Chapter 74 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 74

This person’s shape is not extremely tall or large, but seems to be as solid as a mountain!

That follower of Wu Ya seemed to be worried about his aura, and took three steps back, saying fiercely, “Who dares to be so rude towards the followers of Wu Ya?”

“It is Yan Nan Tian!” These five words were like shooting stars, able to light up the land!

Yan Nan Tian shouted, “Who are you to Wei Wu Ya? Where is he now?”

Although that person was afraid, but he still laughed madly, “You don’t have to look for my Teacher, the four head disciples of Wu Ya’s followers have all wanted to look for Yan Nan Tian to exchange moves. I did not expect that I, Wei Bai Yi, would be luckier than others…”

Jiang Yu Lang suddenly exclaimed angrily, “Who are you, to have the audacity to be so rude to Hero Yan!”

Amidst the shout, he had already jumped across, striking his lightning fast palms three times at Wei Bai Yi. These three palms were brilliant and lively, and it’s the orthodox moves of Wu Dang!

The Wu Dang Palm is the most popular palm moves in the martial arts realm, and Jiang Yu Lang of course is up to no good when he secretly learned this kind of palm moves.

He used al his strength in the three palm attacks, and it actually encompassed the essence of Wu Dang Palm. Wei Bai Yi laughed madly and said, “You dare to strike against me as well?”

He only knows that he can fight off Jiang Yu Lang with only two or three moves, but he does not know that Jiang Yu Lang may be a coward, but he is definitely not a fool.

He actually belittled Jiang Yu Lang’s martial arts. Suddenly, Jiang Yu Lang gained the upper hand, and he was unable to change circumstances back in his favor.

Jiang Yu Lang knows that Yan Nan Tian will definitely not let him be disadvantaged, and with Yan Nan Tian supporting at the side, what else is there to be afraid of. The bolder he is, the faster his moves. Wei Bai Yi’s martial arts may be strange and vicious, but there was nothing he could do to him.

Suddenly Wei Bai Yi’s body started turning, four to five eerie blue flames suddenly shot out! But it could not be seen where they are being shot!

Yan Nan Tian roared, and a gush of air from his palm flew out, pushing Jiang Yu Lang’s body away, shattering apart the eerie blue flames, and causing Wei Bai Yi to stagger back a few steps.

By now the roar has become a loud cry, and amidst the cry, Yan Nan Tian’s body had leaped into the air like a dancing roc. Wei Bai Yi lifted his head and looked up, his bravado completely deserted, by the time he thought of hiding, there is no way he can hide. He roared madly and blood spurted out from his mouth, and fell down, facing heavenward!

Yan Nan Tian grabbed him by his collar and asked angrily, “Where is Wei Wu Ya?”

Wei Bai Yi opened his eyes, looked at Yan Nan Tian and replied with an sly smile, “The followers of Wu Ya, rather be killed than humiliated…”

This time when he opened his mouth to talk, there is already a putrid blue liquid flowing out of his mouth, and when he finished saying these ten words, he can never say another word again.

Yan Nan Tian let him down and said with a long sigh, “It’s unexpected that the followers of Wei Wu Ya, would be such vicious and mad disciples…”

He suddenly turned towards Jiang Yu Lang and said with a broad smile, “But you… are you a disciple of Wu Dang?”

Only now did Jiang Yu Lang regain his thoughts, and immediately bowed and said with a smile, “Disciple of Wu Dang, Jiang Yu Lang, pays his respects to Elder.”

Yan Nan Tian helped him up and laughed loudly, “Good, good, that the orthodox sects will have such an outstanding disciple like you, even if they were to recruit a few more madmen, I would not worry.”

Jiang Yu Lang’s expression became even more respectful, and said with a bow, “But if not for Elder who coincidentally happened to be here today, disciple would have lost his life.”

When he said the word ‘coincidentally’, his heart was full of delight, for if Yan Nan Tian had come a moment earlier, had heard a few more words of his, right now he could be lying together with Wei Bai Yi on the floor.

