatred towards him. I hope he… he would not hate me either.”

Tie Xin Lan’s face was full of tears and she cried hoarsely, “Why must you always think about others in whatever you do? Are you living your life for others? You… shouldn’t you be doing something for yourself?”

Hua Wu Que has already turned around, looking heavenward, he suddenly laughed and said, “For myself? … Who am I then?” This is the first time he revealed his pain in front of others, and the two sentences may be a simple one, but the underlying sadness is heavier than a mountain.

Looking at him, Tie Xin Lan weeped and whispered, “Others said that you are the most perfect, lucky, enviable person in the world, but who would understand your pain. Others said that you are the steadiest, calmest, but who would understand that you have lost even yourself. Others all wish to live your life, but who would understand that you are actually living for others.”

Yan Nan Tian has all along been looking on from the side, and now he suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Hua Wu Que, you are indeed worthy of being a disciple of the Floral Palace! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in this duel, the reputation of Floral Palace will remain high because of you!”

Hua Wu Que replied, “Thank you.”

Yan Nan Tian continued loudly, “But I also want you to know, besides you, there are many other people in the world, the things that they do are not for themselves either. Those who only know how to live for themselves, they might not be happy in their hearts, in fact they could be even more miserable than you!”

Hua Wu Que looked at him with unwavering eyes, and asked slowly, “You want to kill, is it because of others as well?”

Yan Nan Tian was silent for a while, and suddenly heaved a long sigh heavenward, as if he is full of misery, but unable to talk to others about it.

Hua Wu Que sighed, and suddenly took out a silver sword.

Tie Xin Lan has seen him fight on many occasions, but has never seen him use a weapon. She almost thought that all disciples of Floral Palace do not use weapons at all.

This silver sword in his hand, has a narrow body, and looked as if it’s thinner than chopstick, but it’s more than five feet long, with sliverish light flasing from tip to end, as if it might fly out of the hand anytime!

Yan Nan Tian’s gaze flickered, and only took an uninterested glimpse at this strange looking weapon, and shouted, “Since you have already taken your weapon out, why are you not striking?”

Hua Wu Que lightly flicked the sword with his left middle finger, and the silver sword let off a “zing” buzzing sound. Before the buzzing sound stopped, the sword is already out of his hand!

When this sword is not moving, it is already shimmering with silver light, dazzling to the eyes. Now that the sword is executed, the shimmering silver looks as if a basin of mercury has been poured out from heaven.

Yan Nan Tian stood straight in the face of the sword, like a mountain. Hua Wu Que’s sword was coming towards him, but he did not move at all. Suddenly, the silver light turned, and the sword attack suddenly changed direction. It turns out that Hua Wu Que’s attack was a fake move.

Hua Wu Que used a fake move to test his opponent, and did not expect the other party to be so calm.

Hua Wu Que then executed seven fake moves continuously.

The continuous seven moves are Floral Palace’s unique sword moves. Although they are all fake moves, but under the glare of the sword, no one can be sure that it is a fake move, and anyone would want to block and avoid the attack. However, no matter how he block or avoid, his moves have all been anticipated in this seven moves.

How would he expect that Yan Nan Tian was totally unaffected by these dazzling flashes of sword moves, and the uniqueness of this sword play, was totally lost in front of Yan Nan Tian.

As soon as Hua Qu Que’s seventh move was executed, the steel sword in Yan Nan Tian’s hands was already stabbing out, piercing through the dazzling light, aiming straight towards Hua Wu Que’s chest.

This attack is ordinary, without any fancy moves at all, but the speed of the attack, the extreme ferocity of the move, is exactly showing off it’s magnificence through normality, it’s solidity through its power!

It doesn’t matter how many changes Hua Wu Que’s sword play could morph into, because he would have no choice but to avoid this attack first. Once the sound of the sword swishing was heard, Yan Nan Tian has already stabbed three times! Hua Wu Que avoided these three moves, but only managed to return a single attack.

Sliver flashes of light could be seen shimmering throughout the sky, and Yan Nan Tian looked as if he’s trapped within the silver light, but in fact, these sliver lights of sword shimmering in the sky are unable to even attack once.

Hua Wu Que was attacking around Yan Nan Tian relentlessly, but Yan Nan Tian’s feet did not even move an inch. Hua Wu Que’s sword attacks are like flowing water, and Yan Nan Tian is like a pillar in the stream.

