Li Bai: Thinking of Him At the Frontier


Thinking of Him At the Frontier

思 边
去 年 何 时 君 别 妾?
南 园 绿 草 飞 蝴 蝶。
今 岁 何 时 妾 忆 君
西 山 白 雪 暗 秦 云。
玉 关 去 此 三 千 里
欲 寄 音 书 哪 可 闻?
Si Bian

Qu nian he shi jun bie qie?
Nan yuan lu cao fei hu die.
Jin sui he shi qie yi jun?
Xi shan bai xue an qin yun.
Yu guan qu ci san qian li
Yu ji yin shu na ke wen?


Thinking of Him At the Frontier

What time of year did you leave me?
Southern gardens have green grasses and butterflies on the wing.
Why do I remember you throughout each season?
White snow in the western mountains hidden by Qin clouds.
Two thousand miles away you remain at a mountain pass gate stronghold
How can I write a letter to you of my extraordinary hopes and desires?




Qin:  The Qin kingdom (ca. 900-207 BC) during the Zhou Dynasty, and the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) in the west during ancient times.

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