Chapter 63 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 63

Hua Wu Que stared silently at him for a long moment, then slowly turned around, as if he did not want Xiao Yu’er to see the change of expression on his face.

He suddenly turned back again and asked loudly, “Why did you save me?”

Xiao Yu’er replied calmly, “When others wanted to kill me, you saved me as well.”

Hua Wu Que replied, “But that is because I want to kill you myself!”

Xiao Yu’er’s eyes shone, and asked “How do you know that I did not want to kill you myself? Don’t you forget, three months later, you and I have a date for a death duel for which we will not leave until we meet!”

Hua Wu Que was silent for a while, and heaved a long sigh, mumbling, “Not leave until we meet, no rest until death…”

Xiao Yu’er suddenly laughed loudly, and said, “Although you and I were born to be arch enemies, but we can be friend at least during these three months?” His laughter may be loud, but amidst the laughter there seems to be many regrets.

Hua Wu Que stared at him, and did not move for a long time, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up into a slight smile. Everything was understood, although it was unspoken.

The two of them walked out the woods together, and saw that most of the flowers had dropped due to the impact of the sword energy, the ground was full of fallen flowers. Some seemed to be gracefully dancing when blown up by the wind.

Hua Wu Que can’t help but heave a long sigh, but who would have expected that Xiao Yu’er also happen to sigh at this moment. The two of them can’t help but took a look at each other, and smiled when their eyes met.

Hua Wu Que was secretly thinking, “To be able to become friends with this person for three months, I guess it would be one of the joys in life.” He has always been a man of few words, and although he was thinking of it, he did not say it out.

However, Xiao Yu’er smiled and commented, “To be able to become friends with you for three months, it might be one of the greatest joys in life…”

Hua Wu Que was stunned, and finally could not help but burst out in laughter. In his entire life, he has never laughed like this before.

A horse carriage was parked far away outside the woods, and the horse looked as if it had been trained. Although there was no one driving it, it did not go far.

Xiao Yu’er opened the carriage door, pointed at the corpse in the carriage and asked, “Do you know who killed this carriage driver?”

Hua Wu Que asked with wide eyes, “Who?”

Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, and smiled, “If I tell you now, you won’t believe me. You will find out in future.”

Jiang Bie He was robed in a green suit, mingling amongst the guests, and although his face was full of smiles, but there was a hint of worry between his brows, as if something was troubling him.

The famed martial artist from He Fei, ‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’ Peng Tian Shou was the oldest, and given a seat at the VIP table. Right now, his hand stroking his white beard, he laughed, “Could Hero Jiang be missing Master Hua right now?”

Jiang Bie He smiled bitterly, “I know that nothing will ever happen to him, but I don’t know why, I still feel a little alarmed…”

He heaved a long sigh, and continued, “I just wish that nothing has happened to him. If he has really met with danger, and here I am happily drinking, how can I ever face friends again in future.”

There was a sudden flurry of praises from the gathered heroes.

Suddenly, someone laughed loudly and added, “That’s right, whoever can become Jiang Bie He’s friend, it must be because he has done a lot of good deeds in his previous life.”

Amidst the candid laughter, someone tall and straight, with a candor expression on his face, which has a long and deep scar, a youth with an inexplicable charm walked out with a large stride.

He may not be very old, but his style seems grand. Although his smile looked extremely warm and adorable, but the eyes that looked about actually looked like it did not hold any regards to anyone.

None of the gathered heroes know who this youth is, and were all secretly guessing, that this must be the descendant or disciple of some famed sect or martial arts family.

On seeing this youth, Jiang Bie He’s expression suddenly changed drastically, and asked hoarsely, “You… Why are you here as well!”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “Can’t I come?”

Before Jiang Bie He spoke any further, he already saw the person who came with Xiao Yu’er…. Hua Wu Que has already walked up as well, and was standing next to Xiao Yu’er with a smile.

That Xiao Yu’er would actually come here, has already given Jiang Bie He a huge shock. Hua Wu Que is actually alive, that is another big surprise for Jiang Bie He.

Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que came together, and looked as if they have settled their differences and became friends. This comes as a tremendous shock to Jiang Bie He.

Once the heroes saw Hua Wu Que, they all stood up and greeted him with smiles, no one noticed that Jiang Bie He was so shocked at the side that he was frozen to the spot for a long time.

He has a lot of questions that he wants to ask, but was troubled as some questions were not convenient to ask, and some questions cannot be asked. He was stunned for a long time, before he remembered that he should express his concern and anxiety towards Hua Wu Que, but a pity that no matter what he wants to express now, it’s too late.

There were still a few empty seats at the VIP table, everyone was giving way to one another, and no one sat down. However, Xiao Yu’er just strode over and sat down.

It was as if he was born to sit there. Others were staring at him but he did not blush or blink his eyes. He picked up a wine cup for a look and suddenly laughed, “Hero Jiang is throwing a feast, and there’s not even wine available?”

Jiang Bie He coughed dryly twice, and commanded, “Bring in the wine!”

Xiao Yu’er commented, “Looking at Hero Jiang’s expression, you don’t seem to welcome a guest like me? However, I did not want to come, it was Hua Wu Que who invited me.”

Jiang Bie He’s expression changed again, but he laughed and said, “Brother Hua’s guest, is my guest.”

Xiao Yu’er grinned, “If that is the case, Hua Wu Que’s friend, would be your friend too?”

Jiang Bie He replied, “Exactly”

Xiao Yu’er’s expression suddenly changed and he said icily, “But Hua Wu Que’s friend, is not my friend!”

When the gathered heroes heard the conversation between Xiao Yu’er and Jiang Bie He, they all knew that Xiao Yu’er is in no way related to Jiang Bie He at all.

‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’ Peng Tian Shou was the first who could not take it, and with a humph, said frostily, “This little friend’s words are really difficult to understand.”

“What I meant was, if I treat Hua Wu Que’s friends as my friends, then I’ll be very unlucky! Hua Wu Que himself is not a bad person, but the friends he makes…. Heh heh, heh heh.” Xiao Yu’er replied icily. “The friends he makes not only does nothing when he sees someone in trouble, but…”

Peng Tian Shou roared angrily, “Who are you referring to?”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Whoever is Hua Wu Que’s friend, will be the person I am referring to.”

Peng Tian Shou heatedly replied, “Hero Jiang is also a good friend of Master Hua, could you….”

Xiao Yu’er answered coolly, “At least the person I am referring to is not you! Because you are not even worthy to be friends with Hua Wu Que, at the most you can only boot lick Jiang Bie He.”

Peng Tian Shou slammed the table with a ‘pak’, and roared, ”Do you know who I am?”

“I really do not know”

Peng Tian Shou has not spoken, but someone at the side had interrupted, “You don’t even know who ‘Unbeatable Golden Knife’, Old Hero Peng is, and you still want to roam in Jiang Hu?

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Old Hero Peng’s name, if it was changed to ‘Unbeatable Boot Licker’, won’t it be even more appropriate.”

At Jiang Bie He’s feast, Peng Tian Shou was initially a little apprehensive, but until now, not only did Jiang Bie He not try to stop the argument, it was as if he did not even notice the quarrel.

Peng Tian Shou naturally did not know that Jiang Bie He was hoping that Xiao Yu’er would make more enemies, and thought that Jiang Bie He was deliberately backing him up.

After hearing the words ‘Unbeatable Boot Licker’, he could not take it any longer, and flew over the table towards Xiao Yu’er.

Xiao Yu’er came with the intention of creating trouble, so he just grinned while Peng Tian Shou was leaping over, and suddenly picked up his chopsticks and lightly poked.

Peng Tian Shou only felt his body suddenly go numb, unable to exert any strength at all, and with a ‘peng’, fell onto the table, the bowls, plates and utensils all scattered to the ground.

Xiao Yu’er chortled, “Jiang Bie He, could it be that you cannot bear to serve the dishes, and are now using this boot licker as the cold dish?”

There were quite a number of people among the gathered heroes who were friends with Peng Tian Shou. Those seated far away were already shouting, and those seated nearby were thinking of attacking.

