Lu Yu: Summer Day Poem: Six-Word Lines


Summer Day Poem: Six-Word Lines



夏 日 六 言
醉 面 贪 承 夕 露
钓 竿 喜 近 秋 风。
借 问 孤 舟 何 处?
深 入 芙 蕖 浦 中。
溪 涨 清 风 拂 面
月 落 繁 星 满 天。
数 只 船 横 浦 口
一 声 笛 起 山 前。
Xia Ri Liu Yan

Zui mjian tan cheng xi lu
Diao gan xi jin qiu feng.
Jie wen gu zhou he chu?
Shen ru fu qu pu zhong.

Xi zhang qing feng fu mian
Yue luo fan xing man tian.
Shu zhi chuan heng pu kou
Yi sheng di qi shan qiang.


Summer Day Poem of Six-Words Lines

With a drunk face, covet the sunset dew
Happy with a fishing pole and autumn breezes.
I ask a solitary boat where is my house?
Appears to be deeply inside the middle of a lotus pond.

Clear breezes send small stream mists to touch my face
After moonset, numerous stars fill up the sky.
Count only a few boats across the river’s mouth
One bamboo flute sound arises in front of a mountain.


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