Li Bai: Stay Overnight With a Qing Xi Host


Stay Overnight With a Qing Xi Host



宿 清 溪 主 人
夜 到 清 溪 宿
主 人 碧 岩 里。
檐 楹 挂 星 斗
枕 席 响 风 水。
月 落 西 山 时
啾 啾 夜 猿 起。
Su Qing Xi Zhu Ren

Ye dao qing xi su
Zhu ren bi yan li.
Yan ying gua xing dou
Zhen du xiang feng shui.
Yue luo xi shan shi
Jiu jiu ye yuan qi.


Stay Overnight With a Qing Xi Host

Evening arrives, stay overnight at Qing Xi
Host inside bluish-green rock cliffs.
Big Dipper suspended from pillars and eaves
Rest upon a pillow and bamboo mat, wind and water echoes.
Time for moonset in the western mountains
Evening monkey sounds arise.

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