Yan Nan Tian said with a smile, “This is really a coincidence, if not for the fact that I have arranged to meet my little friend here, I wouldn’t be here as well.”

He slapped Jiang Yu Lang’s shoulder and laughed loudly, “His name is Hua Wu Que, if you have been roaming in the martial arts realm these recent years, you would have heard this name.”

Jiang Yu Lang’s expression did not change and said with a smile, “Junior have not left the mountains for long, as to the heroes in the martial arts realm, I’m still not that familiar.”

He had been looking out, and until now, there were still no movement from Tie Ping Gu, and this made him secretly heave a sigh of relief. He continued, “When disciple arrived just now, that Wei Bai Yi was about to strike a Miss Murong, this lady is still lying in the room right now, would Elder want to take a look.”

Yan Nan Tian’s expression changed, “Miss Murong? … could she be from the Murong Family.” As he spoke, he was already leaping in. Naturally Murong Jiu was still lying on the blanket.

The room was dark but Yan Nan Tian only took two looks and said, “This child’s sleeping acupoint has been sealed. This acupoint may not be a fatal one, but because the strength used to seal it was too heavy, and her acupoint has been sealed for at least twelve to fourteen hours.”

Jiang Yu lang exclaimed hoarsely, “Has it been twelve to fourteen hours? In that case, this Miss’s strength must have been damaged greatly.”

Yan Na n Tian said somberly, “That’s right, her vitality has been severely damaged, if I were to suddenly unseal her acupoint how, I’m afraid she will need to wait three months before she can recover.”

Jiang Yu Lang asked, “Then… then what can be done?”

Yan Nan Tian replied, “When I use my internal energy to regulate her blood flow, any disturbance is the most taboo, if I am interrupted, not only will her condition become more severe, even I would suffer. But with your protection, I need not worry.”

Jiang Yu lang smiled along and said, “Elder, rest assured. Disciple may not be capable, but I’m confident that nothing will go wrong in such a minor matter.”

Yan Nan Tian laughed loudly, “If I’m not assured about you, would I take this risk… if I can’t even trust the disciple of Priest Zi Xu, who else can I trust?”

Therefore he sat cross legged on the bed, both his palms pressed onto Murong Jiu’s back. Although the room is still very dark, but the look of gravity could still be seen on his face.

Jiang Yu Lang stood behind him, and the corners of his mouth curved up into a sinister smile unconsciously.

Why isn’t there any movement from Tie Ping Gu? It’s because she had left long ago. Jiang Yu Lang’s honeyed words may have appeased her anger, but it made her more ashamed. When she sobered, she felt as if she had betrayed herself.

She hated herself, why did she not kill Jiang Yu Lang. She hated herself for not being able to bring herself to strike. She knows that since she was unable to strike just now, she’ll forever be unable to strike.

She hated herself, why did she make it so easy for someone to steal the most precious thing in her whole life, and she seemed to have fallen in love with this hateful thief in spite of that.

Tie Ping Gu dashed out in a huff. This inn was at the edge of the little town. Running out of this little town, the earth seemed even darker, she can’t see any roads nor differentiate the directions.

Suddenly, there were two human shadows walking over in the darkness. These two shadows seemed to be of the same size and height, as if they were cut from the same mold.

They stopped far away, naturally Tie Ping Gu can’t see their faces clearly, but with such a quiet, dark night, no matter how soft a voice is, it will still sound very clearly. One of them said, “Jiang Xiao Yu, you really do not wish to see him?”

The three words ‘Jiang Xiao Yu’ traveled to Tie Ping Gu’s ears, and she almost wanted to fly towards him and hurl herself into his arms.

But she knows that now she no longer has the right to be in anyone’s arms. She can only grit her teeth and bear with it.

The slight breeze really carried Jiang Xiao Yu’s voice with it! He said with a laugh, “You’ve said it wrongly, it’s not that I don’t wish to see him, just that ‘right now’ I don’t wish to see him.”

