Chapter 73 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 73

The light in the little hall was very dim. These two people, one tall and one short, standing in the gloomy shadow, were actually emanating an inexplicable eerie feeling. Their looks were not exceptionally special, but the expression, the posture, the eerie blue eyes, it’s as if they do not live on this world at all.

Jiang Yu Lang’s heart had already tied into a knot, but he showed no expression on his face, and said with a slight smile, “Are the two of you referring to me?”

The short person said with a silly laugh, “I have also seen numerous flirts, play boys, but if we’re talking about tactics to handle women, none of them were half as good as Brother here.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed heartily, “Your ability to tell jokes, is indeed marvelous.”

The short person said with a creepy laugh, “Now this Miss is in Brother’s hands, now that we see that Brother will soon have warm, soft body in your arms, won’t Brother let my brother and me be happy as well?”

The tall person said coldly, “What we mean, is that if Brother would like to have a good time, you have to give us brothers some benefits as well, or else…”

Jiang Yu Lang rolled his eyes, and he said with a wide smile, “Could it be that the two of you want a share as well?”

The short person laughed, “That we wouldn’t dare, just that since Brother has a new person, then the Miss in the blanket, you should at least give to us brothers.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “So the two of you really do know quite a bit.”

The tall person replied coolly, “To be honest, ever since Brother started following this Miss, your every move has been seen clearly by us.”

Jiang Yu Lang laughed loudly, “Marvelous, marvelous. I did not expect Brothers to be so interested in me. Please take a seat quickly, and allow me to offer a toast to the two of you.”

The tall person said, “Wine, we could use, but the snacks to go with the wine, my brother and I carry it with us.” He actually took out a rat from his sleeve, put it in his mouth and started chewing.

Jiang Yu Lang was stunned, and laughed, “So you are from the same place as that five friends, no wonder you are so well-informed about me.”

The tall person said icily, “Besides wanting to ask Brother to give us Miss Murong, we would also like to find out from Brother about something!”

“What thing?”

The eyes of the tall person gleamed murderously, and said “The three people in the cave, who are they really? And how are they related to you?”

Jiang Yu Lang beamed, “Those three people, one is named Xuanyuan Sanguang, one is named Jiang Xiao Yu, one is named Hua Wu Que. Since the two of you saw what happened, you should know that they are my enemies?”

That person smiled sinisterly, “Good, very good.”

Jiang Yu Lang tried to test them, “Those five friends earlier, could they have been….”

That person exclaimed, “That’s right, they’ve been killed by them!”

Jiang Yu Lang heaved a sigh of relief, and added, “So this means that, we have a common enemy, I really should offer the two of you a toast.”

That person said, “Very good, after Brother has drank this wine, then come with us!”

The short person continued, “As for this Miss, during the journey Brother could always…. Haha, my brother and I will certainly prepare a comfortable and large horse carriage for Brother.”

Jiang Yu Lang asked in surprise, “Where does the two of you want me to go?”

That person smiled, “We would like to trouble Brother to come back with us, so that we can lure those three people.”

Jiang Yu Lang suddenly laughed, “Your meaning, I have fully understood. Since the two of you are thinking of luring the three of them for revenge, it will also be beneficial to me, so why would I not agree?”

The short person laughed loudly, “Brother is really an understanding person, we should offer you a toast as well.”

The tall and short person lifted their cups and emptied it in one gulp.

But they have just lifted their heads, the wine has yet to go down their throats, and Jiang Yu Lang’s cup has already flown out with a ‘whoosh’, hitting on the tall person’s throat. That person roared, the wine spurted out from his nose and he fell over.

The short person was startled, and before he could react, Jiang Yu Lang’s palms had already struck out like lightning.

His skills may not be as good as Xiao Yu’er’s, but it was vicious enough. There were two sounds of ‘pak, pak’ and the short person fell down as well.

Jiang Yu Lang smacked his hands and said with a cold smile, “Just the two of you and you want to bring me away, you’re still far from it.”

