Tao Yuanming: Various Poems: Twelve Poems: No. 6


Various Poems: Twelve Poems: No. 6

杂 诗 : 十 二 首
昔 闻 长 老 言
掩 耳 每 不 喜。
奈 何 五 十 年
忽 一 亲 此 事。
求 我 盛 年 欢
一 毫 无 复 意。
去 去 转 欲 远
此 生 岂 再 值。
倾 家 持 作 乐
竟 此 岁 月 驶。
有 子 不 留 金
何 用 身 后 置。
Za Shi: Shi Er Shou


Xi wen zhang lao yu
Yan er mei bu xi.
Nai he wu shi nian
Hu yi qin ci shi.

Qiu wo sheng nian huan
Yi hao wu fu yi.
Qu qu zhuan yu yuan
Ci sheng qi zai zhi.

Qing jia chi zuo le
Jing ci sui yue shi.
You zi bu liu jin
He yong shen hou zhi.


Various Poems: Twelve Poems: No. 6

Hear the famous words from the past
Every time do not want to hear of these things.
After turning fifty, I talk about the same things
Now I concern myself with the troubles of my relatives.

Ask me about the happy and prosperous years
With the least bit of satisfaction.
These earlier times move further into the distance
And will never come back again.

Put into my house what is musical
The years pass quickly.
Will leave no gold, only books for my sons
After my death, do not care about my material legacy.

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