Hua Wu Que continued, “How would you know that he will definitely stop you! Maybe…”

Xiao Yu’er interrupted, “Of course he may let me go, but I don’t wish to take this risk. Since I have made up my mind to do this, then I must do it!”

Hua Wu Que said, “But since you have accompanied me all the way here…”

Xiao Yu’er asked, “Where would Hero Yan be waiting for you.”

Hua Yu Que pointed, “At an inn in that small town just in front, this small town only has one inn, I will definitely not lose my way.”

When she heard that, Tie Ping Gu’s heart jumped again… Jiang Yu Lang is still at that inn right now, and they are going to that inn as well. Although she hates Jiang Yu Lang to the core, but once she heard that Jiang Yu Lang is in danger, she forgot everything and strangely started being concerned about him.

Xiao Yu’er was heard replying slowly, “I originally wanted to ask you to accompany me to Turtle Hill, but I know that since you have made an appointment with others, you will not break your word, right?”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a moment and said, “With our parting today, I wonder…” He suddenly stopped talking, and have no wish to continue.

Xiao Yu’er pounded his shoulder heavily and said softly, “No matter what, we will have a chance to meet again…” He has not finished his words and was already walking out with large strides. Hua Wu Que thought for a while and ran after him, saying, “It’s still early now, I’ll send you off as well.”

Tie Ping Gu looked at their silhouettes slowly disappearing, her body shivering, and gritting her teeth, she suddenly jumped up and ran back towards that inn.

The window was opened and inside and outside the window, lay three bodies. A burly stranger was on the bed helping a lady regulate her energy flow.

Jiang Yu lang’s eyes were shimmering with a strange light, the corners of his mouth revealed a cruel smile, staring at that man’s back and slowly raising his hand!

Tie Ping Gu dashed to the front of the window, and without finding out what was actually happening here, just blurted out, “Jiang Yu Lang, you…”

Once the three words ‘Jiang Yu Lang’ were out of her mouth, Yan Nan Tian had already turned around suddenly, and the color on his face changed, he is too late!

Jiang Yu lang’s palms have landed on his back heavily!

Yan Nan Tian roared angrily, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out onto Murong Jiu’s slim body! Jiang Yu Lang was also frightened into taking a few steps back by this roar, retreating to the wall.

Yan Nan Tian’s hair was in disarray, his eyes piercing, and he shouted hoarsely, “Rat, I saved your life, and you dare to make a sneak attack on me?”

Jiang Yu Lang was so petrified that his legs have turned soft, his back stuck to the wall, he slid down with a ‘plonk’, not even having the strength to climb up again.

Yan Nan Tian clenched his fists tightly, walked over step by step and shouted, “Who are you actually? Why did you sneak an attack upon me? Speak!”

How would Jiang Yu Lang dare to raise his head to look at him, but he sneaked a peek at Tie Ping Gu who was outside the window. There’s no more spark in the eyes, just a piteous look.

On seeing that Jiang Yu Lang actually using such a vicious method to harm someone, Tie Ping Gu was shocked and angry, but when she saw his pitiful eyes, her heart softened again.

Without knowing why, she leaped over in confusion, she hit out a palm with a bellow in confusion, and Yan Nan Tian finally collapsed!

Jiang Yu Lang jumped up in joy and said with a laugh, “You want to know who I am? Fine, I’ll tell you, I am the son of the Hero of Jiang Nan, Jiang Yu Lang! What Wu Dang disciple, in my eyes they’re not even worth a fart!”

Yan Nan Tian was startled, and shocked, and he finally closed his lids slowly, and laughed madly, “Good! Good! I have roamed the world, but never did I expect to die today at the hands of a rat like you!”

Jiang Yu Lang smiled sinisterly, “Since you are so rude with your words, I will let you suffer a little more before you die!”

Tie Ping Gu kept staring at her own hands in a daze, and suddenly she held on to Jiang Yu Lang with these hands and said, “He is about to die, why must you be so cruel again.”

