Bai Juyi: Orchid Trees at Ling Gu’s House


Orchid Trees at Ling Gu’s House

题 令 孤 家 木 兰
腻 如 玉 指 涂 朱 粉
光 似 金 刀 剪 紫 霞。
从 此 时 时 春 梦 里
应 添 一 树 女 郎 花。
Ti Ling Gu Jia Mu Lan

Ni ru yu zhi tu zhu fen
Guang si jin dao jian zi xia.
Cong ci shi shi chun meng li
Ying tian yi shu nu lang hua.


Orchid Trees at Ling Gu’s House

Thick like white jade rouge and applied sparkling powder
Reflecting light as a gold knife in the purple morning glow.
From now on this occasional inner spring dream
Should increase on one tree, and another young female flower.

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