Wei Yingwu: Reply to Editor Qin the Fourteenth


Reply to Editor Qin the Fourteenth

答 秦 十 四 校 书
知 掩 山 扉 三 十 秋
鱼 须 翠 碧 弃 床 头。
莫 道 谢 公 方 在 郡
五 言 今 日 为 君 休。
Da Qin Shi Si Jiao Shu

Zhi yan shan fei san shi qiu
Yu xu cui bi qi chuang tou.
Mo dao xie gong fang zai jun
Wu yan jin ri wei jun xiu.


Reply to Editor Qin the Fourteenth

For thirty autumns behind doors, hidden and unknown in the mountains
Fish must await, as emerald-green jade imperial adornments stowed away at the head of your bed.
Unlike the path of Xie Gong, you entered active life at the prefecture level
Your five character lines make my poetry seem inferior.



Xie Gong: Also known as Xie Lingyun (385-433 AD) Famous poet in his day, respected for his mountains and rivers (nature) type of poems.

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