The two of them laid straightly on the ground, unmoving, but they were not dead yet. Jiang Yu Lang only sealed their acupoints. Tie Ping Gu slid down from the chair again. In this darkening dusk, her rosy cheeks really looked cuter than anything else. Therefore he called loudly to the staff to carry his ‘two drunk friends’ to the room next door, together with that ‘sick lady’. Although the two of them don’t look drunk at all, but most waiters are smart people, and know when they should open their eyes and when they should shut them.

The waiter left the lighted accounts room, and stood in the little dark courtyard. Of course he did not come to eavesdrop on others intentionally, but if some slight noise were to come from this room, he would of course not cover his ears. He did not want to be a gentleman.

It’s just like a turtle who met with something, and hid his head in his shell. As long as he doesn’t see it, he feels at ease.

By now, Tie Ping Gu has sobered.

She only felt her whole body in pain, in so much pain that it seems like it’s splitting, and she’s also having a headache. Alcohol has become like a little ghost, sawing through her brain from the inside.

Then, she suddenly realized a sleeping Jiang Yu Lang lying next to her. She used all her strength and screamed. She used all her strength and pushed Jiang Yu Lang down.

Jiang Yu Lang laid on the floor, and actually started crying! The person who should cry is someone else, but he actually did it first.

Jiang Yu Lang cried bitterly, “I know I’ve done wrong, I know I’ve let you down, I only ask that you forgive me…”

Tie Ping Gu gritted her teeth, her whole body shaking, “I… I wish I could…”

“If you hate me, then kill me, I… I really could not control myself, I was drunk too, we should not have drunk.”

He suddenly jumped up the bed and cried loudly, “I beg you to kill me, kill me, maybe I’ll feel better.”

Tie Ping Gu had originally really wanted to kill him, but now… now there was not an ounce of strength in her hands. She was originally full of sadness and hatred, full of anger, but Jiang Yu Lang actually cried first, and crying so bitterly too, that she is now at a loss.

Jiang Yu Lang peeped at the changes in her expressions through the gaps in his fingers, and sobbed even more miserably. He knows that a man’s tears, is sometimes even more useful than a woman’s.

Tie Ping Gu finally also fell on the bed, and cried bitterly. Besides crying, she has no other ideas.

Jiang Yu Lang’s eyes revealed a self-satisfied smile, but he still said through miserable cries, “What I have done may be wrong, but my heart is sincere, if you believe me, I will prove to you, I’ll never let you down in this lifetime.”

He touched Tie Ping Gu’s body again, but Tie Ping Gu did not avoid him, and naturally Jiang Yu Lang understood the meaning very well.

He suddenly hugged her tightly and cried loudly, “Either you forgive me, or kill me… you can kill me, but you cannot make me not like you, I’ll like you even in death…”

Tie Ping Gu still did not move, Jiang Yu Lang knew that he had succeeded. He leaned next to Tie Ping Gu, and uttered the world’s most gentle and sweet words, he knows that this is what she needs most right now.

Tie Ping Gu’s cries really weakened, she’s always been all alone, she originally felt at a loss, with no one to rely on, but now she suddenly realize that she’s no longer lonely. Jiang Yu Lang couldn’t help but laugh happily, and said gently, “You don’t hate me anymore?”

Tie Ping Gu mustered up her courage, popped her head up, and while biting her lips, said “As long as you’re telling the truth, as long as you don’t forget your words today, I…” Suddenly, a shrill scream came from the room next door. Although this scream was very short, but it’s enough to make one’s hair stand on hearing it.

With the greatest speed that a person can make to ensure that everything is in place, Jiang Yu Lang dashed out of the room like an arrow, he seemed to have forgotten about Tie Ping Gu immediately.

Jiang Yu Lang dashed out, but he did not go into the room where the scream came from, but opened the three windows of the room first instead. Then, he lighted a lamp and threw it through the window! The oil lamp smashed onto the floor, and the flame started burning on the floor.

The flickering firelight, made this dark and damp little room look even more eerie and mysterious. He saw that Murong Jiu was still well in the blanket and unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

But he had not finished breathing out in relief, when he realized that that tall and short person had disappeared, they’ve turned into two puddles of blood!

