Yang Wanli: On the Road Met Imperial Advisor Wang Yuangui


On the Road Met Imperial Advisor Wang Yuangui

道 逢 王 元 龟 阁 学
秋 日 才 升 却 雾 中
先 生 更 去 恐 群 空。
古 虽 云 远 今 犹 古
公 亦 安 知 世 重 公!
轩 冕 何 缘 关 此 老
江 山 所 过 总 清 风。
我 行 安 用 相 逢 得
不 得 趋 隅 又 北 东。
Dao Feng Wang Yuan Gui Ge Xue

Qiu ri cai sheng que wu zhong
Xian sheng geng qu kong qun kong.
Gu sui yun yuan jin you gu
Gong yi an zhi shi chong gong!

Xuan mian he yuan guan ci lao
Jiang shan suo guo zong qing feng.
Wo xing an yong xiang feng de
Bu de qu yu you bei che.


On the Road Met Imperial Advisor Yang Yuangui

Autumn days draw fog into the middle of the capital
With a crowd of people leaving and emptying the city, who is remaining to lead the nation.
Now the ancient ways are past the distant clouds
With you gone, how can our society know what to do.

You should have gone through the city gates in a royal and curtained carriage
Into the rivers and mountains you went upon clean and pure winds.
My travels and good fortune to have us meeting each other
Cannot talk in a private corner with you, away from the northern carriages.

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