Their swordplay, one extremely gentle, the other extremely severe, one changing like the clouds, the other fiercely steady, one like a mercury pool, flowing into every nook and cranny, the other like a steel bucket, not leaking even a drop of water.

Although Hua Wu Que looks as if he is on the offensive, but in actual fact he is at a disadvantage. Tie Xin Lan stared at the fight in confusion, and has forgotten where she is. The abundant flowers in the woods fell like rain and covered the ground.

Xiao Yu’er found an inn with the intention of having a good sleep, but was unable to fall asleep despite tossing and turning. Therefore, he might as well wear his clothes and walked out.

In the large courtyard, besides Xiao Yu’er, there is only another room which was occupied, and the occupant looked likes he’s just moved in. There were voices coming out from the house, but the door and windows are tightly shut.

Suddenly a burly man in green dashed into the courtyard, in his hands he held a horse whip, like a carriage driver. Once he stepped into the courtyard, he shouted, “Is Jiang Bie He, Master Jiang here?”

Xiao Yu’er was stunned, why is Jiang Bie He here as well? What is he here for? There is not time for Xiao Yu’er to think too much, and he hid himself behind a pillar in a flash.

He saw the door of that house opened halfway, and someone inside asked, “Who’s that?”

The carriage driver said, “The lowly one here is Duan Gui, who sent Master Hua out of the city earlier…”

He has not finished speaking, when Jiang Bie He walked out, but the door was immediately shut again.

Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow and asked, “Why are you back here? And how did you find your way here?”

Duan Gui replied, “Master Hua seemed to have run into some trouble outside the city, I hurried back to report, and happened to bump into Duan Fu who escorted Master Jiang here. That’s how I found out Master Jiang is visiting here.”

Jiang Bie He gave a slight smile and commented, “Even if Master Hua met with some problems, he would be able to handle it, do you need to be so anxious?”

“But… but that person looked fierce, and Miss Tie looked as if she was very nervous, so I thought, Miss Tie knows the capabilities of Master Hua, and since even she was nervous, then this must be no small problem.”

Jiang Bie He sighed, “Since that is the case, I’ll go and have a look.” Jiang Bie He turned his head and spoke towards the house, “At the latest tonight, I will surely come back…”

As he spoke, he was already hurrying out with Duan Gui.

At first Xiao Yu’er wanted to find out, who is that in that house? Why is he being so secretive? But after thinking, he decided that this person would have to wait for Jiang Bie He here anyway, so there is no rush to find out right now.

He really wants to see who is the person who could give Hua Wu Que so much trouble?

There is no relationship between Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, in fact, it can be said that they are at odds, but without knowing why, Hua Wu Que’s affairs always could move Xiao Yu’er’s heart.

A horse carriage outside just left, Jiang Bie He must have been sitting in that carriage. Xiao Yu’er followed behind, but he can’t execute his lightness skill in the middle of the road, and two legs will always be slower than four legs. By the time he left the city, the horse carriage could not be seen.

Once the horse carriage left the city, Jiang Bie He asked loudly from within the carriage, “Did Master Hua fight with that person?”

Duan Gui replied, “He seemed to have received a palm attack.”

Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow, “This person was able to receive one of Master Hua’s palm attack, he is indeed skilled, but I wonder what he looked like?”

Duan Gui answered, “This person is large and tall, but his clothes are even more torn than mine, but he bears a proud look.”

Jiang Bie He’s brows furrowed even tighter, and asked “How old is this person?”

“He looks to be about forty, or maybe more than fifty, but… but he looks like he’s just turned thirty. He looks exactly like the age that one would think him to be, I have never seen such a strange person.”

Jiang Bie He furrowed his brow and sigh, the expression on his face gradually getting heavy.

Duan Gui suddenly exclaimed, “That’s right, on that person’s waist, there’s a steel sword, but it’s all rusty…”

He has not finished his words but Jiang Bie He’s expression suddenly changed. He was stunned for a while, and lowered his voice, “You shall stop the carriage far away, don’t go too near, understood?”

Although Duan Gui felt strange about this, and did not know why he wanted to stop the carriate far away, but Master Jiang’s words, he dare not disobey. It was still over a hundred feet away from the woods but the carriage has already stopped.

