Li Bai: Go to Three Gorges


Go to Three Gorges



上 三 峡
巫 峡 夹 青 天
巴 水 流 若 兹。
巴 水 忽 可 尽
青 天 无 到 时。
三 朝 上 黄 牛
三 暮 行 太 迟。
三 朝 又 三 暮
不 觉 鬓 成 丝。
Shang San Xia

Wu xia jia qing tian
Ba shui liu ruo zi.
Ba shui hu ke jin
Qing tian wu dao shi.

San zhao shang huang niu
San mu xing tai chi.
San zhao you san mu
Bu jue bin cheng si.


Go to Three Gorges

Twelve gorges mingle through a narrow canyon gap to the clear skies
Ba River flows to here from Ye Lang.
Suddenly the rapids disappear
Blue skies without an end in time or space.

Mt. Huangniu visible for several straight mornings
After several sunsets to finally travel seems slow and delayed.
Several dawns, also several sunsets
Did not feel my temple hair turn to white silk.



Ba River:  Largest tributary to the Nanpan River in eastern Yunnan Province.

Yelang: Ancient region of a confederation of rural peoples in western Guizhou.

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