Du Fu: As An Evening Visitor


As An Evening Visitor

客 夜
客 睡 何 曾 著
秋 天 不 肯 明!
久 帘 残 月 影
高 枕 远 江 声。
计 拙 无 衣 食
途 穷 仗 友 生。
老 妻 书 数 纸
应 悉 未 归 情。
Ke Ye

Ke shui he cong zhuo
Qiu tian bu ken ming!
Jiu lian can yue ying
Gao zhen yuan jiang sheng.

Ji zhuo wu yi shi
Tu qiong zhang you sheng.
Lao qi shu shu zhi
Ying xu wei gui qing.



As An Evening Visitor

Not able to calm down and go to sleep
Autumn weather, the sky has yet to brighten!
Waning crescent moon reflections enter the curtains
Pillows propped up, far away river sounds.

Awkward survival skills without clothes and food
On a road of poverty, depend upon my friends for living.
Frequently received letters from my old wife
She should know that I want to return as soon as possible.

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