Chapter 65 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 65

Hua Wu Que’s expression changed, and thought he would attack Xiao Yu’er, but unexpectedly, he flew into the woods with a long cry and with a strike of his palm, shattered the trunk of a tree!

His body was spinning in a dance, his palms striking out continuously, and about seven, eight trees on the hill were struck down by him. As the branches fell, they emitted a deafening sound.

On witnessing such amazing palm prowess, Xiao Yu’er can’t help but feel tongue-tied.

He knows that with Mr Copper’s martial arts, it would be easy as a pea to kill him. He also knows that this Mr Copper hates him to the extreme, and can’t wait to kill and disembody him, with a thousand stabs and slashes. However this Mr Copper insisted on not doing it himself, and would rather vent his frustration on the trees. Why is this so? This is really incomprehensible!

In the time that his thoughts turned, Mr Copper has already flown to Hua Wu Que, and shouted, “You insist on waiting until three months later to kill him, right?” Hua Wu Que took a deep breath and said, “Yes!”

Mr Copper suddenly laughed hysterically, “Since you place such importance on your words, as your Senior, how can I make things difficult for you. If you want to wait three months, what’s the problem in me letting you wait for three months?”

This change is really unexpected, and Hua Wu Que was both surprised and ecstatic.

Mr Copper suddenly stopped laughing, “Now, you will leave.”

Hua Wu Que took a glace at Xiao Yu’er and asked, “Then he….”

Mr Copper replied, “He will stay here!”

Hua Wu Que was taken aback, “Could it be that Sir wants to…”

Mr Copper said coldly, “It doesn’t matter if he will go back on his words or not, but within these three months, I will protect him well, and not let him have an ounce of injury. Three months later, I will hand him in completeness to you…”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “To let you spend so much effort to protect me, how can I accept such kindness?”

Mr Copper replied, “To protect a person like you, would it require much effort of mine?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “If you think that I am very easy to protect, then you are wrong. I have no other bad habits, except to create trouble for others. There’s more than one person in Jiang Hu who wants to kill me.”

Mr Copper said, “Besides Hua Wu Que, no one else can kill you!”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “You have said such boastful words, if I am hurt in anyway within these three months, I really wonder how you can face others.”

Mr Copper shouted, “Within these three months, if you are in any way injured, I will be held responsible.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “That will put my mind at ease. Within these three months, it doesn’t matter what I do, anyway no one will be able to hurt me.”

Mr Copper replied coldly, “Rest assured, within these three months, no matter what you want to do, you won’t be able to do it.”

Xiao Yu’er blinked, and grinned, “Not necessarily…”

Hua Wu Que thought that Xiao Yu’er is so cunning and mischievous, even with Mr Copper’s excellent martial arts, it might not be easy for him not to be tricked. Once he thought about that, he unconsciously smiled.

Mr Copper asked angrily, “You’re still not leaving? What are you doing waiting here?”

Xiao Yu’er added, “Rest assured and leave, three months later, I will be here waiting for you!”

He turned towards Mr Copper, and continued with a smile, “Now I want to tell him some things in private, are you worried?”

Mr Copper said icily, “There is nothing in the world that can worry me.”

Xiao Yu’er wrinkled his nose and laughed, “Your abilities may be great, but aren’t you a little too boastful?”

Mr Copper said angrily, “How dare you be rude!”

Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Why would I not dare, anyway during these three months, no one can hurt me, right?”

Mr Copper was so angry that he stood there stunned, unable to move at all.

Xiao Yu’er walked to Hua Wu Que and whispered with a smile, “What a pity he’s wearing a ghastly mask, or else the expression on his face right now would look so good.”

Although he deliberately lowered his voice to talk, but he allowed the words to be just heard by Mr Copper. Hua Wu Que almost could not take it and wanted to laugh, but he hurriedly cough and asked, “What was it that you wanted to say?”

