Du Fu: Feng Ji Station Inn, Again Send Off Yan Gong


Feng Ji Station Inn, Again Send Off Yan Gong

奉 济 驿 重 送 严 公 四 韵
远 送 从 此 别
青 山 空 复 情!
几 时 杯 重 把?
昨 夜 月 同 行。
列 郡 讴 歌 惜
三 朝 出 久 荣。
江 村 独 归 处
寂 寞 养 残 生!
Feng Ji Yi Chong Song Yan Gong Si Yun

Yuan song cong ci bie
Qing shan kong fu qing!
Ji shi bei chong ba?
Zuo ye yue tong xing.

Lie jun ou ge xi
San chao chu ru rong.
Jiang cun du gui chu
Ji mo yang can sheng!


Feng Ji Station Inn, Again Send Off Yan Gong

This send off is to a place far away
Green mountains again have empty emotions!
How many seasons before we can again hold our wine cups?
Yesterday evening we all came here under the moon.

Appreciated the folk songs performed for you by each passing prefecture
Three times went out from, and returned back to the palace with fancy fanfare.
I will go back alone to live in my riverside village
Quiet and lonely into my remaining years.



Yan Gong:  A high level army general served three different emperors. This poem describes his trip from a post in Sichuan back to the capital city of Chang’an.

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