Meng Haoran: Search For Daoist Recluse Mei Zhang


Search For Daoist Recluse Mei Zhang


寻 梅 道 士 张 逸 人
彭 泽 先 生 柳
山 阴 道 士 鹅。
我 来 从 所 好
停 策 复 云 多。
重 以 观 鱼 乐
因 之 鼓 栖 歌。
崔 徐 迹 未 朽
千 栽 揖 清 波。
Xun Mei Dao Shi Zhang Yi Ren

Peng ze xian sheng liu
Shan yin dao shi e.
Wo lai cong suo hao
Ting ce fu yun duo.

Chong yi guan yu le
Yin zhi gu xi ge.
Cui xu ji wei xiu
Qian zai yi qing bo.


Search For Daoist Recluse Mei Zhang

The pond at Peng surrounded by spreading willow trees
Wild, foraging geese in the mountain shadows.
I arrive at this fine place of yours
My horses halt at this cloud-hidden place.

Again watch the happy fish
Follow and move to my drum and song.
Cui and Xu’s legacy has yet to fade and decay
For one thousand years bow with gratitude like the river waves.


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