Tao Yuanming: In Memory of My Sister Mrs. Cheng (407 AD): Part No. 1


In Memory of My Sister Mrs. Cheng (407 AD): Part No. 1

祭 程 氏 妹 文
维 晋 义 熙 三 年 五 月 甲 辰
程 氏 妹 服 制 再 周。
渊 明 以 少 牢 之 奠
俯 而 酹 之。
鸣 呼 哀 哉!
寒 往 暑 来
日 月 浸 疏;
梁 尘 委 积
庭 草 荒 芜。
廖 廖 空 室
哀 哀 遗 孤;
肴 觞 虚 奠
人 逝 焉 如!
谁 无 兄 弟
人 亦 同 生
嗟 我 与 尔
特 百 常 情。
慈 妣 早 世
时 尚 孺 婴;
我 年 二 六
尔 才 九 龄。
爰 从 靡 识
抚 髫 相 成。
咨 尔 令 妹
有 德 有 操。
靖 恭 鲜 言
闻 善 则 乐。
能 正 能 和
惟 友 惟 孝。
行 止 中 闺
可 象 可 效。
我 闻 为 善
庆 自 己 蹈;
彼 苍 何 偏
而 不 斯 报!
Ji Cheng Shi Mei Wen

Wei jin yi xi san nian wu yue jia chen
Cheng shi mei fu zhi zai zhou.
Yuan ming yi shao lao zhi dian
Fu er lei zhi.
Ming hu ai zai !

Han wang shu lai
Ri yue jin shu;
Liang chen wei ji
Ting cao huang wu.

Liao liao kong shi
Ai ai yi gu;
Yao shang xu dian
Ren shi yan ru !

Shei wu xiong di
Ren yi tong sheng
Jie wo yu er
Te bai chang qing.

Ci bi zao shi
Shi shang ru ying;
Wo nian er liu
Er cai jiu ling.

Yuan cong mi shi
Fu tiao xiang cheng.
Zi er ling mei
You de you cao.

Jing gong xian yan
Wen shan ze le.
Neng zheng neng he
Wei you wei xiao.

Xing zhi zhong gui
Ke xiang ke xiao.
Wo wen wei shan
Qing zi ji dao;
Bi cang he pian
Er bu si bao !


In Memory of My Sister Mrs. Cheng (407 AD): Part 1

Written three years and five months after her death
Fifth lunar month in the Year of the Dragon.
I brought sacrificial sheep and pigs as ceremonial offerings
Bow one’s head, pour something to drink for each spirit
Ah, such grief and sorrow !

Over and over cold retreats as summer heat arrives
Your death seems so long ago;
All accumulated wealth and house have collapsed into dust
Front courtyard grasses uncultivated and overgrown with weeds.

Abandoned and silent empty rooms
One daughter now orphaned, left with sorrow and mourning
Meat and wine offerings made to the dead empty and futile
People simply die and pass away!

Who does not have siblings
Everyone has parents
Sigh, you and me had numerous special, as well as common emotions.

Long ago your mother died
When you were just an infant;
I was only twelve years old
And you were about seven
We were yet to have knowledge and learning
Our hair cut with the same bangs
Our activities done together.

My little sister was so precious
Had a grasp of virtue and morality
Quiet and respected by everyone
Hearing wise words made you heart full of joy.

Your conduct upright and kind
Friendly with everyone
Practiced filial piety
Moral conduct and behavior followed cultural norms.

You were a model for other’s to imitate
I have heard that being wise and virtuous
Moves one up towards happiness
Why did Heaven not respond and support you!

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