Wei Yingwu: Modeled on Ancient Poetry: Twelve Poems: No. 9


Modeled on Ancient Poetry: Twelve Poems: No. 9

拟 古 诗 : 十 二 首
春 至 林 木 变
洞 房 夕 含 清。
单 居 谁 能 裁
好 鸟 对 我 鸣。
良 人 久 燕 赵
新 爱 移 平 生。
别 时 双 鸳 绮
留 此 千 恨 情。
壁 草 生 旧 迹
绿 琴 歇 芳 声。
思 将 魂 梦 欢
反 侧 寐 不 成。
揽 衣 迷 所 次
起 望 空 前 庭。
孤 影 中 自 恻
不 知 双 涕 零。
Ni Gu Shi: Shi Er Shou


Chun zhi lin mu bian
Dong fang xi han qing.
Dan ju shei neng cai
Hao niao dui wo ming.

Liang ren jiu yan zhao
Xin ai yi ping sheng.
Bie shi shuang yuan qi
Liu ci qian hen qing.

Bi cao sheng jiu ji
Lu qin xie fang sheng.
Si jiang hun meng huan
Fan ce mei bu cheng.

Lan yi mi suo ci
Qi wang kong qian ting.
Gu ying zhong zi ce
Bu zhi shuang ti ling.


Modeled on Ancient Poetry: Twelve Poems: No. 9

Approaching spring, forest trees changing colors
Nuptial chamber at sunset cherishes purity.
Who can help her cut into parts this single loneliness
Friendly birds reply to her by chirping.

For a long time he stayed in Yanzhao
Perhaps the pledge to love her all of his life changed with a new love.
Pair of damask mandarin ducks remain from his departure time.
Retain now one thousand feelings of regret.

Emerging bluish-green grasses now showing the marks of age and wear
Their green qin with aromatic tones is at rest.
Her soul thinks of their happy dreams
This produces restless, toss-and-turn sleep.

Then sit up and hold onto her clothes
Arise to gaze into the distance from the front courtyard.
Naturally sad among a solitary shadow
Did not realize tears were falling down from both eyes.



Yanzhao: A city located in Hebei Province.

Qin:  An ancient stringed musical instrument.


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