Hua Wu Que looked at Jiang Bie He quietly, but Jiang Bie He still looked as if he has no intention of settling the dispute, as if all these guests were not invited by him.

This is because right now, he is hoping that the messier the situation, the better. There was a sound, and Peng Tian Shou rolled down from the table, and the table flipped over as well. A few people rushed forward, but were all thrown out by the scruff of their necks by Xiao Yu’er. The waiter was crying out in alarm at the side, busy collecting the plates and bowls, and for a moment, the restaurant was in chaos. However, once the gathered heroes saw Xiao Yu’er’s martial arts, none of them really dared to go over for a fight.

Only now did Jiang Bie He ask with a furrowed brow, “Brother Hua, looking at this, how do you think it should be settled?”

Hua Wu Que replied with a slight smile, “I don’t know.”

Jiang Bie He never expected him to say such a sentence, and can’t help feeling stunned. He heard the sound of a fist punching through air, Xiao Yu’er is already striking at him with a fist, bellowing, “Jiang Bie He, he saw that Hua Wu Que was in danger and swiftly slipped away. He was afraid that the carriage driver would reveal his wickedness, and actually silenced him. I am not thinking of anything else today, only thinking of giving you a good beating, take my challenge.” As he spoke, he fought. By the time he finished his words, he have already struck out more than ten fist attacks.

Jiang Bie He only avoided his attacks and did not retaliate until he finished his words, and frostily replied, “You are maligning me, I’m afraid others will find it hard to believe.”

Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Let me tell you, that carriage driver may have been stabbed by you, but he did not die…”

Jiang Bie He’s expression changed involuntarily.

Xiao Yu’er suddenly took a few steps back and shouted, “Look, he is already walking here from that side!”

The gathered heroes could not help but all turned towards the direction he was pointing at.

Instead Jiang Bie He answered with a cold smile, “You cannot trick me, he…” As soon as he said these words, he suddenly stopped, his face suddenly turned pale.

Xiao Yu’er laughed loudly, “Indeed I cannot trick you, everyone else turned around, only you did not turn around, because only you know that he cannot be alive, correct?”

He created such a ruckus earlier on, firstly to suppress the others, secondly to let the situation deteriorate so that Jiang Bie He would not be able to remain steady, or he would not have been tricked now.

Jiang Bie He’s gaze swept through the crowd, and saw that the expressions on the gathered heroes revealed surprise and doubt. He walked towards Hua Wu Que and said, “Brother Hua, do you believe him, or believe me?”

Hua Wu Que replied with a sigh, “It doesn’t matter even if this is not brought up…”

Xiao Yu’er shouted, “Whether this is brought up or not, I still want to fight with him. Are you helping him, or helping me?”

Hua Wu Que replied with a bitter smile, “If the two of you really want a duel, then no one else can interfere.”

Xiao Yu’er was waiting for him to say this sentence, and immediately shouted, “Fine, if others interfere, I will look for you!”

Before he finished his words, another fist struck out.

Jiang Bie He saw that the ten over fist attacks executed earlier did not even touch his clothes, and thought that his martial arts is mediocre, so he replied with a cold smile, “Since you insist on fighting, then do not blame me!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Xiao Yu’er has already attacked another four times.

Jiang Bie He’s palm shot out, swift and fierce, his style seemingly directionless. Xiao Yu’er had to use all his skills to narrowly avoid the attack. The gathered heroes can’t help but cheer Jiang Bie He on.

Jiang Bie He knows that in Jiang Hu, the winner is the strongest, so as long as he injures Xiao Yu’er, no one would pursue the murder incident earlier. Feeling revitalized, he added with an icy smile, “All the friends in Jiang Hu are witnesses here today, it was you who asked to be humiliated, do not blame me for bullying a young person.”

Xiao Yu’er looked as if he was only concerned with fighting and dodging, and did not even have the extra energy to argue. He deflected less than twenty moves, but there were many times which he was almost in danger.

