Tao Yuanming: Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 3


Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 3
Emotions Leisured and Cultivated

闲 情 赋
悲 晨 曦 之 易 夕
感 人 生 之 长 勤;
同 一 尽 于 百 年
何 欢 寡 而 愁 殷!
褰 朱 帏 而 正 坐
泛 清 瑟 以 自 欣。
送 纤 指 之 余 好
攘 皓 袖 之 缤 纷;
瞬 美 目 以 流 盼
含 言 笑 而 不 分。
曲 调 将 半
景 落 西 轩。
悲 商 叩 林
白 云 依 山。
仰 睇 天 路, 俯 促 鸣 弦。
神 仪 妩 媚, 举 止 详 妍。
Xian Qing Fu


Bei chen xi zhi yi xi
Gan ren sheng zhi chang qin;
Tong yi jin yu bai nian
He huan gua er chou yin !

Qian zhu wei er zheng zuo
Fan qing se yi zi xin.
Song qian zhi zhi yu hao
Rang hao xiu zhi bin fen;

Shun mei mu yi liu pan
Han yan xiao er bu fen.
Qu diao jiang ban
Jing luo xi xuan.

Bei shang kou lin
Bai yun yi shan.
Yang di tian lu, fu cu ming xian.
Shen yi wu mei, ju zhi xiang yan.


Feelings of Leisure: (Seven Parts): No. 3
Emotions Leisured and Cultivated

Melancholy morning light easily changes into sunset
Resignation arises from working so often between these times of day.
Everyone only has the time of one lifetime
What joy inside all of this sorrow and anxiety!

She sits upright behind a separated bright red curtain
Pure sounds emerge from her se that reflects a natural joy.
Her slender fingers produce music of love and beauty
White sleeves flowing back and forth, round and around.

Twinkling, pretty eyes look side to side
They contain happy words while also smiling.
Half way through her show, the melodies change
As the sunset light enters the western windows.

Melancholy wind rustles into and through the forest
White clouds yield to the mountains.
Looking up, taking a sidelong glance overhead into the paths of cloud spaces
Bows her head, ready to play the strong chords, allegro and forte, of the next movement.



Se:  A 16-stringed musical instrument.

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