Yang Wanli: Again Write About Wind and Rain: Two Poems


Write Again About Wind and Rain: Two Poems

又 和 风 雨: 二 首
东 风 未 得 颠 如 许
定 被 春 光 引 得 颠。
晚 雨 何 妨 略 弹 压
不 应 犹 自 借 渠 权。
You He Feng Yu: Er Shou

Dong feng wei de dian ru xu
Ding bei chun guang yin de dian.
Wan yu he fang lue tan ya
Bu ying you zi jie qu quan.

Feng feng yu yu you chun qiong
Bai bai zhu zhu yi yan kong.
Pin que lao hong yi wan dian
Huan jiang xin lu bai qian chong.


Write Again About Wind and Rain: Two Poems

East winds too strong, not yet like a blessing
Gives a jolt to attract the spring’s brightness.
Why does this late rain bounce and flip about
Naturally not like providing a necessary rain.

Even with this little bit of rain and wind, spring too poor
Scattered white and red flowers already away and gone.
Would rather have one old red flower than ten thousand undeveloped and small
Better yet, change to fresh and green rice sprouts of one hundred thousand layers.

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