Su Dongpo: Light Rain, Slanting Winds: (Wash Small Creek Sand)


Light Rain, Slanting Winds: (Wash Small Creek Sand)

细 雨 斜 风: 浣 溪 沙
细 雨 斜 风 作 小 寒
淡 烟 疏 柳 媚 晴 滩。
人 淮 清 洛 渐 漫 漫。
雪 沫 乳 花 乳 午 盏
蓼 茸 蒿 笋 试 春 盘。
人 间 有 味 是 清 欢。
Xi Yu Xie Feng: (Huan Xi Sha)

Xi yu xie feng zuo xiao han
Dan yan shu liu mei qing tan.
Ren huai qing luo jian man man.

Xue mo ru hua ru wu zhan
Liao rong hao sun shi chun pan.
Ren jian you wei shi qing huan.



Light Rain, Slanting Winds: (Wash Small Creek Sand)

Light rain, slanting winds bring on a little chill
Light mist, scattered willow trees
Beautiful and clean, sandy shallows.
Luo River flows clear into the long Huai River.

Snowy, white foam floats on flower tea
Midday small cups
Newly grown buckwheat grass, wormwood and bamboo shoots
On our springtime plates
This kind of fellowship has the flavors of pure joy.



Luo River:  Tributary to the Yellow river, winding through ancient capital city of Luoyang on it’s way to Henan Province.

Huai River:  Major river that runs east in between the Yellow River and the Changjiang (Yangzi River).

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