Du Mu: Li Heding


Li Heding

李 和 鼎
鹏 鸟 飞 来 庚 子 直
谪 去 日 蚀 辛 卯 年。
由 来 枉 死 贤 才 事
消 长 相 持 势 自然。
Li He Ding

Peng niao fei lai geng zi zhi
Zhe qu ri shi xin mao nian.
You lai wang si xian cai shi
Xiao chang xiang chi zhi zi ran.


Li Heding

Like a roc flying during the seventh Heavenly Stem
Banished from Heaven, he died after a few years in the eighth Heavenly Stem.
The able and virtuous often die in vain
Better to follow what is of Nature, rather than draw violent attention.



Roc:  A huge legendary bird.

Seventh Heavenly Stem:  The Year of the Dragon

Eighth Heavenly Stem: The Year of the Sheep

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