The air was full of sword energy, and a person’s body could be seen leaping up and down, like a flying dance, and the other person was as still as the rocks in Mount Tai, not moving at all.

At this time, Hua Wu Que’s moves was still very nimble, his sword energy still strong, and doesn’t look as if he is losing. But Jiang Bie He has very good eyesight, and with one look he knows that although Hua Wu Que’s sword moves were exquisite, but he could not attack even once! The sounds of the fencing, one strong and one weak, the difference very contrasting.

Jiang Bie He’s expression turned ashen, and he mumbled, “Yan Nan Tian! This must be Yan Nan Tian!”

Jiang Bie He knows that right now Yan Nan Tian only wanted to take a longer look at Floral Palace’s unique swordplay, or else Hua Wu Que would have died under his sword long ago!

That Duan Gui naturally could not see the intricacies of such a profound swordplay, and also because he could not see anything at all, he was even more anxious.

Duan Gui saw that overbearing sword energy, and is already sweating in anxiety over Hua Wu Que, and exclaimed “Isn’t Master Jiang going to help Master Hua?”

Jiang Bie He replied, “Of course I will. Why can’t this carriage door be opened, is there something wrong?”

Duan Gui jumped down from his seat and went to open the door. The carriage door opened immediately, there was no problem at all.

Duan Gui smiled, “I’m afraid Master Jiang may be too anxious, that’s why you can’t even open the carriage door.”

He has not finished speaking, when he suddenly saw Jiang Bie He’s face, amost turning green, his eyes staring at Duan Gui, his gaze as if it’s already turned frightfully green.

Jiang Bie He smiled sinisterly, and said slowly, “One best not be a busybody, or else one won’t live long.”

Duan Gui was so startled that his legs softened, and turned around thinking of escaping, but suddenly felt his collar being grabbed, and he was dragged into the carriage.

Duan Gui said through chattering teeth, “Jiang… Master Jiang, I did… not… not offend old master, you…”

He has not finished his words, a short sword was already pierced under his ribs, right to the hilt of the sword.

Jiang Bie He slowly took out the short sword inch by inch, afraid that the fresh blood would stain his clothes. Once the short sword was pulled out, it still looked as clean as autumn waters, killing others without seeing blood. This is exactly the precious sword that cut open the ‘Love lock’.

Jiang Bie He breathed out a long sigh and mumbled, “Now, no one would know that I was here, and no one would know that I did not save Hua Wu Que although I saw that he will die. My reputation as a hero, cannot be spoiled by this stupid lad… you used your life to guarantee my reputation as the ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’, it’s not too unjust a death.”

As he spoke, he quietly slipped down the carriage and turned around. There was a fierce fight going on in the woods, naturally no one would notice him.

There was no one at the suburbs. After walking around, Xiao Yu’er finally saw the strong sword energy emanating from the woods, and later saw that horse carriage.

He did not see Jiang Bie He. Could it be Jiang Bie He is still in the carriage? Why is the horse carriage stopped so far away?

Xiao Yu’er had no intention of finding out these matters, he only wanted to stand far away and look at the fierce fight going on in the woods, look at how Hua Wu Que’s sword play changed so uniquely, so that he can be on his guard the next time he sees him.

Naturally, he also wanted to see who is the person fighting Hua Wu Que.

But he suddenly saw on that tightly closed carriage door, at the gap, there were fresh blood flowing out… could it be that Juang Bie He has died? Or else whose blood could it be?

Xiao Yu’er was both excited and curious, and could not help but go and take a look.

Once he opened the door, he saw Duan Gui’s fiercely contorted face, and then, he saw the pair of eyes full of fear and alarm. But Jiang Bie He is already gone.

Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel shocked, stunned, but suddenly he became immediately aware… the viciousness of Jiang Bie He, no one else would know better than Xiao Yu’er.

He also immediately realized the danger Hua Wu Que is facing now, and the expression of anxiety Tie Xin Lan had for Hua Wu Que, inexplicably made him feel a stab of pain in his heart.

Suddenly, a long cry was heard across the sky! A flash of sword, flying into the sky, Hua Wu Que staggered back, and finally fell!

Yan Nan Tian actually used his pure and hard sword, and shattered the sharp and soft sword right out of Hua Wu Que’s hand! Hua Wu Que felt his breath and blood backflow, and finally tumbled down!