This scene caused even Jiang Yu Lang to shiver, and yet he felt relieved.

That dangerous and cruel man, if he was here to kill these two, then why should he object or feel afraid?

By now, a person had appeared in the flickering fire.

This person’s face, seems translucent under the light, so translucent that one can almost see his eerily blue skeleton.

Those eyes of his, doesn’t look like human eyes, but like a kind of vicious man-eating beast who has been hungry for a few days and nights.

Jiang Yu lang is not an ignoramus, and is not easily shocked, but when he saw this person, his heart almost stopped beating! This person also stared at Jiang Yu Lang icily, and said each word slowly, “Was it you who sealed their acupoints?”

Jiang Yu lang forced out a thin smile and said, “Exactly, I was wondering what to do with them, and since you have gotten rid of them, I really do not know how to express my gratitude.”

He has already realized that this person is far more dangerous that imagined, so he hurriedly tried to befriend him, but this person still stared at him coldly. He suddenly laughed, revealing snow white teeth that looked like a beast’s, and said slowly, “I am their Master! They were originally my slaves!”

Jiang Yu Lang sucked in a cold breath of air, and said, “But you… killed them, not me.”

That person suddenly pulled up a corpse from the blood puddle and tore off it’s shirt. In the flickering firelight, there were ten shining blue words on the body: “The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated!”

Jiang Yu Lang almost vomited, and said hoarsely, “This… what does this mean, I don’t understand.”

That person said slowly, “Since these two have been humiliated by you, I can only kill them, so that they will no longer make me lose face.”

Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “I’ve killed sometimes as well, but I’ve always had a very valid reason, for example…”

The fire that was burning on the ground, was suddenly extinguished, the surroundings were again as dark as a cemetery, but this person’s eyes, was still shining blue in the darkness. He asked coldly, “For example what?”

Jiang Yu Lang said, “For example, when I know that someone is going to kill me, I’ll usually kill him first!”

His eyes gleamed as well, on the ready to strike anytime.

Although he strongly believed that this person is not someone to be trifled with, he also strongly believes that he himself is also not to be trifled with easily.

Who would have expected that person to laugh suddenly.

His laughter sounds like a rat gnawing on wood, causing goosebumps to rise all over one’s body. He said with a loud laugh, “When I want to kill someone, I won’t talk so much to him.” Jiang Yu Lang was surprised, “Why don’t you wish to kill me?”

That person replied coolly, “If within seven days, you can take me and find Xuanyuan Sanguang, Jiang Xiao Yu and Hua Wu Que, not only will you not die now, but you will live a long life instead.”

Jiang Yu Lang sighed, “They are also my enemies, if you can kill them, naturally I’ll be very willing to bring you to look for them. A pity that it’s not an easy task to kill these three, but quite easy to be killed by them. If you failed in killing them and ended up being killed instead, won’t I be implicated as well.”

That person asked fiercely, “What would make you believe that I can kill them?”

Jiang Yu Lang replied, “That will depend on what you can do to make me believe.”

That person laughed icily, “I have more than a thousand ways to make you believe, if you would like to witness the miraculous skills of the followers of Wu Ya, I don’t mind letting you see one…”

He seemed to have waved his hand, and a type of eerie blue flame shot out, landing on the wall. The flame was not very strong, and it extinguished immediately upon touching the wall, without burning at all. But once the flame flashed, this person is already in the courtyard. He did not fly out the window at all, but how did he get out? In Jiang Yu Lang’s shock, he suddenly realized there’s another large hole in the wall.

Jiang Yu Lang was shocked stiff. This person’s lightness skill may be shocking, but it did not scare him. But this kind of non-burning, but destructive flame, he has really never seen it before.

This person is now next to him, his gleaming eyes staring at him, and said each word slowly, “Do you want to see anything else?”

Suddenly another person was heard laughing madly, “The marvelous skills of the followers of Wu ya, I don’t think it’s anything much!” Amidst the mad laughter, a shadow is already descending with the speed of a meteor.

End of Chapter 73

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