Xiao Yu’er told him, “Tomorrow afternoon, Yan Nan Tian, Hero Yan will be waiting for me at the woods today. Can you help me tell him that I won’t be able to make it for the meeting.” This time, he was really whispering.

Hua Wu Que furrowed his brows and said, “Yan Nan Tian? …”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “I know you have some issues with him, so even if you do not agree, I will not blame you.”

Hua Wu Que suddenly smiled, “These three months, we will be friends, right?”

Xiao Yu’er looked at him for a while, and smiled, “You’re very good, to have a friend like you, is not in vain at all.”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment, and said calmly, “A pity there’s only three months.” He deliberately pretended to be calm, but his pretense was not too good.

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “There are many unexpected things in the world, these things happen a few times every day, for all you know I will see you again in another two days.” Hua Wu Que sighed, “I always don’t believe in miracles.”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “If I don’t believe in miracles, do you think I can still laugh now?”

Suddenly Mr Copper could be heard saying coldly, “A miracle will never happen! Hua Wu Que, you’re still not leaving?”

Looking at Hua Wu Que walking further away, Xiao Yu’er sighed, “If a person must die, to be able to die in his hands, is better than dying in other people’s hands.”

Mr Copper raised his voice, “You do not hate him?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Why must I hate him”

“His Seniors killed your parents!”

Xiao Yu’er said, “When my parents died, I’m afraid he wasn’t even born yet! The things done by his Teacher, are not related to him at all. If his Teacher had a meal, it can’t possibly be that he will have to shit on his behalf?”

On hearing the words that Xiao Yu’er said, Mr Copper can’t help but feel stunned. Xiao Yu’er looked at him intently and suddenly smiled, “Let me ask you, why do you want me to hate him?”

Mr Copper suddenly said, “Whether you hate him or not, what matter is it of mine?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “That’s right, whether I hate him or not is no matter of yours, then why are you so concerned?”

Mr Copper actually did not speak. Xiao Yu’er continued with a slight smile, “He had to kill me with his own hands, but cannot tell me the reason, I had already thought this is a little strange, now it is getting stranger.” Mr Copper answered, “Although you do not hate him, but he hates you, so he wants to kill you, what’s so strange about that?”

Xiao Yu’er laughed, “Do you think he really hates me?”

Mr Copper’s body seemed to shake and he raised his voice, “He must hate you!”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “This is what I was feeling strange about. You and his Teacher can kill me easily, but you do not strike yourselves, so I feel that you did not actually want me dead, but only wanted him to kill me. It seems that the both of you must see him kill me personally before you will feel happy.”

Mr Copper replied, “Wanting him to kill you, means wanting you dead, what’s the difference?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “There is a difference, and this difference must extremely subtle. I know there must be a very strange reason, but what I pity I cannot guess the reason for now.”

Mr Copper replied, “In this whole world, only two people know about this secret, but they will never tell you!”

A flash of light seem to pass through Xiao Yu’er’s eyes, but he deliberately said with a low sigh, “The Mistresses of Floral Palace will naturally know…”

Mr Copper agreed, “Naturally.”

Xiao Yu’er shouted, “The Mistresses of Floral Palace are two sisters, and since you said this secret is only known to two in the world, then how did you know?”

Mr Copper’s body seemed to have trembled again, and said angrily, “You speak too much, shut up now!”

He suddenly reached out his hand and sealed Xiao Yu’er’s acupoint. Xiao Yu’er only felt a white shadow flash by, and could not even see what his hand looked like.

This mysterious ‘Mr Copper’ not only did not want others to see his real face, he did not even want others to see his hand!

Hua Wu Que is also feeling suspicious about this inexplicable matter, only the matters that he is concerned about, there is no one he can talk to, and he himself does not wish to tell others.

By day break, the wine was still making him sleep, and without knowing how long he has slept, there was a sudden commotion in the courtyard, jarring him awake.