At this split second, without knowing why, but Xiao Yu’er felt hot blood rushing up to his head, and actually forgot the grudges and rivalry he had with Hua Wu Que… he actually suddenly forgot all these, and suddenly flew out without a thought!

Yan Nan Tian’s loud cry continued, his steel sword ready to attack again. Tie Xin Lan cried out in fear… just at this time, she suddenly saw someone flew in, blocking right in front of Hua Wu Que and shouting, “No one is allowed to hurt him!”

Tie Xin Lan saw that this person is actually Xiao Yu’er, and with her mouth agape, was stunned.

Yan Nan Tian’s eyes were like lightning, and took a look at Xiao Yu’er, shouting “Who are you? You actually dare to come between the tip of my sword!”

Tie Xin Lan finally regained her senses, and shouted, “He is Jiang Xiao Yu!”

Yan Nan Tian replied hoarsely, “Jiang Xiao Yu? Jiang Xiao Yu is you?” the pair of eyes bored into Xiao Yu’er’s face, refusing to let go.

Xiao Yu’er also stared at him, and asked haltingly, “You… You are Yan Nan Tian, Uncle Yan?”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “He is Old Master Yan.”

Xiao Yu’er was surprised and happy, and suddenly dashed forward, hugging Yan Nan Tian and exclaiming, “Uncle Yan, I missed you so much….”

Tears seemed to have formed in Yan Nan Tian’s eyes, and he mumbled, “Jiang Xiao Yu… Jiang Xiao Yu, have Uncle Yan not missed you as well?”

Tie Xin Lan saw that a lonely vagrant like Xiao Yu’er had suddenly found his relative, and it turned out to be the famed Yan Nan Tian. She also truly felt surprise and happiness, and hot tears were brimming in her eyes.

Yan Nan Tian suddenly pushed Xiao Yu’er aside, and asked gravely, “Do you know that this Hua Wu Que is a disciple of Floral Palace!”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know.”

Yan Nan Tian raised his voice, “Do you know that the person who killed your parents, is the Mistress of Floral Palace?”

Xiao Yu’er’s body shook, and he asked hoarsely, “Could it be true?”

When he was very young, although there was a mysterious person who brought him out of the Valley of Evil and told him about this matter, but he thought that this person was too secretive, and the words may not be trustworthy, so he never regarded Floral Palace as his arch enemy.

But now that these words were spoken from Yan Nan Tian’s mouth, he cannot disbelieve it. Yan Nan Tian stared at Xiao Yu’er, asking “Why do you want to save him?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I… I…”

He himself does not really know why he wants to save Hua Wu Que, even if Floral Palace does not have any enmity with him, he originally should never have saved Hua Wu Que!

Yan Nan Tian suddenly threw his steel sword onto the ground, and bellowed, “Kill him with your own hands!”

Xiao Yu’er’s body shook, and he turned his head around to take a look at Hua Wu Que.

Hua Wu Que has already been knocked unconscious by Yan Nan Tian’s sword energy, a tattered flower, landed on his face. The fresh red flower, made his face look even paler in contrast.

Looking at this pale face, Xiao Yu’er felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart. He does not know why, but he suddenly shouted, “I can’t kill him!”

Yan Nan Tian asked furiously, “Why can’t you kill him? You already know he is a disciple of your enemy! Besides, he wanted to kill you!”

“I…. I….”

He sighed, and suddenly raised his voice, “I’ve already had an agreement with him, to have a duel to the death three months later! So I can’t let Uncle Yan kill him, and all the more I can’t kill him while he’s injured!”

Yan Nan Tian was stunned for a moment, and suddenly looked heavenward and laughed loudly, “Good! You are indeed worthy of being Jiang Xiao Yu, indeed worthy of being my Second Brother Jiang’s son…. Second Brother oh Second Brother, to have a son like this, you should be able to rest in peace now!”

His happy laughter, suddenly became mournful.

Xiao Yu’er felt a rush of hot blood in his chest, and suddenly knelt down, crying out, “Uncle Yan, I swear that from now on I will not let my Father be ashamed of me!”

Yan Nan Tian held onto his shoulders, and quietly asked, “Do you feel that the things you have done in the past, might have let him down?”

Xiao Yu’er lowered his head, and chokingly said, “I….”

