Chapter 64 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 64

Jiang Bie He walked out with his head lowered, but his movement suddenly became fast and looking around to see there’s no one, he was out of the courtyard in a flash. Xiao Yu’er rolled his eyes and also slipped away from the eaves quietly.

Xiao Yu’er leaped past a few roofs before he dared to jump down and left the courtyard from a side door. He found the kitchen, where there was still a small fire going on the stove, a kettle of water boiling on top.

He took that kettle of water and strode back. The light in the room was still lighted. Xiao Yu’er walked over, knocked on the door and asked, “Would guest like to add some water to your tea?”

He wanted to take a look at what this mysterious person really looked like, and don’t mind taking the risk, not caring if this person would recognize him. There was no response from within the room.

He gathered his courage, and lightly pushed on the door. The door was not locked, and opened once he pushed it.

He saw that the lamp was still lighted on the table, next to the lamp there’s a plate. On the plate there’s a teapot with four teacups, and the teapot and teacups have not been touched at all.

He looked at the bed. The blanket on the bed was folded neatly.

Although this mysterious person is staying in this house, he did not touch a single thing in the house. Obviously he only used this house to talk to Jiang Bie He.

Xiao Yu’er mumbled, “I wonder if there’s still tea in the pot. I might as well fill it up, in case the guest has nothing to drink when he comes back.”

As he spoke, he walked into the room.

Once he entered the room, he realized that there is a lingering fragrance in the room, and he felt as if he had stepped into a woods full of flowers in full bloom.

But besides this strange fragrance, there is not a single suspicious trace in the room. It was as if no one has ever stayed in this house.

However, this room was extremely clean, even the dust under the bed has been swept clean. The table, chairs, cupboard, all looked as if it had been washed.

Even the stone floor was gleaming from the wash.

That mysterious person, since he’s only using this house to talk, and has no intention of staying here or using the things here, then why would he clean this place up so well, and even use such mysterious and expensive fragrance.

Or could this mysterious person be a cleanliness freak. Xiao Yu’er can’t help but furrow his brows and mutter, “It so rare to see someone who loves cleanliness so much…”

Suddenly a person asked coldly, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

This voice obviously came from behind Xiao Yu’er! Xiao Yu’er was truly shocked, but he smiled and said, “I came to take a look if guest would like to top up your teapot.”

That person asked, “You are a staff here?”

Xiao Yu’er hurriedly replied, “Yes.”

“The person who came during the day doesn’t seem to be you.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Big Brother Qian works the day shift, Wang San here works the night shift.”

That person suddenly laughed coldly, “Jiang Xiao Yu really reacts quickly to circumstances, and answers fluently. A pity that I recognize you since the day you were born, it’s useless for you to pretend to be anyone else in front of me!”

Xiao Yu’er was startled, “Who are you?” That person did not reply.

Xiao Yu’er turned around suddenly, there was nothing behind, and the door was still swaying with the wind! Outside the door, darkness is approaching, there is no shadow at all! Could that person have left again!

Xiao Yu’er was surprised and curious, and has just breathed out in relief when someone said coldly from his back again, “You will not be able to see me!”

That person is actually behind him again! Xiao Yu’er turned around continuously for five, six times. His speed cannot be considered slow, but that person is always behind him, like a shadow stuck to his body. No matter how bold Xiao Yu’er is, right now he can’t help but break out in cold sweat. Since this person’s Lightness Skill is thus, his martial arts ability is imaginable. Xiao Yu’er knows that not only is he not a match against the enemy, he cannot even escape.

His eyes rolled, and he might as well stand there and not move. He asked with a grin, “If you do not wish to be seen by me, then why did you come?”

That person replied, “You can’t think of why?”

Xiao Yu’er blinked his eyes and replied, “I think, you can’t be wanting to kill me.”

That person asked, “How do you know I won’t kill you?”

Xiao Yu’er said, “A person who is about to die, it does not matter even if he sees your real look, so if you want to kill me, you won’t mind letting me take a look, right?”

He already felt that this person really had no intention of killing him, and unconsciously became bolder. As he spoke, he suddenly leaped to the front of the cupboard.