He wore his clothes as he got up, and just as he walked out the door, he saw Jiang Bie He standing under the tree with his hands crossed behind his back, and on seeing him walked over with a smile. He said smilingly “Elder brother had a date with someone else last night, and had no choice but to leave. By the time I returned, I realized that Younger brother had drunk quite a lot on your own, and was actually drunk.”

Not only did he not make any mention of what happened at the restaurant last night, he even changed his way of address, and starting saying ‘Elder brother’ and ‘Younger brother’. It was as if that matter is due to someone trying to sow discord, not worth a mention at all, this is better than any explanation. Hua Wu Que’s eyes moved, and asked, “I wonder what is the time now.”

Jiang Bie He replied with a smile, “It is past noon.”

Hua Wu Que said hoarsely, “Ah, I have actually slept for so long…” As he spoke, he hurried back into the room to wash up.

Jiang Bie He also followed him in, and tried to probe, “How about Elder brother here accompany Younger brother out for a walk?”

Hua Wu Que said with a laugh, “I have been staying in the City for so long, is Brother Jiang worried that I would be lost?”

Jiang Bie He stood at the door for a long while, before forcing out a laugh and said, “Since that is the case, Elder brother will just go to the front and take a look at Miss Duan.”

It seems that he has already felt that Hua Wu Que is not hiding things from him, and although he did not say it out loud, his heart is already tied into a knot. He walked to the courtyard and spoke softly to two men. The two burly men replied in unison, “Yes.”

Jiang Bie He looked at them bounding out of the courtyard, the corners of his mouth revealed a thread of sinister smile, and mumbled, “Hua Wu Que oh Hua Wu Que, although I sincerely want to become friends with you, but if you are thinking of letting me down, then do not blame me for letting you down!”

Hua Wu Que seemed to be leisurely strolling. He stopped in front of a shop selling birds and listened to the birds chirp for a long while, and walked to a teahouse and drank two cups of tea and ate a plate of salted snacks. Someone on the street immediately went to report to Jiang Bie He.

Jiang Bie He mused, “Drinking tea… why would he go to a teahouse to drink alone? Could it be he has asked someone to meet him at that teahouse?”

That burly man replied, “Master Hua was at that teahouse for a very long time, no one walked over to talk to him.”

After another while, someone came back to report, “Master Hua is on the street looking at Steel Arm Wang performing right now.”

Jiang Bie He furrowed his brows, “That type of low down performance, and he can still tolerate seeing it? Do you see if anyone in the crowd spoke to him?”


Jiang Be He asked, “Who is keeping an eye on him now?”

The man replied, “Song San and Li Ah Niu are in charge of that street…”

He has not finished his words when Song San has already rushed in frantically, and fell to the floor exclaiming, “Master Hua suddenly disappeared!”

Jiang Bie He was furious, and slapping the table, exclaimed, “Are you blind? In the bright daylight with so many people walking up and down the streets, he cannot use his Lightness Skills, so how could he have suddenly disappeared?”

Song San stammered, “After that Steel Arm Wang and his disciple performed the ‘Single sword breaks the spear’, it was his daughter’s turn to perform the ‘Meteor Hammer’. However who would have expected when she executed the move ‘Catching the Moon amongst Clouds’, the Meteor Hammer suddenly broke. The Meteor Hammer, which was as large as a small watermelon, flew up into the sky and all those in the crowd were afraid it will drop down on their heads, started screaming and running, and the situation became messy immediately.”

Jiang Bie He asked, “How did the chain on the Meteor Hammer break?”

Song San replied, “Your servant does not know.”

Jiang Bie He asked icily, “I’m afraid you were dazzled from looking at Steel Arm Wang’s daughter?”

Song San stammered, “Your…. Your servant wouldn’t dare.”

Jiang Bie He shouted, “Since your eyes are so useless, then why still keep it?”

Before he finished his words, two burly men were already dragging Song San out. Song San’s face turned ashen, but he dare not even cry out for mercy. After a while, a shrill scream could be heard coming from the back!

