Li Bai: Stay Overnight Below Mt. Wu


Stay Overnight Below Mt. Wu


夜 巫 山 下
昨 夜 巫 山 下
猿 声 梦 里 长。
桃 花 飞 绿 水
三 月 下 瞿 塘。
雨 色 风 吹 去
南 行 拂 楚 王。
高 丘 怀 宋 玉
访 古 一 沾 裳。


Ye Wu Shan Xia

Zuo ye zuo shan xia
Yuan sheng meng li chang.
Tao hua fei lu shui
San yue xia qu tang.

Yu se feng yin qu
Nan xing fu chu wang.
Gao qiu huai song yu
Fang gu yi zhan chang.


Stay Overnight Below Mt. Wu

Late at night I stayed over below Mt. Wu
All night monkey sounds inside my dreams.
Peach blossoms fly along the green water
In three months go to Qutang.

Wind blows out the rain colors
Traveling south like the Chu king.
Think of Song Yu’s poems of Gao Qiu
Visit ancient graves, one moist sleeve.


Wu Mountains: Located between Hubei Province and the Municipality of Chongqing.

Qutang:  The shortest gorge of the Three Gorges on the Changjiang (Yangzi River).

Chu:  Ancient kingdom and region during the Zhou Dynasty consisting of Hubei, Hunan, and portions of neighboring provinces.

Song Yu:  (298-263 BC) Contributed some of his work to the “Songs of Chu“.

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