Jiang Bie He has always suspected that he is the secret troublemaker, and harbored caution, but now that he saw that his martial arts is so mediocre, his suspicion lessened, and his attack slowed down for a moment as well. He smiled, “You may not know your place, creating a scene here, but on account of your youth and ignorance, I do not wish to make things too difficult for you. As long as you are willing to admit your mistake, on account of Brother Hua, I will let you off.”

His words were not only magnanimous, but it also gave some credit to the friendship with Hua Wu Que, indeed on par with the reputation of the ‘Hero of Jiang Nan’.

Xiao Yu’er kept panting, as if he can’t even talk anymore.

Actually he has already known that in front of so many people, as long as Jiang Bie He can show off his reputation as ‘Hero’, he will certainly not let the chance off.

He knew that in front if so many people, the more he pretended to be weak, the more Jiang Bie He would not be so vicious in his attacks, or he would have lost his bearing as ‘Hero’.

Jiang Bie He’s attack were more gentle as expected, but someone among the gathered heroes shouted, “Towards such a person, Hero Jiang need not be too courteous.”

Those beaten up by Xiao Yu’er earlier, all expressed agreement.

Jiang Bie He looked as if he was forced with no other choice, and said with a sigh, “You are young, I really do not wish to injure you, but if I don’t teach you a lesson, other friends would not tolerate it…” As he spoke, Xiao Yu’er was forced back a few more steps.

Jiang Bie He said with a slight smile, “After this ‘Splitting Flower Striking Willow’ move of mine, I will attack your chest, you must be careful! It’s best that you do not resist, or else if my attack is too heavy, you may lose your life.”

Xiao Yu’er replied, “Thanks for the advice!”

After Jiang Bie He’s ‘Splitting Flower Striking Willow’ move, his right palm suddenly struck out diagonally, the palm attack like an axe splitting a mountain, aiming straight towards Xiao Yu’er’s chest. This palm attack may not be very mystifying, but the swift changes in the palm attacks are unequalled. Although he had already disclosed his plan of attack, but the gathered heroes did not expect that his palm moves could actually move to such a position, and it seems like Xiao Yu’er would not be able to avoid this palm attack.

The gathered heroes can’t help but cheer again. Xiao Yu’er suddenly struck out his hand to meet the attack head on!

Jiang Bie He suddenly felt a large force surging towards him. By the time he wanted to use all his strength, it is too late. With a bang, his body actually flew up from the force!

The many years of anger bottled up by Xiao Yu’er, is finally expelled in this palm attack!

Jiang Bie He’s body knocked into the crowd, and the few people standing in front also fell down from his knock, staggering a few steps back before sitting down on the floor!

The cheers of the gathered heroes stopped suddenly, everyone of them mouth agape, stunned. Xiao Yu’er clapped his hands and laughed, flew out of the window and left!

Although Xiao Yu’er can’t really give Jiang Bie He a good beating, but to be able to embarrass Jiang Bie He, is also giving vent to his frustration, and he was feeling extremely happy.

Of course, Xiao Yu’er is very clear about these words ‘quit while you’re ahead’.

The gathered heroes may not totally believe that Jiang Bie He is one who would not save someone in need and one who silences others, but at least there will be doubts in their hearts.

After walking around the streets for a while, he slipped back into the inn, taking a rest in the room that he reserved during the day. When there are no more sounds coming from the courtyard, he slipped out.

He saw that the door and windows if the mysterious person’s room was still tightly closed, and the room inside is lighted, but no human shadows could be seen.

Xiao Yu’er looked around and jumped up the roof, quietly making his way to the eaves, laying low in the darkened shadows, not moving at all. There is no sound at all in the room. Is this mysterious person sleeping, or has he left? Jiang Bie He had arranged to meet him, how could he have left? Besides, the light in the room is still lighted.

Xiao Yu’er controlled his impatience, and waited. He deduced that Jiang Bie He will certainly come. The night starry, the air cool like water, waiting there, he almost fell asleep.

Suddenly, a ‘swoosh’ sound was heard, and a shadow flew in like smoke. Xiao Yu’er has never seen such expert Lightness Skill before.