Jiang Bie He did not seem to have heard, but only mumbled to himself, “Where have Hua Wu Que gone to? Why does he want to hide from me? Could it be he has an appointment with Jiang Xiao Yu to take care of me? If the two of them were to join forces, what shall I do?” His words were said very softly, but the look in his eyes already revealed the a killer look, and said with an icy smile, “I would rather betray everyone, than to let anyone betray me… Jiang Bie He oh Jiang Bie He, you must never forget these words!”

Hua Wu Que left the city, a slight smile on his lips, and if someone were to ask him now, “How did the Meteor Hammer break?” he will surely laugh very loudly.

To be able to use a small stone to break that chain made of fine steel, he is indeed feeling very pleased about his own skills.

When Hua Wu Que reached the woods, the silk-like purple flowers, were already ravaged by the sword energy yesterday. The fog covered the daylight, and the breeze started to feel cool.

Once Hua Wu Que thought that he would be meeting Yan Nan Tian again, the smile at the corner of his mouth disappeared. Although he knows that this trip will certainly hold some danger, but he must come.

Stepping on the fallen flowers, Hua Wu Que walked into the woods. However, Yan Nan Tian was not in the woods, instead there was a girl clad in snow white clothes, leaning against a tree trunk with her head lowered, as if she was counting the fallen flowers on the ground.

Her back was towards Hua Wu Que, so Hua Wu Que could only see her slim body, and that long, lustrous, jet-black hair draped on her shoulders. Although Hua Wu Que could not see her face, but at a single glance, he could already tell who she was… Tie Xin Lan. Tie Xin Lan, why is she still here?

He did not expect to see Tie Xin Lan here, and he does not know whether he should greet her, and there seems to be some bitterness in his heart.

She seems to be troubled, and did not even realize that someone was here. The cool wind caressed her hair, which was as shiny as satin.

After a long moment, there was a long, sad sigh, and she muttered, “Flowers bloom and flowers wither, and shortly they will decay, is life not like that as well?”

Hua Wu Que originally did not want to startle her, and could not bear to startle her as well. He only wanted to turn around and leave quietly, but at this point in time he couldn’t help but let out a small sigh. Tie Xin Lan seemed surprised and happy, and turned her head around, saying “You…” She only said one word, and on seeing that the person who came is actually Hua Wu Que, was immediately stunned.

Hua Wu Que may be feeling troubled, but he still smiled and asked, “How are you?”

At this moment, he really could not think of any other words. Who would understand that in this little greeting of his, the amount of feelings that was put in it. Tie Xin Lan seems to be at a loss for words as well, and lightly nodded her head.

After a moment, Hua Wu Que added with a smile, “You did not expect that it would be me who came, right?”

Tie Xin Lan lowered her head and said slowly, “I see that you are not injured, I am really happy.”

She almost could not hear herself talk, but Hua Wu Que heard every word clearly, and felt a stab of pain in his heart.

He tried hard to make his smile more naturally, but doubtlessly failed. Luckily Tie Xin Lan did not see his smile at all.

It was as if she did not dare to look at him at all. After another moment, Tie Xin Lan said with a sigh, “I actually have a lot of things to say to you, but I don’t know how to say them.”

Hua Wu Que’s smile became bitter, and said gently, “Some people are very hard to forget, sometimes you may think that you have forgotten him, but once you see him, his every word and every smile, will all return to your heart…”

Tie Xin Lan asked, “You… you can forgive me?” She suddenly raised her head, her eyes filled with tears.

Hua Wu Que dared not look at her as well, and with a lowered head, said with a smile “You have nothing to ask for forgiveness. If I were you, I might do the same as well.”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “But I have really let you down, you… why don’t you scold me? Blame me? Then I will feel better. Your pity and understanding will only make me more miserable.” As she spoke she became more agitated, and finally burst out crying.

End of Chapter 65

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