Jiang Yu Lang caressed her face with a smile and said, “Fine, you ask me to spare him, I’ll spare him…”

Tie Ping Gu pushed his hands away and said, “Hua Wu Que is coming!”

The smile on Jiang Yu Lang’s face disappeared immediately, and he asked hoarsely, “You saw him?”

Tie Ping Gu bit her lips and replied, “And Jiang Xiao Yu!”

Jiang Yu Lang did not speak further, but pulled Tie Ping Gu and walked. He walked out the door, but came back, and carried up Murong Jiu from the bed. Anything that is beneficial to him, he will never give up.

They actually left this little town very easily. Later, Jiang Yu Lang suddenly asked, “You said you saw Hua Wu Que, how did you recognize him?”

Tie Ping Gu’s eyes gazed into the distance and was silent for a long moment before saying each word clearly, “Because I am also from the Floral Palace…”

Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que walked slowly, the night is so dark and quiet, that they could hear the silent breathing of the earth. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard from afar!

Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que suddenly paused in their steps. Without saying a word, the both of them ran towards the sound of the roar.

At the door of the inn, there’s a person lying on the ledge of the door vomiting. This happens to be the owner of the inn. He saw with his eyes, heard with his ears a series of cold blooded murder happening in his shop, but there was nothing he could do except to vomit, as if he is trying to throw up the discomfort and shame he felt.

Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que still did not talk, but just exchanged a look and ran into the inn together. They saw in that house with the lamp Yan Nan Tian who had collapsed in a pool of blood!

This is just like a mountain that suddenly collapsed in front of them, this is just like the earth suddenly splitting in front of them, they were immediately shocked stiff!

Yan Nan Tian struggled, and opened his eyes. On his slowly hardening face, he revealed a trace of bitter smile, and said, “You… you are here…. Very good… very good…”

Hua Wu Que finally went over and kneeled down, asking hoarsely, “Has Junior come too late?”

Yan Nan Tian smiled sadly, “To be able to see the both of you before I die, I shall die without regrets!”

Xiao Yu’er had already carried him up in tears, crying loudly, “You will not die, no one can kill you!”

Hua Wu Que actually started shouting, “Who did such a vicious thing? Who?”

Yan Nan Tian replied, “Jiang Yu Lang!”

Hua Wu Que took a long breath, and said each word slowly, “I must kill him, to avenge you!”

Yan Nan Tian smiled again and turned towards Xiao Yu’er.

Xiao Yu’er has been looking at him closely, and now he suddenly exclaimed, “No need for him to kill Jiang Yu Lang, Jiang Yu Lang is mine. No matter who Elder is, I will avenge Elder regardless of anything else!”

Hua Wu Que was shocked, and asked hoarsely, “No matter who Elder is?… Who else could Elder be if not Hero Yan?”

‘Yan Nan Tian’ has started laughing loudly. Although it pained him to laugh, and beads of sweat as large as soy beans were on his forehead, but he still laughed endlessly. He looked at Xiao Yu’er and laughed, “I thought I could fool everyone, who would have expected that I could not fool you in the end.”

Hua Wu Que exclaimed again, “Could it be that Elder is not Yan Nan Tian, Hero Yan?”

‘Yan Nan Tian’ replied, “Yan Nan Tian is only my first good friend in my life…”

Hua Wu Que asked hoarsely, “Then Elder, you …?”

‘Yan Nan Tian’ said, “My surname is Lu.”

Xiao yu’er asked, “Lu Zhong Yuan? Could Elder be the ‘Nan Tian Hero’ Lu Zhong Yuan!”

Lu Zhong Yuan smiled, “You have heard of my name?”

Xiao Yu’er sighed, “Disciple have heard of Elder’s heroic name since I was five years old, that ‘Bloody Hands’ Du Sha, although he almost died at Elder’s hands, but he still respects Elder very much.”