Yan Nan Tian replied, “You don’t have to be sad, don’t have to blame yourself, whoever grows up in that environment of yours, will be worse than you. Besides, from what I know, your ploys may be wrong, but they are never really evil.”

Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “That Yan Nan Tian can see Jiang Feng have a son like you, it is the happiest thing in my life.”

There were tears in his laughter, and it could be seen that he was feeling both happy and sad. Tie Xin Lan saw the feelings flowing between them, and unconsciously lowered her head, her tears dripping to the floor.

She was also feeling both joy and happiness. Xiao Yu’er’s pain has the understanding and consolation of Yan Nan Tian, but who would understand her pain?

She’d die to stop Hua Wu Que from killing Xiao Yu’er, but if Xiao Yu’er was to kill Hua Wu Que, she will feel very bad as well. She only hopes that the two of them can be on good terms.

Who would have expect that they are arch enemies, and this enmity obviously cannot be dissolved, and one of them will certainly die at the hands of the other! Or else this enmity will never end!

What makes it even more heartbreaking is that for Xiao Yu’er, she does not mind sacrificing everything, but Xiao yu’er did not even take a single look at her.

By now Yan Nan Tian had dragged Xiao Yu’er to the bottom of a tree and sat down, and asked suddenly, “Do you know that Du Jiao Jiao, Li Da Zui and the rest have all left the Valley of Evil?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “I know.”

Yan Nan Tian’s gaze flashed, and asked, “Could it be that you have already seen them?”

Xiao Yu’er nodded his head, and suddenly asked laughingly, “Uncle Yan, can you let them off?”

Yan Nan Tian bellowed, “How can I let them off!”

Xiao yu’er continued, “They may have thought to harm you, but they did not manage to in the end. Besides, they are still the ones who brought me up, and they have turned over a new leaf.”

Yan Nan Tian thought for a while, and sighed, “For your sake, as long as they do not do any more evil deeds in future, I will let them off!”

Xiao Yu’er was ecstatic, “If they hear this news, they will be so happy, why would they harm others in future!”

Yan Nan Tian took a glace at Tie Xin Lan, and smiled slightly, “You should go and speak to that Miss now, I can’t always take your time.”

Xiao Yu’er’s expression turned sullen, and said “I don’t know that Miss, in fact I have never seen her before.”

Tie Xin Lan could not take it anymore, and started wailing. She ran towards Xiao Yu’er in tears, but before she reached him, she suddenly turned around and ran away with her face covered.

Xiao Yu’er gritted his teeth, and did not go after her.

Looking at Tie Xin Lan running further away, Yan Nan Tian turned his head to look at Xiao Yu’er and asked, “What is this all about? The matters of you young people, I really cannot understand.”

Xiao Yu’er was also stunned, and did not speak for a long time.

Yan Nan Tian took another close look at him, and suddenly stood up and laughed, “Do you want to venture on your own, or do you want to follow me?”

Only now did Xiao Yu’er regain his senses, and he beamed, “Although it’s best if I follow Uncle Yan, but others would escape at the sight of Uncle Yan. I’ll have nothing to do, and it’ll be boring.”

Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “You have aspirations indeed!”

Xiao Yu’er added, “But I wish to have a longer chat with Uncle Yan….”

Yan Nan Tian replied, “At this time tomorrow, I’ll still be here waiting for you. I just remembered that I have something to be done, and should be leaving!”

He patted Xiao Yu’er’s shoulder with a smile, picked up his steel sword, and with a leap, was soon gone from sight.

Xiao Yu’er did not expect him to leave so soon, and he actually did not notice that the direction Yan Nan Tian went, was the same as Tie Xin Lan.

He gently picked up the fallen flower on Hua Wu Que’s face, held onto Hua Wu Que’s palm, and secretly passed a flow of energy through his palm. After a while, Hua Wu Que jumped up, his eyes looked around in confusion, and when he saw Xiao Yu’er, he exclaimed in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Xiao Yu’er looked at him with a smile, and did not speak. On hearing his voice, Xiao Yu’er already knows that he was knocked unconscious earlier because his internal energy was shocked into flowing in reverse, but because his internal strength is deep, he did not sustain any internal injury.

Hua Wu Que thought for a moment, and asked, “You saved me?” But Xiao Yu’er remained silent.

End of Chapter 62

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