He almost could not see this person’s shadow, and was secretly startled. He heard the soft sound of the door, and this person has already walked into the house.

There is still no sound in the house.

This person’s Lightness Skill is so superior, that not only he himself is below par, but even Hua Wu Que would not be as good when compared to him. Why would there be such a person in the Martial Arts realm!

This kind of person in cahoots with Jiang Bie He, wouldn’t it be terrible! As Xiao Yu’er thought, another person suddenly slipped into the courtyard.

This person was looking left and right as he walked, and came over silently. He also walked to the front of this house, softly coughed, and knocked on the door.

Someone in the house immediately responded, “Who?”

This man in black said in a low voice, “It’s Junior.”

On hearing this voice, Xiao Yu’er realized that Jiang Bie He is here, and felt energized. The door opened a little, and Jiang Bie He slipped inside in a flash. The two conversed, but Xiao Yu’er can’t hear clearly what was being said.

Suddenly he heard Jiang Bie He say, “Junior witnessed an astonishing matter today.”

That person asked, “What matter?”

Jiang Bie He replied, “Yan Nan Tian is not dead, and he has reappeared!”

No matter whom the person is in the Martial Arts realm, on hearing this news will definitely be alarmed. However that person appeared nonchalant, the tone of voice calm, and said, “Humph, it’s best that Yan Nan Tian is not dead. If he’s dead, it’ll not be interesting.”

The more Xiao Yu’er listened, the more he was surprised. This person is not only unafraid of Yan Nan Tian, but seemed to have the intention of pitting himself against Yan Nan Tian.

Who in Jiang Hu would dare to oppose Yan Nan Tian? Xiao Yu’er cannot think of a single person.

Jiang Bie He added, “Besides Yan Nan Tian, that Jiang Xiao Yu has actually revealed himself as well!”

That person seems a lot more interested in Jiang Xiao Yu than Yan Nan Tian, and asked “How is his martial arts? How is it compared to Hua Wu Que?”

Jiang Bie He laughed, “His martial arts is definitely not comparable to Hua Wu Que, but when he fights, he’s full of tricks. If one is even slightly careless, one will definitely be tricked by him.”

That person seemed to smile, and said “I was worried that his marital arts would be too bad, now I am relieved.”

Xiao Yu’er thought it very weird, he cannot understand why this person would be so interested in him, or could it be someone like him actually knows him?

That person added, “No matter how strong is Jiang Xiao Yu’s martial arts, Hua Wu Que will deal with it, there is no need for you to worry.”

Jiang Bie He sighed, “But now Hua Wu Que seemed to have become friends with Jiang Xiao Yu…”

The person laughed coldly, “The two of them are born enemies, and will not cease even in death. Even if they are friends, it will not be long. You can be assured on this point.”

Xiao Yu’er was stunned! How could this person be so clear about the matter between him and Hua Wu Que?

There’s not a lot of people who knows about this matter.

Jiang Bie He seemingly smiled, and said “If that is the case, I wonder what other instructions does Elder have for me?”

The person said, “I only want you….”

The voice suddenly lowered, and Xiao Yu’er could not hear even a single word, but with each sentence this person said, Jiang Bie He would reply, “Yes.”

When this person finished speaking, Jiang Bie He laughingly comment, “These few matters, Junior will definitely obey.” That person replied coldly, “These few matters benefit you as well, naturally you will obey!”

Jiang Bie He hesitated, and smilingly said, “Elder only need to instruct, and I came immediately, but right until now, I do not even know Elder’s great name.”

That person chided, “You do not need to know my name. You only need to know that in the whole world, besides me, there is no one else who can help you. If not for me, not only will you not be able to become a ‘Hero’, you will not even live!”

Jiang Bie He was silent for a moment before he replied, “Yes.”

The person said, “You can leave now. I will naturally look for you when it’s time.”

Jiang Bie He replied, “Yes!”

The person added, “The few matters that I asked you to do, if you make any mistake, there will be no need for Yan Nan Tian and Jiang Xiao Yu to strike. I will kill you myself! Do you understand?”

Jiang Bie He replied, “Yes!”

End of Chapter 63

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