The paint on the cupboard was originally very new, and after being given a thorough wash, it was gleaming like a mirror. Xiao Yu’er squatted down, and a person clad in white was reflected clearly on the cupboard.

This person has long hair, the clothes white like snow, the bearing looked extraordinary, but on the face he was wearing a fiercely terrifying copper mask.

Xiao Yu’er can’t help feeling shocked, and exclaimed, “So you are Mr Copper!”

Xiao Yu’er felt his eyes staring at him with hatred. The glare from this pair of eyes, reflected from the cupboard, makes one feel eerily creepy.

Xiao Yu’er forced out a laugh, “That day, Black Spider was saying how superior your martial arts were, and I did not really believe it. On witnessing it today, I realized he was not bluffing.”

Mr Copper smiled coldly, “You do not have to flatter me. Since I do not wish to kill you, I will never kill you.”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Never?” Mr Copper replied, “Yes!” Xiao Yu’er heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled, “I see that you love cleanliness a lot, and with this fragrance, I originally thought you are a woman… luckily you’re not a woman, or else even if you say that you will not kill me, I will not believe it.”

Mr Copper asked, “You do not trust women?”

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “The words of women, must never be listened to. Anyone who believes in women, would be extremely unlucky!”

Mr Copper suddenly asked angrily, “Is your mother not a woman?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “The women in the world, who can be compared to my mother? She is gentle, and pretty…”

Although he has never seen his mother, but in every child’s mind, his own mother would naturally be the most gentle, most beautiful woman.

As he spoke, he unconsciously closed his eyes, and according to his imagination, started to describe. He is naturally eloquent, and as he described, he made his mother out to be someone so rare, that not another one can be found in this world.

The cold eyes of Mr Copper seem to have suddenly burst out in flames.

Xiao Yu’er did not notice, and seemed to be talking in his dreams, “The other women in the world, if they were to be compared to my mother, they can’t even compare to soil, I…”

He has not finished his words, when he felt an intense pain on his neck, his body numb, and his whole body seemed to have been lifted up by this ‘Mr Copper’.

With Xiao Yu’er’s level of martial arts now, he was actually unable to stop it at all!

Mr Cooper’s eyes were full of fury, the cold palm getting tighter and tighter, as if it was going to break Xiao Yu’er’s neck.

Xiao Yu’er cried in alarm, “You… You said you would never kill me. How can you not keep your words.”

Mr Copper replied, “Because you are talking a lot of nonsense, it’s hateful.”

“Since when was I talking nonsense?”

Mr Copper said, “Whether your Mother is good or bad, pretty or ugly, you have never seen her before, and yet you are boasting about her, is it not talking nonsense then!”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “You… how did you know I have never seen my Mother before?”

Mr Copper relied coldly, “If I don’t know, who will?”

Xiao Yu’er can’t help but ask, “What does my Mother look like?”

Mr Copper replied, “Your Mother is crippled and hunchbacked, pock faced and balding, she is the most evil and ugly woman in the world, any woman in the world would be better than her.”

Xiao Yu’er retorted angrily, “What a fart! You are the one speaking nonsense!”

He has not finished his words when he felt two slaps on his face.

Although Mr Copper did not use his real strength in the two slaps, but the slaps had caused the two sides of Xiao Yu’er’s face to swell, fresh blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth. However, Xiao Yu’er did not cease in his scolding.

Although he has never seen his Mother, but once he thought about her, he would have an inexplicable feeling in his heart, it’s pain, but it’s warmth as well.

Usually he loves to sway where the wind blows, so if this ‘Mr Copper’ were to humiliate him, he would never retaliate and argue if he knows that he is not his match. But it was his mother being humiliated, he can never accept that.

Mr Copper continued slapping, yet Xiao Yu’er continued scolding. Once his stubborn streak arose, he would not care at all about his own life.

Mr Copper said through gritted teeth, “If you dare to continue scolding, I will kill you.”

With his mouth full of blood, Xiao Yu’er replied hoarsely, “As soon as you admit that my Mother is the gentlest and prettiest, I will stop scolding you.”

Mr Copper asked, “You… You would rather die than admit that your Mother is the most evil and ugly woman?”

Xiao Yu’er nodded immediately.

Mr Copper continued, “You… you are willing to die for her?” His gaze was full of viciousness, but there was a slight quaver to his voice.