Hua Wu Que asked, “But… but why would Hero Lu want to pretend to be Hero Yan?”

Lu Zhong Yuan replied, “Be.. because Yan…” His breathing became fast, his strength even weaker, even talking would cause him great pain now.

Xiao Yu’er said, “I think I can guess a little about this matter, why don’t I say it out for Hero Lu. If I’m correct, Elder can nod his head, If I’m wrong, Elder can always speak on his own.”

There was a look of approval in Lu Zhong Yuan’s eyes, and he nodded his head with a slight smile, “Fine!”

Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and said “Ever since Hero Yan escaped from the Valley of Evil, although he has slowly regained his senses, but he has not totally recovered the use of his martial arts for the time being, right?” Lu Zhong Yuan nodded his head.

Xiao Yu’er continued, “After he left the Valley, he looked for Hero Lu, right?”

Lu Zhong Yuan replied, “That’s right.”

Xiao Yu’er said, “On the way, he already realized that some major catastrophe is about to happen in the martial arts realm, and hated himself for being unable to stop it, so he wanted to ask Hero Lu to help him, right?”


Xiao Yu’er continued, “He was afraid that his martial arts would be lost, so once he saw Hero Lu, he told you the secrets to his martial arts.”

Without waiting for him to finish talking, Lu Zhong Yuan was shaking his head and struggling to say, “More than ten years ago, I was defeated by Wei Wu Ya. Only at that time I realized that my martial arts were not up to par, and was about to retire…” His face revealed a look of pain again.

Xiao Yu’er immediately continued, “So this time Hero Yan begged Elder to come out of retirement, and Elder is afraid that your martial arts would still not be up to par, so you asked Hero Yan to reveal the secrets of his martial arts, right?” Lu Zhong Yuan nodded with a smile.

Xiao Yu’er added, “Because of this reason, and because Hero Lu does not want to take credit for others, so this time when you came back to the martial arts realm, you borrowed Hero Yan’s title.”

He continued with a smile, “With Hero Lu’s status and reputation, naturally he does not wish to use Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts to boost the name of ‘Nan Tian Hero’, I wonder if I have guessed correctly?”

Lu Zhong Yuan replied with a smile, “Besides this, there’s another point.”

Xiao Yu’er thought for a while again, and said “Could it be that Hero Yan deduced that once he leaves the Valley of Evil, all the evil people in the Valley would leave it in a swarm. He was even more afraid of these people doing more evil in the martial arts realm, and knows that only the three words ‘Yan Nan Tian’ can scare them, so he begged Elder to impersonate him for the time being.”

Lu Zhong Yuan used all his remaining strength and asked despite his pain, “You are really a smart person, but… but I… I believed that not only have I learnt Yan Nan Tian’s martial arts, I even asked Wan Chun Liu to changed my looks. As for Yan Nan Tian’s voice and smiles, I think that I have imitated him well, I really cannot understand how you can see through me?”

“When Elder saw me first, you should have mentioned Wan Chun Liu, but Elder totally forgot about this person. From that moment, I started having my suspicions. Besides, Elder’s expressions, although is exactly the same as what was said about Yan Nan Tian ten over years ago, this is not only abnormal , but absolutely impossible.” He continued sadly, “Because I know deeply the pain that hero Yan endured these ten over years, and after such suffering, no one can remain unchanged!”

Lu Zhong Yuan can’t help but say sadly, “That’s right, Yan Nan Tian has… has really changed a lot.” His voice was so weak that even Xiao Yu’er almost couldn’t hear him.

In his heart there’re these words that he did not say out loud, if he is the real Yan Nan Tian, how could he not have recognized that the Jiang Bie He of today is the Jiang Qin of yesteryear! But since he had promised Jiang Bie He, he can only keep this secret.

Xiao Yu’er heaved a long sigh and said, “Now I only beg that Elder tell me, Hero Yan, Uncle Yan, where is he right now?” Lu Zhong Yuan did not reply, he has closed his eyes yet again.

End of Chapter 74

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