‘Mr Copper’ was standing there, his whole body shaking.

Xiao Yu’er secretly took a peek at him, but dared not move. After a while, he finally could not take it and asked, “What enmity does my Mother have with you, that you must scold her thus?”

However, Mr Copper seemed not to have heard him at all.

Without hesitation, Xiao Yu’er jumped up and out of the window. Turning his head around for a look, that Mr Copper did not seemed to be chasing him. Although Xiao Yu’er were full of doubts, but he can’t be bothered about them now, and with all his skills, fled for his life. In a blink of an eye he was out of the inn.

Suddenly he heard someone from behind him ask coldly, “You still would not admit it?”

Xiao Yu’er had just jumped up, when he fell again. He knows that once this person is chasing him, it would be like maggots attached to the bone, he can forget about getting rid of him. He suddenly shouted, “If you have the ability, then kill me!”

As he shouted, he turned around suddenly, both his fists striking out like raindrops. However, he did not even manage to see the shadow of the other party. His back felt numb and he fell to the ground.

Hua Wu Que has never liked drinking, but without knowing why, he started drinking alone this night, and drank up as soon as he filled his cup. He drunk himself into a daze, collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep.

Right at this time, someone was outside the window calling out, “Hua Wu Que! Wake up!”

The voice may be soft, but it seemed that every word was clearly sent to Hua Wu Que’s ears.

Hua Wu Que composed himself and pushed the window open. It was night outside the window, a person clad in white, with a ghostly face was standing fifty, sixty feet away.

Under the reflection of the pale starlight, this person’s face seemed to be giving off a gree glow. On a closer look, he realized that this person was wearing a fierce looking copper mask on his face.

Hua Wu Que was shocked, and asked hoarsely, “Could it be Mr… Mr Copper?” That person nodded and said, “Come out!”

Mr Copper had already flown up the roof. Hua Wu Que followed and jumped over the roof, over the quiet street,

Without turning his head, Mr Copper said coldly, “Since when has the disciple of Floral Palace become a drunkard and sloth!”

Hua Wu Que was shocked, and lowered his head, not daring to speak.

This Mr Copper did not seem to be moving from his head to his chest, but his flight was incomparably fast, and looked as if he was riding on the wind. On witnessing such Lightness Skill, Hua Wu Que can’t help but feel secretly startled.

Mr Copper said, “You obviously already know who I am.”

Hua Wu Que replied, “When Junior left the Palace, my Teacher had already instructed, if I see Sir, it would be as if I am seeing my Teacher. Junior will obey all instructions that Sir have.”

Mr Copper added, “When you left the Palace, what else did the Princess instruct you?”

Hua Wu Que finally replied quietly, “Teacher wants me to personally kill this person called Jiang Xiao Yu!”

Mr Copper seemed to have smiled, and replied, “Very good!”

He did not talk further, and did not turn his head back at all. As they traveled, it became more secluded, and they finally came to a small hilltop. On the hilltop there was a large tree with thick branches and leaves. Mr Copper suddenly flew up, but said, “You stand under the tree!”

By the time he finished the five short words, he is already standing on the treetop. The starry night, reflected on his white clothes, made him seem even more suave, unworldly and unattainable.

Suddenly Mr Copper carried a person from within the thick leaves and shouted, “Catch!”

The shout has just been heard when a person fell straight from the tree.

This big tree is more than a hundred feet high, a person’s weight may be less than a hundred kilos, but being thrown down from the treetop, the force would be more than five hundred kilos. Hua Wu Que could not guess who was this person he threw down, and was not confident if he could catch this person. In an instant, without any thought, he flew up.

Hua Wu Que suddenly reached out and grabbed this person’s belt, but he heard a ‘si’, and this person’s clothes tore. Hua Wu Que was also brought down by the force of the fall.

However, when they reached the ground, the force of gravity has lessened, and with a shout, made a somersault in the air and threw this person up into the air again.

When this person fell a second time, Hua Wu Que extended both his arms and gently caught hold. The starry night, reflected on this person’s pale face and tightly shut eyes.

This person is actually Xiao Yu’er! Although Hua Wu Que is usually calm, at this point in time he can’t help but let out a gasp.

Mr Copper stood alone on the treetop and asked icily, “Is he Jiang Xiao Yu?”

Hua Wu Que replied, “That’s right.”

Mr Copper replied, “Good, kill him then!”

Hua Wu Que was taken aback, and lowering his head looking at the unconscious Xiao Yu’er, he felt a little bitterness in his mouth. For a moment, he was stunned.

Mr Copper said slowly, “If you do not wish to kill a person who cannot retaliate, you can unseal his acupoint!”

Hua Wu Que stretched out his hand in a daze and unsealed Xiao Yu’er’s acupoint with a tap. Xiao Yu’er opened his eyes, saw Hua Wu Que, and beamed, “Did you save me?” Hua Wu Que stood there, stunned, unable to speak a single word.

Xiao Yu’er smiled, “I knew you would come and save me, we are friends.”

Without knowing why, Hua Wu Que felt sourness in his heart, and turned his head around.

Suddenly a person was heard asking coldly, “Hua Wu Que, why are you still not striking?”

Only now did Xiao Yu’er saw that Mr Copper standing on the treetop, and with a sharp intake of breath, turned around to face Hua Wu Que, his large eyes staring….

Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh. Xiao Yu’er was silent for a moment, and said with a bitter smile, “I know you do not dare to defy him… fine, strike then!”

Hua Wu Que was also silent for a moment, and said each word calmly, “I cannot kill you now!”

Xiao Yu’er was ecstatic, but Mr Copper asked in fury, “Have you forgotten your Teacher’s words?”

Hua Wu Que heaved a long sigh and replied, “I have a three month agreement with him, before the time is up, I cannot kill him!”

Mr Copper shouted, “If your Teacher finds out about this matter, what then?”

Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head and raised his voice, “Although Teacher’s command cannot be defied, but a promise cannot be broken, even if Teacher is here right now, she cannot make me become a person who goes back on his words!”

Mr Copper replied angrily, “Hua Wu Que don’t you forget, seeing me is as good as seeing your Teacher, you dare to disobey me?”

Hua Wu Que replied with a sigh, “Whatever that Sir ask of me, I will do them all, except for this matter, I can never obey.”

Mr Copper suddenly shouted, “You do not wish to kill him, not because you want to keep your word, but because there is another reason? Is that so?”

Hua Wu Que felt another shock, he himself does not know if the reason for insisting on not killing Xiao Yu’er is because he wants to keep his word, or if there is another reason.

When Xiao Yu’er was lying helpless in his arms earlier, he suddenly felt a surge of inexplicable feelings. Looking at Xiao Yu’er’s face, he suddenly felt that this is not his enemy, but a close friend he has known for years.

He felt Xiao Yu’er’s faint breathing on his arm, and only felt that this is not someone he wants to kill, but someone he should be protecting at all costs.

Until the time Xiao Yu’er fell to the ground, this strange feeling still lingered in his heart, and after seeing that confident smile of Xiao Yu’er, how can he strike now!

Hua Wu Que sighed again. In his heart, he did not feel a thread of enmity towards Xiao Yu’er, and he himself cannot tell when this strange feeling started.

This feeling, seemed to have been buried in his heart since a long time ago, and was only triggered when Xiao Yu’er’s skin touched his skin.

Looking at Xiao Yu’er, he was mumbling in his heart, “Jiang Xiao Yu, Jiang Xiao Yu, what are you thinking? Are you having the same thoughts as me?” Xiao Yu’er was also staring intently at him, and indeed is having deep thoughts.

Mr Copper looked down from the treetop, and on seeing two people standing shoulder to shoulder, his cold eyes became hotter than fire, and shouted, “Hua Wu Que, do not wait another three months! Strike now!”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly looked heavenward and laughed madly, “Why can’t it wait another three months? You’re afraid that after three months, all the more he will not strike?”

Mr Copper raised his voice, “What do I have to fear! The two of you are born enemies, your lives are fated, that one of you must die at the hands of the other!”

Xiao Yu’er roared, “Since that is the case, then why do you want to force him now. If you want me to die right now, then do it yourself…. Why don’t you dare to do it?”

It was as if someone stabbed Mr Copper right at the heart, and he flew down with a cry.

End of Chapter 64

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